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A cool boondocking gadget: Cuisinart EvolutionX battery-powered blender

We all have our own way of enjoying the RV lifestyle, but my particular favorite is to be off the grid. There’s something about boondocking and off-grid camping that floats my boat. So I have been eyeing gadgets and gizmos that foster that sort of lifestyle. The Cuisinart EvolutionX battery-powered blender is one of those gadgets.

While I’m off the grid, however, there are certain things that I don’t want to give up. Like smoothies. And margaritas. Which means a blender is required. 

I thought I was so smart when I figured out that an Oster blender base screws right onto a Ball canning jar and that I can use the same battery-powered electric drill to operate that as I do to lower my stabilizer jacks. I also love things that do multiple things. 

But one of the smart readers of informed me that the glass in a Ball canning jar isn’t as well-suited to battling ice as I think, when I’m making margaritas and listening to Jimmy Buffett. In fact, they warned, it could shatter unexpectedly—which would be really bad considering that I’m holding the jar. 

And drinking margaritas. 

Er, smoothies. Yeah. Smoothies. 

So with this weekend’s impending Margaritaville-themed vintage trailer rally, I knew I had to have a blender for the occasion. But a bunch of us are going to be off-grid. Now, I could just bring the Vitamix with me and use the Jackery 1500 to make that thing go. That would be the smart thing to do. Or I could buy a new toy and then write about it here. 

I’m sure you know where this is going. 

Cuisinart EvolutionX battery-powered blender

What I bought was a Cuisinart EvolutionX battery-powered blender. I was a wee bit apprehensive. There are a few reviews on Amazon where folks just didn’t like the thing at all. But I also have friends who think my battery-powered chainsaw is stupid. Until they actually try it. 

I have been on a kick of eating better (despite the impending margaritas), and a big part of that is making smoothies for lunch. Said smoothies are usually made with coconut milk, plain yogurt, whole almonds, spinach leaves and some sort of protein powder. Then I bought several extracts to add some more flavor to the thing. 

In fact, I bought peppermint extract and the green in the spinach always turns the smoothie that color so the peppermint makes me think I’m getting a McDonald’s Shamrock Shake. It’s not bad. 

The requirements of the blender are to pulverize the spinach and almonds to the point that I have a mostly creamy mixture. 

Further, when it is time to make margaritas, I want the blender to be able to evenly chop up the ice in a fashion that would be approved by Jimmy Buffett. None of this silly big chunks and little chunks nonsense. 

That’s as annoying as those coffee places where you get the big chunk of ice that plugs the straw on those fancy coffee drinks. 

And that’s another area where my canning jar and electric drill fail pretty miserably. While the drill has the torque, it absolutely doesn’t have the speed to accomplish the task with any level of success. It’s almost more of a party trick than an actual, useful kitchen gadget. 


Charging up the Cuisinart EvolutionX blender couldn’t be more convenient as it charges using a USB cable. There is an included wall-wart charging brick, but I just plugged the thing into an existing high-performance USB charging station that I have. This could also be plugged into the Jackery or your tow vehicle or any number of places, since USB charging is such a standard. 

In short order, all three blue lights on the base of the Cuisinart blender were illuminated, meaning smoothies were coming right up. 

The blender consists of a base with the motor and then a plastic cup with a threaded top. The blender base looks a lot like the Oster blender base that I bought. Lastly, there’s a lid for the cup with a top that flips open. 

For those who care, the cup is reportedly free of BPA. It’s not going to remain alcohol-free for long, though. 

Making a drink with the Cuisinart EvolutionX cordless blender

You fill the cup and then screw the (blade) base to the cup. This is really well done in that some of these screws, including the Oster blender base and canning jars, are really fiddly. The base of the Cuisinart blender and the cup go together like peanut butter and jelly. Plus, there’s a seal in them, so I have had zero issues with leaking or otherwise. I’ve already used it quite a bit. 

Once the cup and base are twisted into the main power base, there is one button and one speed, and that’s it. Push the button and the thing goes into action. 

I was pleased with the result of everything I ran through this blender. The smoothie was smooth, and I seem pretty good at timing this process such that the ice for the margarita is reasonably evenly pulverized. 

As I write this, I’ve had the blender for five days and haven’t yet had to recharge it. In that time I’ve made a number of test margaritas (you don’t want to look like an amateur, after all) and two smoothies a day. 

I would say the performance is as good as or better than I hoped, and I’m quite surprised by the battery life. 


The only thing I really don’t like about this setup is that it sounds cheap. I don’t know if it’s just my ear being used to vintage stuff or that it’s cheap, but the sound the device makes just is not confidence-inspiring. 

But the performance sure is. 

One of the biggest bummers about this blender is that it doesn’t have measurements on the side of the cup. I’d love to be able to add the liquids or ice or mix or shots to the cup and have a measurement on the cup itself much as I have on my big Vitamix blender. Nope. 

In summary

Overall I really like this thing and it’s going to allow me to make a bunch of margaritas, er, smoothies next week at the vintage trailer rally. Of course, I’ll easily be outdone by my friend, Dave, who’s going to bring a blender powered by a lawnmower engine … but that’s just the way it goes. 

As long as I don’t step on a pop-top…



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8 months ago

Be careful with your smoothies. Raw Spinach & almonds have very high levels of Oxalate, which contributes to the development of kidney stones. I ate a lot of spinach & nuts & developed kidney stones that I had to have surgery to remove. Since discontinuing both foods, the problem has not reappeared.

Jeff Craig
9 months ago

I’m intigued by this, and the rest of the LI-ion powered collection. My question, though, is how many people actually need this? Why couldn’t there be a single base unit that powers all these devices, like the 1980’s era food processor, blender, chopper, juicer, can opener, ice cream maker, etc…. All the different attachments, one base unit. It also makes me wonder why no one has made an actual attachment for a hand drill that works on these devices. A Dewalt or Milwaukee drill with an adapter that holds mixer whisks would be one less item to carry and uses the existing drills battery packs.

9 months ago

Awful lot of 1and 2 star reviews on Amazon. 16%, one star.

For Boondockers like me the problem is clean up. Takes too much water to clean up.

Sure miss my Breakfast Smoothie though.

9 months ago

Ordered! Thank you! Best Mothers Day idea so far!

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