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Do you own a pickup truck?

We’ve never asked the question before after about 12 years and more than 1,500 polls. It’s time. We have a feeling a lot of you will answer yes to this one. So here we go — do you own a pickup truck?

We invite your comments, as well as the answer to this question: “Why did you choose your particular make and model?”

Stand by: It could take a few moments for the poll to load.

Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodbury
I'm the founder and publisher of I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.


  1. I own a 2020 1500 Silverado with the I6 inline diesel. What a great engine and 30 miles per gallon on the highway, 17 miles per gallon when towing.

  2. Yep, 1997 Nissan 4×4. Got it used (very used) and did a lot of work on it. Now with 200k it is as good as or better than the $50,000.00 plastic junk they sell today. Works a an everyday driver a TOAD and a back country explorer. I Love My Truck (Mac Davis).

  3. Have pretty much always owned a pickup truck from the mid 70’s. First one was a ’69 Datsun with a bolt-on canopy and a chunk of plywood on the rails on which my sleeping bag rode. My first “RV” as well!

  4. Still driving my 06 Dodge/Cummins with only 200K on the clock. Would love to have a new truck, but not at the 60,000 dollars it would cost to replace the one I have

    • I have that same color but 2017 Longhorn 6’4″ box with the Rambox. This truck is perfect for what we use it for. Only thing I am wanting is Android Auto but I am not buying another $50000 truck for one feature.

  5. Howdy All;
    Have a 2004 F-250 with the @*^&% 6.0L. However, made a worthwhile investment
    at a shop called Bulletproof Engineering in Mesa, Az. They did a “Level 3” and eliminated
    as far as I can tell, all the ‘Bugs’ that were there. Best truck I’ve had and there have been
    a few.

  6. My first pickup was a 1938 Chevy. Have owned 7 pickups since. My last four have been GM Duramax Dually diesels. I also had a 94 Chevy diesel with the Detroit diesel. Have really enjoyed them.

    1938 Chev, – 1/2 Ton
    1979 Silverado -1/2 Ton, 4X4
    2001 Silverado Duramax Dually – 1 Ton, 4X4
    2005 Silverado Duramax Dually – 1 Ton, 4X4
    2005 Silverado Duramax Dually – 1 Ton, 4X4
    2011 Silverado Duramax Dually – 1 Ton, 4X4
    2018 GMC Denally Duramax Dually – 1 Ton 4X4

  7. I learned to drive in my Dad’s 1968 green Chevy pickup. Yes, it was a stick shift. My dad said if you can drive a stick shift you can drive anything.

  8. My first pick-up was a 1956 F-100 with a 283 Chevy V-8 and a 2-speed tranny. My 2nd was a 1964 Chevy C-10 Custom. My 3rd and current pick-up is a 2008 Toyota Tundra, 5.7 V-8, 2wd, 6 speed A/T, Dbl. cab, 6.5 ft. bed. Nice truck. Two or three years down the road I would like to get an F 350/ 3500 SRW or DRW. I’m currently researching which brand will meet my standards.

  9. I’m a Toyota Guy.
    My first Toyota pickup was a 1973 Non extra cab yellow truck.
    With a camper shell and a pass thru window, 5 of us traveled to Canada pulling a Sherwood Tent Trailer.
    I have had many other Toyota sense then, my current Tacoma has 155,000 miles on it.
    We tow a 2004 Toyota Rav4 behind our Tiffin Motorhome.

  10. I have one pickup … a 1967 Ford that my grandfather bought new. It can pull a small utility trailer, but definitely not an RV!

