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You have not lived until you have traveled and you have to force your GPS to stay on this road, but we traveled from Williams KOA thru the town and down a beautiful road and well we ended up on a narrow road. I think it was Perkensville Road. Just stay on it until to go to Jerome. Trust me you have not traveled until you have done this road and you will never want to go off the beaten trail ever again. O and by the way, make sure you are in a car. Nothing else. What a roller coaster you will travel. So nothing can compare to what ever tails you have. We went out west and yes we experienced the back roads of the west. Tales to be told and had.


On the smelly sink letter. We had this problem and thought it was the drain also. I found that the water lines to an unused washer feed prep fed off the sink lines. Since we don’t have a washer the water in those lines got bad and smelled like rotten eggs. I disconnected the lines and that eliminated the problem.


Oh, my goodness – that Joke of the Week! LOL!


In Chuck’s Editor Corner about Michael today, I can name the arthritis that Michael has. It is called Ankylosing Spondylitis. It is a very painful disease that not only fuses the back, but will affect all of your other joints and organs. It is an auto immune disease in which your immune system will attack your good cells. By the time Michael is fully fused his head more than likely be fused in a downward position. His chin will be or close to resting on his chest.

I just wanted to share my knowledge of this form of arthritis to hopefully bring a little more awareness of this disease. I can fully understand and appreciate Michael just sitting on the rock and drinking it all in.


Can someone tell me the difference between a 12 volt deep cycle battery and a 24 volt deep cycle battery. I was sold a 24 volt deep cycle battery for my camper instead of a 12 volt deep cycle battery.

Lori M

That joke of the week was hilarious!