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RV Life in a Coronavirus World: A feel-good story about spaghetti and meatballs


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EDITOR’S NOTE: We have asked readers to tell us how they are adapting to life these days. Here is Louise’s story:

“With all the horror stories about Fulltime RVers getting put out of the campground they are at or campground price gouging, I just wanted to tell you about one of the few good RV campground owners out there. I am at Rainbow Chase in Davenport, Florida. My plan was to stay here for the winter then hit the road. I had outpatient surgery on the first of March and was told by the doctor that it would be a month-and-a-half to two months before he could release me. A visiting nurse comes every other day to change my dressing. My reservation was to end on April 15. With all that was going on, I was not sure if I could extend my reservation.

At the beginning of March all campers received a notice from the owner that he was dropping the monthly fee to $200 plus electric, he was not taking new campers so we could all stay as long as we needed to. I was relieved that I had a place to stay but he shocked me again when we received a notice that he was providing a meal that week. Well, once a week since then, there is a knock on my door and I am handed a hot meal; it is different each time. I asked at the office why and was told that the owner knew how small our refrigerators were and felt that this would help. A few minutes ago, there was a knock on my door and I was handed a carton with hot spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread, Parmesan cheese and chocolate cake for dessert.

My children are so happy they don’t have to worry about me trying to get somewhere right now, and so am I. With luck I will be released from doctor April 21, which is my next appointment. No matter what, I am staying put a bit longer.”

Louise Turner

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2 years ago

Proof humans do inhabit earth. Shout out to the owners of Rainbow Chase, and to Louise for sharing a good news item Geri & Alvin, Lethbridge, Alberta.
News of this has been recorded and will travel.

Michelle Smedley
2 years ago

Thanks for sharing! I teared up reading this out loud to my hubby just now. We both agree that we’ll stay at Rainbow Chase if we’re ever in Davenport FL.

mark b
2 years ago

We need more happy tales. Thanks for sharing.

Raymond Shaw
2 years ago

What a wonderful, story. It restores our faith in mankind. We would not hesitate to stop at this wonderful campground. And to the owner, thank you for being a truly fantastic person.

Alan Wood
2 years ago

I just saved their URL address in my campground folder. Will definitely stop there when in the Orlando area. There are many wonderful, caring people in this world

2 years ago


Great story. Those people are truly a gift to everyone and serve as model rv ambassadors. Take care, I hope you heal soon.


Gregory Brott
2 years ago

Louise, praying for a speedy recovery and Rainbow Chase…heartwarming and heart touching, thank you!

Charles Carmichael
2 years ago

Thank you, Louise this by far the best story I have read this past few weeks and a big thank you to the manager of Rainbow Chase. I hope your recovery goes well.

2 years ago

Thank you Rainbow Chase! Hoping for a speedy and complete recovery for you!

2 years ago

We need more people like that. Rainbow Chase will be on my place to stay if I visit Florida.

D. Simonds
2 years ago

This park will have a firm place in my Florida bucket list. Let this article fly through the Web RV’ers.

2 years ago

I live in Davenport. It was wonderful to hear such a good story about one of our own. Thank you Rainbow Chase!

James Teal
2 years ago

God Blless the owner…

Debra Rohm
2 years ago

RAINBOW CHASE in Davenport, FL sounds like a wonderful, caring place we should all put on our Florida Campgrounds list!!!

2 years ago

On my Florida visit list.

Donald N Wright
2 years ago

wow. I think we have the place we should all go to in Florida.

Bill and Kit
2 years ago

Agreed, would be nice to collect names of all the campgrounds that did right by RV’rs…might be a useful addition to the RVTravel Newsletter. Personally, I would go out of my way to patronize those establishments.

2 years ago
Reply to  Bill and Kit

WOW thats would be great to have the names of all the campgrounds that didn’t take advantage of this awful situation! On the FLIP side of that it would great to have all the names of dirtbags who took advantage to enrich themselves!