  11. We have 34 ..One ton pick-ups in our company and all have been diesels and hands-down the DuraMax GM are the overall the best for heavy loading daily use as our products are heavy..First the Dodge Cummins ..engines were great but the Dodge drivetrains were terrible and lights and brakes were driving us nuts..Next the Fords International engines were terrible on maintenance and fuel costs and paint problems along with fuel systems so bad we kept a new engine in a crated as need all trucks 5 – 6 days a week..We are now on our 2nd group of 34 Chevrolet Dura-Max and found a winner..all trucks are installed with Timbrens front and rear and add load balancing and swaying as they are 6,000 lb. each assistance and keep our legal loads firm and saving our springs & wheel bearing wear & tear..Buy GM as we have proved that by keeping accurate fuel records and maintenance it’s FACT..Timbrens are used on snow plows by states and never rust as they are 1″ thick coil shape HARD rubber and hollow in construction made in Canada but we buy from a snow plow installation company in Kentucky..relative inexpensive is carrying heavy loads and no ride effect is unloaded as installed when truck is totally empty and leave 1″ space for empty ride quality but when loaded ..they are a winners..Less than $200 for rear and fronts vary..easy to install..we install ours without taking the wheel off..Hope this helps..

  12. I’ve owned the following pickups: 3-Fords, 2-GMCs, 1-Toyota and 2-Chevy Silverados.
    With this much experience I can tell you that my two Chevy pickups have been the best, just normal maintenance and go. I had terrible issues with the Fords, the last one I managed to keep running 6-years before my family all said get rid of this thing and think about another brand. My current pickup, a Chevy Silverado LT K1500 Crew Cab, I’ll probably keep forever it’s that awesome. A man has to have a truck as my wife is fond of saying, and I agree with her.

  13. I’d be lost without one.
    My first truck was a 54 Dodge in the 70s.
    63 International in the 80s
    In 1990 I bought a 77 Ford 1 ton 4X4 for $170. It’s a little rough around the edges now but it still plows and tows anything I hook to it.

  14. I purchased the F-150 crewcab with the 3.5 twin turbo and ten speed from Enterprise rent a car. I was looking for the almost non existent Ram Eco-diesel pickup.

  15. We just purchased a 2019 Ram 3500 Laramie (from Dennis Dillon, Caldwell, Idaho). It’s a beauty and we got a great deal. It has a crew cab, an 8′ bed and dual rear tires.

  16. Had:
    1938 Chevy 1/2 ton pickup
    1979 Silverado 2500
    1994 Silverado 2500 SRW Diesel – Towed a 1994 Dutchmen 28 Ft. 5th wheel
    2001 Silverado 3500 DRW Diesel – Towed a 1997 Dutchmen 33.5 Ft 5th wheel
    2005 Silverado 3500 DRW Diesel – Towed a 2004 Jayco 36 Ft. 5th wheel, a 2007 36 Ft Jayco Designer 5th wheel,
    2011 Silverado 3500 DRW Diesel – Towed a 2012 36 Ft Jayco Pinnacle 5th wheel, 2014 Jayco 38 Ft. 38FLFS Pinnacle 5th wheel.

    Have: 2018 GMC Denali 3500 DRW Diesel – Towing a 2014 Jayco Pinnacle 38 Ft. 38FLSA fifth wheel

  17. I’m on my 2nd Honda Ridgeline. The first an 07 and 10 years later, a 2nd Ridgeline in the 17. It’s perfect my for use and tows my 21 foot TT with ease. And for the rest of the time, it’s my daily driver for work and whatnot. It’s a perfect size and delivers good fuel economy with 20 around town and 27+ highway when not towing. I don’t need a big truck, my little Ridgeline is perfect for my needs and looks great too.

  18. I have a 2013 Chevy Duramax diesel 2500 HD 4X4, pulls anything great. Along with a 46 GMC as a fun, stock old truck – best of both worlds! The Lord has blessed me!

  19. We’d always been cargo-van owners towing tiny vintage trailers before we bought our 2014 Springdale 28’ TT. Decided after much research on a 2006 Chevy Silverado crew cab/full-size bed. Gas 6.0 engine. Have never regretted it. Great truck, comfortable, powerful, dependable. We full-time the western US on secondary highways and country roads, not interstates.

