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RV Gadget: MORryde motion-activated step lights


Today’s gadget review is of the MORryde motion-activated step lights. MORryde has been offering more and more interesting upgrades for RVs. In particular, we really like the Safe-T-Rail handle on our RV. Well, our former RV. 

But this is one of those gadgets I got at the FROG rally in Elkhart and just have had and used. It’s such a normal part of my life I almost left it on our travel trailer when it got towed to the great beyond because it’s just, well… there. 

What it is

The MORryde motion-activated step lights are a simple addition just about anyone could make to an RV. Essentially, they’re battery-powered motion lights that hold onto your RV magnetically. Done. 

The package I got had two of these in them, with each one being 10 LEDs in an aluminum case. The package includes a magnet with an adhesive back so you can stick that to whatever you want the light to stick to. There’s also a mounting bracket for each one, should you want to mount it to something in the RV. You know, like to the steps. 

But I also mounted one of these inside a compartment or cabinet that’s dark. 

What I did was mount one of the two lights on the steps, which is done by simply putting in batteries and then sticking it to the step. Done. I didn’t bother with the bracket, but smarter people likely will and the installation is a breeze. 

But I also mounted the bracket that came with the lights and put that in the bathroom as a night light. 

These lights have optical sensors as well as motion sensors on them—so they don’t come on in the daytime. 

Three settings

There are three settings on the lights. You can have them completely off, have them stay on, or use the motion activation. They come on if they sense someone about five feet away. 

Since the light mounts magnetically, you can also pop it off wherever you’ve chosen to mount it and carry it around like a flashlight. 

Batteries not included

One of the things about me—I absolutely hate throwing batteries into the trash. Or taking them to places to be properly disposed of. So I am a big fan of using rechargeable batteries. Not everything works well on these, though. I will say these lights perform brilliantly (hehehe—there’s your pun for the day!) on rechargeable batteries. 

These lights take four AAA batteries each. I have yet to have to recharge a set since I put them in there in the middle of summer. Granted, I don’t use either of these lights a lot, but I do use them. 

From the “stay off my lawn” department

I also like this much, much, much better than people leaving their stinking lights on on the outside of their RVs. 

I might sound like a curmudgeon. But, doggone it, I like going places where it’s dark. Other campers with their lights blazing all night long is annoying to me. Maybe that’s why I like boondocking so much. 

And that might also be why I like this inexpensive but effective little gadget. They work, they’re easy to use and they provide light when I need it. But not all doggone night long. 


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23 days ago

I bought these last year because of the “ good reviews”..used them on steps going into my home laundry..the batteries lasted about a week or so….too wasteful and expensive..if it’s not wired, solar or chargeable not a good idea..

1 month ago

The lights work great, but weak magnets will allow lights to fall off.

1 month ago

I use the USB rechargeable lights with the same modes. I’m getting tired of batteries!

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