Wednesday, October 20, 2021


Readers’ “hidden” storage tips revealed

On Friday last week I told you about some of the “hidden” storage places I’ve found in my RV. Following the article, we received several wonderful “hidden” storage ideas from you, our readers. Here are a few ideas that we’d like to share:

Hidden storage additions

Wayne C. commented: “After sliding the sofa away from the wall, I mounted a 1×6 to the wall behind the sofa. Now we can store several flat items in that area and have a display shelf for some dust collectors when we’re parked.”

Great idea, Wayne! I love to display family pictures when we’re away from home for extended periods of time. Our current RV lacks the necessary “dust collector” (flat surface) space. I can’t wait to buy a board and try your idea!

DAD responded with this suggestion: “For older RVs … There was empty space under the RV fridge and the stove. I knocked out the thin insert woodwork panels and a talented woodworker made 2 oak drop down doors routed to resemble the existing cabinet doors. If I needed even more space, I could knock out the panel for a missing vacuum option in my old RV.”

Good idea! Check out spaces where “add-ons” were not added on or where “filler wood panels” were used. You just might find some hidden storage.

Out of sight … sort of!

Rita R. shared these ideas: “I put my laundry basket in the shower behind the curtain. My hidden extra storage is under the seat cushions of my dinette.”

Some newer RVs feature storage under the dinette seating, but other RVs do not. Look and see for yourself. Maybe you’ll discover some hidden storage you never knew you had!

Here’s another idea that we think is clever. Pat L. says: “We put our extra comforters (or sleeping bags) and pillows inside nice, zippered throw pillow covers that complement our sofas, and leave them in plain sight. The 26″ pillow covers do a great job of holding a queen comforter or a sleeping bag.”

Thanks, Pat! We love that “hidden storage” can be “out of sight” in plain sight!


A word of caution came to us along with the many great storage ideas. If you “hide” items, be sure to note where you’ve put them. Use your phone to take a picture or keep a list of items along with where you’ve “hidden” them.

Also, remember that although some things may be out of sight, they still add weight to your RV. Be careful not to “hide” too many things and overload your rig!



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Jack P
4 months ago

Many View/Navion owners already know this, but for newer owners, there is a large empty space under the refrigerator. Remove the front panel carefully (find directions-there are hidden screws) and an easy space to build a variable size (mine 16X20) drawer.

4 months ago

Where was the picture taken. It looks like something that drops down. If it is what happens to the contents in the drawers.