  20. Of course……a man has to have a truck, I have 2 of them. The first is one of the first F150’s ever built. It’s a 75 XLT with the 460 engine and 80,000 original miles. The second is a 2000 Chevy Silverado Z71 with 30,000 original miles. They’re both garage kept. We tow a Jeep Liberty behind our 40′ DP.

  21. The make is a Chevy, because I’ve been a Chevy guy since Grandpa gave me his ’49 when I was in high school. Model is a one-ton dually, because our RV is a slide-in truck camper–needed a big ol’ truck. Drives like a dream.

  22. We have had pickup trucks for years, even before we began RVing. We currently have a 2018 Ford F-150 that we specifically purchased because it has a 36 gallon gas tank. When you are driving around in Nebraska or the Dakotas or any number of places in this huge and gorgeous country, not having to worry where the next fuel station is really helps 🙂

  23. After several muscle cars that went fast (had the tickets to prove it) in 1976 I bought my 1st new truck. I cannot recall them all or even how many. Every one a 4X4. An early one was a Jeep that began to rust with the 1st rain drop. I did not learn after the 1st GM truck but did after the 2nd to never own another. An S-10 but that is not really a truck was a 3rd vehicle for hauling mulch and etc. 1988 bought my 1st Ford. I’ve bought nothing but since but my wife saw a “pretty Dodge” she kept for 2 trouble free years until trading it on an Explorer. We only keep 2 vehicles now. I put a lot of miles on and prefer a diesel, even when not pulling 15K # of 5er. My current 2019 F350 dually was ordered. I traded a 2016 F350 on my current truck ~ in 2 years 10 months it had 147,000 miles. Of all the Fords only one required a repair, done under warranty. Of the Fords the last 4 have been 6.7 PS.

  24. Now there are many motorhome owners in this group that do not need a pickup to tow their trailer or fifth wheel, but still own a pickup. We do and use it like a pickup to haul “stuff”, mostly landscape materials, lumber, etc. etc. My wife Laura uses the truck and chose the truck, she is not one to follow convention so the chosen truck is a 1959 Chevy Apache. She even lets me drive it from time to time, I love the compliments I get when at Home Depot.

  25. Bought new,2014 Chevy 1/2 ton to pull our old 96 Prowler 26.5th wheel. It not only towed the trailer all over the USA and Canada several times with approximately 50K trouble-free trailering miles, it has been our family car too. We are a one family vehicle. The truck currently has over 121K miles and going strong.

  26. 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Diesel. We had a 1/2 ton Silverado, but pulling the new trailer it was taching at 2300 rpm…..just a little more than I’d like on a level road @ 55 MPH. We probably would have been ok, but I just didn’t want to push it. Now we barely feel the trailer behind us.

  27. I own a 1997 Ford F250HD powered by a 7.3 Powerstroke. We searched for almost 2 years and finally found a extremely reliable diesel with low miles and a mint body in pristine condition. Although I’m a Ford guy, the object was to stay away from the 6.0, 6.4, and 6.7 liter Ford diesels that blow up, leak, blow head gaskets, overheat, and have their emissions systems literally seize up and contribute to ruining the rest of the motor. After speaking to several experts, and watching literally hundreds of videos on YouTube and reading probably thousands of article and stories, we knew the venerable 7.3 was the only choice… except maybe for a Cummins diesel. But from what we heard from most owners, that although the Cummins diesel will last for 500,000 – 750,000 miles without a hitch like a 7.3 Powerstroke, the rest of the Dodge will literally fall apart…. so Ford it was! So far in 2 years with almost 200,000 miles – ZERO PROBLEMS!

    • That’s funny, I got one of those pesky 6.0’s (2003), bought it used with 115000 miles on it and now have 226000 miles on it. I have spent some “serious” money on it though! Let’s see…1alternator ($225.00),1 oil cooler (I think $300.00) and a complete front end ($425.00 in parts, no cost labor, it was a farm truck before I bought it hauling a hay trailer, thus the front end). I know I should sell it since it’s eating me out of house and home with $950.00 in parts in 3 years and putting 111000 miles on it, but I just don’t want a $1000 a month payment for eight years just to pull my 2016 StarCraft 26RLS and drive around town. (I like my money working for me, not the other way around).

