Thursday, December 2, 2021


Do you pay to store your RV?

For many RVers, finding a place to keep their RV when they’re not using it is a problem. Every week another North American community passes a law prohibiting storing RVs on streets, even in driveways. For many RVers who live in apartments or condos, there’s no space to begin with.

So what to do? One common solution is to rent a place. Sometimes that can be a dedicated RV storage facility. Or it could be a traditional self-storage business that offers outdoor parking space. In many communities either can be hard to find, and often costly.

Or, if you have the money, you could buy a luxury storage unit for $366,120! If you’re curious, read about that here.

If you store your RV, how much do you pay per month? Please leave a comment and tell us. Thanks!


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6 months ago

Yes we pay for a covered storage space, but it does not cover our 40′ unit completely. She sticks out about 4′. Monthly charge is $125 in FW, TX and, fortunately, is only 2 blocks from our home so very convenient. We have power poles between units and that’s a plus for pre-loading fridge and interior honey-dos! It is gated with security cameras, but is gravel, so a little bumpy. I wish we could only pay for the months we store, but it’s always full and I’d hate to lose the location. We’d love an RV garage right out the door, but our HOA doesn’t allow that just a day or 2 when we’re loading and unloading for a trip. As with all things, i.e. like a boat, there’s always an issue or expense, but we love RVing!

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Paul F Schwengel
6 months ago

Same answer as Ron Lane, I own my storage unit that also has my boat and misc stuff in it. 24X42 15′ door!

Ron Lane
6 months ago

I voted “no” due to the fact that I have my own rv garage built several years ago; however, I still have to pay for power, insurance and prop tax on the building. So I guess I could have answered “yes”.

Larry L Cooke
6 months ago

Fortunate to be on ten acres so we can keep our 35′ Class A on it.
And I can plug it into the shop it sits by to keep batteries charged and cool refrigerator a day before a trip.

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6 months ago

Fortunately my Roadtrek meets the requirements for a personal vehicle. According to my HOA. I spent two years telling everyone that I was getting a conversion van. My lobbying worked.

6 months ago

Dorchester County South Carolina. $185 /mo. Gated storage facility 5 miles from residence. Paved, uncovered, no electricity, no water, no dump. Enclosed airplane hangars are $400 /mo. Thinking about building/investing in a multi-unit RV storage facility.

Tom Buckhannon
6 months ago

$100 a month for fenced gated lot.

Richard Hughes
6 months ago

When we first purchased we rented a space. Then it dawned, we had a paved, abandoned wash next to our property. We checked with our county and they said we were paying taxes on half of it, our neighbor the other half. Our neighbor said no problem. After two months the neighbor changed his mind. We had to build a retaining wall on the other side of our property and now have a great place to park. The dirt we had to move is now on our side of the wash.

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Gary Allen Yoder
6 months ago

Yes, I pay $25 / month from May to October for summer storage between camping reservations. And $35/ month for indoor storage for Nov to April.

6 months ago

We built a 36×56 pole barn about 30 years ago. Best money I’ve ever spent! I always have room for 1 or 2 other units.

6 months ago

Climate controlled, 50 AMP, 50x18x20’

Larry Luebbe
6 months ago

$700 a year indoor

Eddie D.
6 months ago

Pay $50 per month. Any time access.

6 months ago

We pay $100/mo for a secure gated and 24/7 staffed TT parking spot at a storage place 2-minute walk from home here in CA SF Bay Area.

6 months ago

I store mine inside from November until March 1st. This is in central Illinois. We don’t winter camp.

6 months ago

900 a year gated

6 months ago

$100 p/m. Storage operator is also our chassis maintenance shop. They have a key. When I want service I e-mail/fax a work order, they pull the rig into the shop, do the work, put it back in its space and e-mail the bill. muy bueno!

Mark Bush
6 months ago

We pay $50/mo for secure outdoor storage about 4 miles from our house. We don’t have enough space on our property and there’s no HOA in our neighborhood, but there’s a city ordinance (Colorado Springs, CO) limiting how long an RV can be on the street.

6 months ago

I live in a condo so I need to store my Class C off site about two miles from my home. I pay $171/month in a secured lot. The storage for RV’s in the county I live in is a high commodity. In Virginia you have to pay property taxes for your vehicles except in my county. Because of this, people from neighboring county’s are looking for storage here. High demand, higher storage fees.

6 months ago

$122 per month for 12×40 ft covered and enclosed 3 sides. 18 miles from my home north side of Dallas TX. Been there with our 35ft 5th wheel for 6 years.