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Do you sleep at night with a pet on your bed?


Some people do … that is, sleep with a pet on their bed. We’re talking about nighttime sleep, not naps during the day.

We’d guess that those that do sleep with a pet mostly sleep with a dog (or maybe even two), but others, we know, sleep with a cat. We don’t think people sleep with parrots, guinea pigs, rats or other creatures. And we are 100 percent sure that not a single person in the world sleeps with a goldfish, or if they do it’s a dead goldfish. But, hey, if you do sleep with a creature not normally known for sleeping with its owner, leave a comment and tell us about it. We’re sure readers would love to hear a story like that.

So, it’s time to quit talking so you can answer the poll. We can hardly wait to learn the results. And remember, the poll make take a moment to load. So stand by there, partner!

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Jeff Craig
2 years ago

We have two cats and a 55lb Dutch Shepherd (but when we bought our Class A, we had two 90+ lb German Shepherds and four cats) and the dog(s) have always worked their way back to the foot of the bed.

The cats are a different story.

We try to discourage them joining us, but almost always wake up with them at our feet, between our legs, lying on our backs/sides/chests – and our ‘favorite’, laying on our heads.


Al Florida
2 years ago

I wish you had framed the question in a manner that non-pet owners would not answer and possibly skew the number of people who “never” sleep with a pet.

I wonder just how many of the “never sleep with a pet are from non-pet owners.

Doreen Edwards
2 years ago

2 dogs ( pom and GS) and 3 cats… Yes. Queen bed. Use to have a crib set up for cats lol but I needed space for garden seedlings.

Terri R
2 years ago

Love to be able to sleep with a pet on the bed but PLEASE do not do that right now if you have any signs of illness. Not only COVID can be transmitted to & / or carried on your pet’s coat to others. Protecting veterinarians & their staffs everywhere …

2 years ago

Only when there’s a thunder storm. Our dog can’t stand them. And the funny thing is that she is a rescued and retired greyhound who’s name then and now still is Storm!

2 years ago

Dog sleeps in her own bed at home, but sleeps in our bed when in the RV. I think it just makes her feel more secure when on the road.

2 years ago

Arg…our miniature long haired doxie sleeps on top of our blankets. I hate it as he sleeps horizontally so he can touch both my husband and me at the same time. He weighs down the blankets so its hard to move.

2 years ago

She is my service dog and has saved my life more than once. She can sleep ANY place she wants!!

2 years ago

Dogs don’t sleep IN my bed, because they are both (100lb+) too big. That said, one dog sleeps right against the closed home bedroom or RV door, and one dog sleeps in a very specific place alongside the bed. These locations for “their place” is safer stepping over them in the dark, as well as defensively and fire-safety-wise.

2 years ago

Our 15lb Shih Tzu is our baby. He allows us to sleep with him on our king bed at home or queen bed in our RV. We couldn’t imagine not having him within arms reach all night.

Gena Harvey
2 years ago

2 cats. Every night. One @ the head of the bed & 1 @ the foot. Guaranteed.

2 years ago

Dogs are pack animals and want to be part of the pack with you, their leader. My husband used to be a “no animals on the bed” type of guy, but being around dogs has changed that. He loves being with them as much as they love being with him. Unless they are leaning on his legs.

Diane M
2 years ago

The thought of a pet in my bed or even in my house disgusts me. I see I am definitely in the minority here.

2 years ago

Our cat comes and goes through out the night pretty much taking any place on the bed that he wants, but will tend to spend the entire night sleeping up by my head if I am sick.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
2 years ago
Reply to  Tink

I wonder if your cat is aware that you’re sick and is trying to comfort or keep tabs on you, Tink. That reminds me of 50 years ago when I had a very affectionate cat who had been rescued by a friend after it had been entangled in blackberry bushes for a week. She would sleep on my bed, or in the bed down by my feet. One night she got up on the windowsill above the head of the bed for awhile. I was sleeping soundly until she jumped down — right on the side of my head. Talk about a rude awakening. And then there was the time (shortly after we got her) that she started having her kittens in the bed by my feet. That woke me up very suddenly as well! 😀 —Diane

2 years ago

All three of our dogs – usually right in the middle between us. One sleeps between, or sharing, our pillows, one about mid bed (who may snuggle depending on how warm she is – or if rain is involved) and one close to our feet. They’re small dogs and we have king beds in both the house and RV. Wouldn’t want it any other way!

2 years ago

We have 3 dogs and 2 of them sleep with us and under the covers! Our other sleeps in his crate at home but when I’m the road he really tries to get in bed with us. My husband is a softie so he knows which side of the bed to go to. Lucky our RV had a king bed.

Abe Loughin
2 years ago

We have 2 cats and at least one of them is in the bed with us at night. Sometimes both of them are and sometimes neither one.

Ed K
2 years ago

Might have to let the Cats sleep with us when we introduce them to the Motor Home, I don’t see how we can keep the door closed without modifying the sliding track as I don’t want to do anything to my walls and they are smart cats. Only baby locks have kept them out of critical cabinets and drawers in the S & B.

Brian R
2 years ago

Our Dachshund is in our bed every night. Not only does he sleep between us but he has to sleep between the sheet and the top blanket, rather than underneath both of them. For being such a small dog it feels like he weighs a 100 lbs when trying to fix the covers in the middle of the night.

Stephen Malochleb
2 years ago

{bleeped} dog has to be right in the middle of us. I think she’s helping us keep safe distance.:):)

Brian R
2 years ago

Same here

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