      Had a 2000 GMC 1500 before that. Totaled it when a Porsche cut me off in traffic on the highway. Had 205000 miles on it and going strong. Bought it new and wrecked it in 2015. Synthetic oil changes every 5000 miles, all fluids changed every 30,000 on each truck.

  28. First truck was 1984 Ford Ranger. Great little truck for 10 years. Next was 1994 Ford Ranger. Even better truck for 23 years. Now have 2005 Ford F-350 diesel. It plays with our 37′ 5er. Easy to understand why Ford has been best selling truck for past 40 years straight.

  29. 2004 F450 4X4 dually crew cab for hauling our 1994 36ft Avion 5th wheel. It originally had a B&W Custom truck (Hauler) bed but because in CA it is considered a commercial vehicle and new Emission regulations starting January 1, 2020 for commercial vehicles had to replace it with pickup bed.
    P.S. B&W bed is currently for sale.

  30. I currently drive an 2006 Cummins with 175,000 miles. Our pervious tow vehicle was a 1974 Buick Roadmaster. Back then, it was built on a GM 3/4 ton pickup frame. I still miss the swivel leather captains bucket seats. It was like driving in a Lazy-Boy recliner.

  31. I own a 2007 Ram 3500 Dually with 6.7 Cummins. I pull a fifth wheel and most of the time have a Lance truck camper on it. Once it got,over it’s emission issues, it averages 18 without the camper and about 13.3 with it. Currently has over 300k miles and hope it goes for a long time more. I now average about 10k miles a year.

  32. I have a 2007 Nissan Titan LE King Cab. Great truck, lousy paint as evidenced by several years of Nissan vehicles with paint cancer on hoods and roofs. Also, poor gas mileage in town and on highway but has lots of power and rapid acceleration. Bought used.

  33. I have owned 3 pick up trucks. Currently we tow with a 2012 F350 crew cab Diesel dually. Just finished a 5 month journey through much of the Midwest (damned tornadoes). About 15k. Next up is Alaska next summer!

  34. Currently, I don’t own a pickup since my 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee 6 cyl. pulls my 17′ 1988 Bigfoot TT with ease (even with 276,000 miles on the Jeep). However, I purchased a 34′ 5th wheel a year ago to live in full-time, and the Jeep is quite anxious that I’ll ask it to pull this behemoth! When/if the time comes to relocate, I’ll hire someone with a big enough rig to handle the 5th wheel. I have no desire, or the resources, to buy a $50,000-$60,000 truck that will spend most of its time sitting and waiting until it’s needed. In the meantime, my Bigfoot provides the freedom to head out whenever the mood strikes. (BTW, the best truck I ever owned was a 1966 3/4-ton Dodge with a granny gear that allowed it to practically move mountains. As far as I know, it’s still running and still moving mountains.) Happy Holidays, everyone!

  35. Drive a 40′ Diesel Pusher and tow a Ram 1500 Eco Diesel. Always liked pickups and bough the Ram Eco Diesel because of the fuel economy. It’s been a good truck and averages 20-22 MPG.

  36. I couldn’t even remember all the pick-up trucks we have owned over the years. We had a construction company, so lots of different trucks and I think we owned just about every manufacturer – Fords, Chevys, Toyotas, GMC, etc.. Right now in the garage we have 1955 Chevy 1/2 ton, a 1926 Model T Pick up and we just traded in our 2006 Ford F350 Diesel dually for a 2016 Ram 1500 with a Hemi motor. The hubby has always wanted a Hemi LOL. We didn’t really need the dually anymore because we also traded in the 5th wheel for a small 20 foot trailer. The dually was one of the better trucks we have owned though.

