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Do you know anyone personally who has tested positive for COVID-19 at any point?

Do you know anyone personally who has tested positive for COVID-19 at any point during the pandemic? We asked you this same question back in March. Then, of the nearly 4,100 people who voted, 84 percent answered no, you didn’t know anyone who had tested positive. Now, we’re guessing the answer might be very different.

Another question we asked you back in March was: How long do you think the coronavirus will affect daily life? Can you guess what you said? 10 percent said it would be over soon, 45 percent it would affect daily life for just a few more months, and 21 percent guessed six or more months. For the 10 percent who guessed “at least a year” you’re probably right, considering we just hit month 10.

All that being said, do you know anyone who has tested positive for COVID? Have you tested positive? Please vote in our poll below and tell us. If you leave a comment, please remember to be respectful and considerate of others.


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11 months ago

I was in ICU with Covid May/June for 13 days. I still have issues I did not have before. I also know several people who had mild symptoms and I have lost 7 people so far to it. 2 local musicians here in SWFL and 5 healthcare workers up in New England. Crazy virus. There have been several people testing positive with no symptoms! They did a 2nd test to confirm and yes positive.

11 months ago

My husband (73) towards the end of April was exposed and tested positive. Didn’t know he was exposed until notified about 10-days after original exposure. He had no symptoms, and I tested negative.

11 months ago
Reply to  Livan_Life

Another false positive.

11 months ago

Yes several including my daughter and her husband.

11 months ago

… but I DO know quite a few that tested negative, myself included.

11 months ago

Question what is the difference between
One and more or At least ONE? If you know one you could answer both of these.

Warrick Lockyer
11 months ago

We have had four family members in Montreal infected with the virus. My mother-in-law lives in a seniors complex where 6 died. In Apr she ended up on a ventilator for several weeks. Since release from hospital she continues to suffer from heart and lung issues, memory loss as well as hair loss. My sister-in-law is a home care worker and was infected 2-3 weeks ago and passed it on to her husband. Both are self isolating at home but are extremely sick, relying on family to drop off meals and supplies as they can not do much due to extreme nausea. The 4th rode out the infection with much milder symptoms

11 months ago

I believe I had this last December. Was hospitalized in Miami for a week; had 3 nose swabs which could not be identified. Treated with antibiotic IV, oral antibiotic, given nebulizer treatments 24/7 every 4 hours, wore a heart monitor the entire time, had infectious disease control doctor, pulmonary care doctor and was in an isolation room during entire stay. Sickest I’ve been in my entire life. Do not want to repeat!

11 months ago

Yes, my nephew. He’s fine now. Stayed home for two weeks from work as a Pa state corrections officer.

11 months ago

2 false positives and 2 with very mild symptoms

Cheryl Bacon
11 months ago

Early on we knew 5 non-family members that got it. All of them either worked at a hospital or their significant other did. They all recovered. Early summer our son-laws’s mom and her boyfriend got it. He was a mass transit driver in a major city. Both wound up in the hospital. He was worse, was in ICU on a respirator and possibly was close to death. He is obese among other issues. He supposedly has real bad bed sores on his feet, from what they deem horrible medical staff and care. He still uses a walker and still obese. They continue to go to crowded places, shop, go to concerts etc. They really tick off our son-in-law and we don’t blame him for his feelings. On my husbands side, a cousins 99 year old mom in an assisted living home had it and only had sniffles and an intermittent cough. She also had no lasting side effects after recovering. We have heard about several others getting it, through family and friend texts, phone calls and videos.

11 months ago

My brother died during the first wave of Covid in Washington State. March 21st, Burien, Washington. 67 years old, no known medical issues. It happened so fast. Just never expected to be without my brother.

11 months ago

Didn’t know anyone with even a positive test until 2 weeks before Thanksgiving! Then it hit family in two different unconnected households. My 22 yr old granddaughter and fiance ( she is a student nurse in a local hospital) both got Covid. Thank God, they were both over it in about four days. My wife’s niece and her daughter came down with it, her brother who lives with them tested positive 2 days later. That all happened in a week. Her brother died on Tuesday before Thanksgiving, his daughter and granddaughter recovered. My wife’s brother had a long list of things he was fighting (cancer, diabetes, COPD among them. The gist of telling all this is, Covid is REAL, if you are in good health you MIGHT have a chance of a full recovery, (there are no guarantees) if you have underlying circumstances be even more careful. We will eventually get past this, but a lot of us will not. Every person is different their chances and outcome will differ. Be safe, take precautions as needed.

Roy Davis
11 months ago

Our son, who lives with us, was sicker than a dog back in January. In March he was tested for the Antibodies and had them. We’re certain he had it but neither my wife or me got sick despite both being high risk. I personally know a couple dozen people who have tested positive but only one died, and he also had COPD.

Mike Albert
11 months ago

My Son-in-laws mother has Covid -19. She works in a LTC facility. In our development in Punta Gorda, Fl, there are 313 units. 16 people tested positive and one died (in August). My wife’s uncle tested positive in March and still can’t smell or taste certain foods and odors. Our son and DIL are both RNs in hospitals in San Diego. Both have had co-workers that tested positive, and their daughter was treated for Covid like symptoms in February or March, but not tested when she was 17 months old.
So to answer the question, yes we do know people that were positive and died. This is not a political disease. People of all political parties get sick. Some die and some live. Only those with vivid imaginations will think they are immune because they support a political party whose leaders still think this is a imaginary disease.
Such a shame.
Be safe and wear a mask and wash your hands and social distance. If we all act responsibly, we can curb the infection rate and save lives!

Lynn Jeffers
11 months ago

My sister passed away last June. She was counted as a “Covid fatality.” But she died from ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)..think Steven Hawking. I can assure you that Covid had nothing to do with it! As I see it, our methods of testing and counting “cases” (confirmed or ‘probable’) is a huge part of the problem.

Diane Mc
11 months ago

My 55 yr old brother in July. He, his wife and another couple when to AZ for a few days (looking for a new home to move from CA!). After they returned, my brother came down with the normal symptoms & tested positive. The couple, his wife & 2 of his college age children, who live with them, were all negative. Side note. When they arrived in AZ the man traveling with my brother got a call from his brother. A man they both work closely with tested positive. Both brothers were negative. Until he was tested the thought was he gave my brother the virus. Nope. Strange how it works.

11 months ago

My brother and 2 sisters in law became moderately ill with Covid. I also had 2 friends who became moderately ill with it.

11 months ago

I had COVID in October, I have asthma but was lucky enough to handle with drugs. Unfortunately I now have bacterial pneumonia that the doctors are saying could possibly be from the virus. I know of 4 co-workers and 3 friends that have had it. Not at the same time, so unsure as to how everyone caught it. Lucky enough no family members caught it from them nor my wife.

Michael Collins
11 months ago

I know of over 15. Death rate about 20%. Several are in long term care due to lung function and inability to swallow due to intubation.

11 months ago

Yes 2 family members in Georgia, 1 in New York, 1 in Texas.