  37. The first vehicle I drove was a ‘53 Chevy pickup. The first one I owned was 1/2 ton ‘59 Ford, which for a basic pickup was the best truck I’ve ever owned. The next was a ‘72 Dodge that started life as a 1/2 ton but when we bought a 12 1/2’ slide in camper we needed a bigger truck so everything else being the same I transferred the front and rear running gear from an salvage yard 1 ton Dodge Camper Special (remember those?) and away we went. Next was a ‘89 Dodge 3/4 ton that I bought from my folks when they retired from full timing in ‘93 to pull our travel trailer. A ‘78 Chevy Luv ( those were a tough little truck) A ‘98 Chevy 1500, a ‘06 Chevy 2500HD, and our current ‘06 Ford F-350 Supper Duty King Ranch SRW 6.0L Power Stroke 595 HP, 590 ft/pds torque with 138,00 miles that we pull a fiver with and will be our last pickup. between we’ve had 3 Suburbans to tow travel trailers with the last being an ‘04 which was the last year that they were built on a pickup truck frame.

  38. Most of my adult life I was a GM pickup guy. In 2016, after an exasperating shopping experience for wife a new daily driver (She ended up with an Acura MDX instead of a Buick Enclave), I got pissed at GM dealerships around here. I started looking at F150s for my daily driver and a TOAD. I found out I could get a roomy 4×4 crew cab, turbocharged, aluminum body (less than 5000 lbs curb weight for the little 2.7L engine), and not a bad looking vehicle. I did a google search for a truck optioned as needed and my 2016 Supercrew FX4 with 2.7L turbo engine popped up at a dealership about 100 miles away with a decent discount/advertised price. I bought it and it now has 50K miles with no problems (plus about 15K miles towed). I didn’t have to change the 5000LB rated hitch on the motorhome, and Ford supports “recreational tow mode” on the computer to put the transfer case in neutral. I added a Stay&Play hidden aux braking system and wiring and relays for towed brake and turn lighting control, all done myself, all turned on by flipping a single switch.

    Im happy with it, but Ford should add an option or wiring stub/connector for external lighting control so the customer doesn’t have to do it. I also upgraded the audio system as Ford’s base system doesn’t sound all that well at medium volumes.

  39. I have a 97 Chevy 2500 pickup. Had problems with brake lights. Which was important when towing. Also GM used wrong brake adjusters we found on brake inspection. The rear axle had wrong shackles. They used ½ ton instead of ¾ ton shackles which rusted . Why we found they needed replaced. Found they used wrong gear in transmission for speedometer. It was built in August of 96. Ended up buying a motor home for traveling. Still have tow able 29 ft. trailer on season lot which is why I keep truck.

  40. Our “pick up truck” pulls our 40 foot 5th wheel! It also is the only vehicle we own, so to go anywhere at all it’s what we drive.

  41. Have a 2500 RAM with the Cummins diesel pushing 100k. Pulls my Lancer 2465 like a dream.
    Previously owned a RAM 1500 and a Ford Excursion. Loved the Excursion but rust got the best of it.

  42. Lots of cars but trucks were:
    1966 Dodge Power Wagon 4×4 with home built sleeper box on it.
    1976 GMC 3/4 ton 4×4 with slide-in camper
    1964 Mercury 1/2 ton
    1975 Ford Ranger 1/2 ton
    1975 GMC 1/2 ton
    1980 Ford Ranger 1/4 ton 4×4
    2002 Ford Ranger 1/4 ton 4×4
    2003 Ford F350 dually 4X4 to tow 5th Wheel
    And currently two trucks:
    2011 Ford F 350 dually 4X4 to tow 5th wheel
    2009 Ford F150 1/2 ton 4X4 as a daily driver.

  43. In about 1970, I bought one of Chevy’s first K5 Blazers. Crude by today’s standards, but a whole new concept, and what a rush! I liked it so much that a few years later, I bought another K-5 Blazer. Loved it. I was a committed Chevy man for life – until the paint began coming off the new truck in flakes as big as my hand. This was happening to hundreds of owners, and it turned out to be a factory screw-up – they changed to a new water-based primer, which wouldn’t hold the final coats of paint. I asked the factory to repaint it (or pay for a repaint) under the terms of the warranty, and they refused. In the 50 years since then, I have bought more than 25 vehicles for my wife and me, and not one was a Chevy. To save the cost of a repaint, Chevy alienated a lifelong fan, and sacrificed more than 25 vehicle sales.

    Oh yeah. I own a pickup truck, a rather ordinary 2014 4WD Ford F-150 V-8 equipped for towing. This follows 2 full-size Ford Explorers equipped for towing, and several smaller Fords. Ford isn’t perfect, but they’ve never done anything to me like Chevy did.

  44. ’59 Ford, ’79 Jeep J10, ’95 Ram 1500, ’09 Ram 1500, ’12 ram 2500, ’10 Ram 3500. My favorite was the Jeep J10…couldn’t KILL that truck (and man did I try haha!)

    • Sorry you’re having a problem with the poll, Gil. We’ve had more than 1,800 votes and 66 comments on it, so it must have loaded for most people. Maybe your spam filters are set too high, or you have popups disabled? Or maybe it’ll just decide to work at another time? Not sure what else to suggest. Sorry. Good luck. 😀 —Diane at

  45. Yes, and I even owned a 1948 Ford F1…similar to the one pictured above. Mine was red and had a flat-head V-8 and a non-syncro gear box. I got pretty good at shifting between gears it without using the clutch. Driving a 2019 F-150, 3.5 Ecoboost not. Also a fun ride.

  46. We own 5 pickup trucks. 3 diesel and 2 gas.

    Only 1 is ever used on a somewhat daily basis.

    With 4 drivers and 13 vehicles we still need to thin the fleet.

  47. Currently own a 1996 Ford Ranger with 200K on it and it is still going strong. also a 2001 F350 dually diesel with only 80k on it I use it to pull my fiver. I had originally owned four at one time. A 1946 ford, a 1977 F150 which i used for over 22.5 years never had a problem with it and a 1995 F350 dually which i traded in for the other dually it only had 30k on it.

  48. Silly Cowboys, Trucks are for Girls!!! My moto!! Have always had trucks as have had horses for many years. We have 3!! Mine a Ford 2003 7.3 diesel, 2016 K. Ranch and my husbands Grandfathers 64. Have to admit tho, that my runaround car is a 1991 Honda. But, Love my Big ol’Truck!!!

  49. I own two trucks now. I have a 2009 Ford Ranger and a 2014 F-150 Supercrew with a 5.0 liter V-8 for travel and pulling our camper. I have owned a total of 6 trucks; 4 Fords and two Dodges.

  50. We own a 2005 Toyota Tundra 4×4 with 41000 miles. We bought it new in 05. We only use synthetic oil. It is still like new. We tow our travel trailer with it.

  51. I own a 1971 Chevrolet C10 with 78,000 miles. It initially belonged to my Father who bought it new. It still runs good and I use it fairly often for odd jobs.

  52. We have a 2014 F150 turbo V6- hauls our 21-5 Nash fifth wheel like a dream. We love our Fords- last one gave us 166,000 care free miles.

  53. We have a 2012 F-250 with which we tow our 25′ Airstream. Prior to the Ford we towed with a 2004 Nissan Titan. Both had their pros and cons. The Titan had a smoother ride and was overall more comfortable to drive on long passages. However, I felt the brakes, differential and suspension weren’t adequate for towing over high mountain passes. There were instances where the transmission temperature would climb into the “uncomfortable zone”, and I went through several sets of brake rotors over the years we owned the truck. The Ford, on the other hand, has a very strong suspension. The drive train is well suited for towing and the brake rotors are more robust than the Nissan. The trade off, of course, is a rougher ride due to the heavy duty suspension. Also the seating is not as comfortable as the Nissan, and the ambient road noise is much greater in the F-250 than it was in the Titan.

  54. 2004 Shove-it-or-leave-it-lay, 58000 miles and needs new Injectors, Replaced Rusted Brake Lines, Brakes as they Rusted the rotor in half, Instrument Cluster Twice and Power Mirrors once and they need replacing again. Love the Diesel, hate the glitches the truck has had since I purchased it in 06 from my sister. First and LAST GM Vehicle I will ever own.

  55. I have driven pickup trucks most of my life. I love them. I have driven cars but my favorite is my pickup truck. The one I loved the most was my 1986 GMC 1 ton dually. I drove that pickup 21 years. I miss that truck. They don’t make trucks like that anymore.

  56. Yes, I’ve owned several pickup trucks. The second to last was a 1/2 ton Chev Silverado gasser that carried an 8′ cabover camper for several years. Went all over the western US and Canada, including a long exploratory trip in eastern Utah over oil field and back country tracks photographing petroglyphs. Current truck is our ’82 3/4 ton with a 9.5′ S&S cabover camper. This will be our last pickup; it’s had extensive repair & refitting to go yet another 100K miles. We cannot replace it to carry a full size camper as Detroit decided to build suburban glamor rigs that are actually 4-door 5 passenger SUV’s with a 4-ft tailgate party-box tacked on the back, suitable only for carrying a BBQ grill, a beer cooler, and some folding chairs. And maybe a 5’er hitch to tow that 14,000-lb 37′ trailer. On our last trip I stopped at a Chevy dealership and tried to spec out a replacement truck. They don’t make them anymore. The dealer lamented they could offer nothing that would fit the size or carry the weight of our great old camper. And even if they had a new diesel pickup with a 2-door standard cab, an 8-foot bed and 3,000-lb carry capacity like our old ’82 Chev C-20, it would cost $70K. So, that’s it. No new pickup in our future.

  57. i own a 2002 ford f 250 and own a slidein camper, i enjoy your daily news letter tho not much
    about truck camping, still very useful info on many camping subjects
    thanks keep up the good work

  58. I have been driving a pickup for a number of years. I chose my current one (Ford F250 7.3L diesel) specifically with towing my travel trailer in mind.

  59. On my 2nd pickup, first 1/2 ton was not safe to pull my 1/2 ton towable rv trailer. 6 months later I have a 1 ton diesel. Had a one ton van prior to that, I miss the van but alas they don’t build a capable van anymore .

  60. We have a 2015 Ford F-150 Platinum. We love everything about it. A sizable safe vehicle with a good view from the front seats. Plenty of space to haul lots of stuff in the covered 5.5’ bed. In the Crew Cab rear seats, our two 75’ Labs have plenty of space to ride with us. It’s my everyday vehicle. Occasionally towed a boat behind it.

    • Sorry, John. Just gotta give you a hard time. I’ll bet your Labs are 75# (pounds) and not 75′ (feet). 😀 –Diane at

  61. I See as many 5th wheels, as I do Class A’s… So I think this is a silly (or dumb) question, But I also replied with my answer… And I also see several pull behind RV’s Pulled with a pick up. My Guess asking such a question in the RV reader Has to be the most useless question I have yet seen posted. What’s the next question, Do we own a RV that we pull with our trucks? LOL..

    • If it’s such a silly/dumb/most useless question, why did you bother to answer it? Oh … and BTW … Do you own an RV that you pull with your truck? 😆 —Diane at

  62. We own a pick up truck that we tow with our Class A. I would hazard a guess that most with trucks have a travel trailer or 5th wheel that they tow with the truck!

    • I’m a late bloomer, my first truck, an 04 Silverado crew cab entered my life at 80 years. We own 5 vehicles and my truck will be the last to go. I never knew how versatile they can be and I do not tow an RV.


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