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MENU readers speak out: The 11 most wanted RV gifts of 2022

In last week’s question, we asked what you would want your RV Santa to magically bring you. In other words, what RV gadgets, accessories, or services would you want if money was no object?

As usual, you had a lot to say. But because great minds frequently think alike, a lot of you had similar and even identical requests.

Some of you got quite creative in your letters to Santa. My favorite of all came from Charlotte D., who phrased her request to the tune of “White Christmas.” Charlotte shares:

“I’m dreaming of a long hot shower
just like the ones I used to know.
Where cold temps didn’t affect us,
hot water was endless,
to have hot rinses head to toe.
I’m dreaming of an On Demand Water Heater
with every shower that I take,
may my shampoos suds up right on the spot,
and may all my rinses still be hot.”

We said think big and you did!

We did ask you to think big and many of you did. Most people thinking big asked Santa for entirely new RVs! The next biggest request was from those asking for solar power.

George G. had a sad but valid reason for needing a new RV. He writes:

“The first part of this year my wife was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor which left her basically paralyzed on one side. Although we really liked camping with our 36′ Jayco travel trailer, it would sure make it a lot easier for both of us if we had a handicapped-accessible Class A now. So, as you said, if money were no object, that would be our BIG ticket wish.”

Leland B. also had a big ask, especially for someone who has only been “pretty good” this year. Santa always knows, Leland. Santa ALWAYS knows! Leland writes:

“Dear Santa, I’d like a replacement for my original RV. It was a 27’ Airstream 1972. I would like a similar Airstream or Bigfoot trailer. I have been pretty good this year.”

In addition, James J. wrote:

“You did say ‘think BIG’? How about a rent-free storage spot near our house with a rigid roof, storage shed, and full hook-ups where I could easily do all after-trip clean-ups and other required maintenance?”

I like how you think James!

Conversely, some of you wanted nothing at all. Case in point, Kelly R. said:

“At this stage in life, the last thing I need is “more stuff” for my RV, home, or shop. Santa needs to take things back and redistribute them.”

Jan B. writes:

“Good day to you all at RVtravel. I certainly gave thought to your question. I am perfectly satisfied with my camper and its contents.”

Joseph Y. concurred, commenting, “I still have my two front teeth, so I guess I’m set.”

Santa’s magic

Some people took Santa’s magic literally and wished for things not easily bought at department stores or made by elves. I nonetheless sincerely hope their wishes are fulfilled. Especially Dave E., who wished for a cure for his wife’s ALS.

Wayne C. also wished for time by writing:

My wish would be not something specifically for an RV, but rather the way for my wife to retire now instead of in 2026. If she were to retire now, her monthly annuity would be much less, but I would also be 75 years old, and, according to the average life expectancy, I might have maybe 10 more years. I understand why she needs to continue working, but, selfishly, I wish she could retire now.”

Other people had mythical wish items that would be great ideas if, in fact, Santa could actually deliver them. For instance:

“I would like a gadget to text me when my propane tank is very low.”
Earl B.

“I want a mobile RV tech to be wherever we travel, on call, with immediate response.”
Paul S.

“I want a professional to once a quarter scrub and hand wax the roof per Winnebago requirements, then wash and wax the body of the motorhome. While that is occurring, another professional is wiping down all the cabinets, countertops and floors.”
Kirk E.

“I need a patient electrician.”
Marybeth A.

“I want a manufacturer to design a new portable toilet for teardrop trailers. There has to be a better design than what is available now.”
Lucy R.

“I really want everything in my RV to work all the time. I am so tired of having something repaired before every trip I take. It’s to a point that my wife and are seriously thinking about selling our RV and getting out of it.”
—Bob C.

The 11 most wanted RV gifts of 2022

RV wish lists for RV Santa

Most people did have an attainable wish list though.

So without further ado, from the hundreds of responses we received, here are 2022’s 11 most popular RV gifts in order of popularity.

#1: RV Solar Power setup: The most frequent response we received was from people asking Santa for a solar power setup for the RV. Not surprisingly, this request most often came from boondockers wanting more time off-grid. Sometimes it was a specific request, but most people asked for an entire solar setup that would either:

  • Allow them to boondock indefinitely, or
  • Have enough power to run the A/C at full blast.

#2: A new RV: Since money was no object for this question, a whole lot of you asked for a completely new rig. But not quite as many as those who asked for solar. Most of you seem happy with the type of rig you currently own, with the majority of people who asked Santa for new RVs asking for newer or upgraded versions of what they currently have.

# 3: Starlink Internet: Connectivity anytime, anywhere was high on many RVers’ wish lists, which means satellite internet and phone. Starlink was the brand most desired or often mentioned. (Starlink is having a sale on Starlink RV right now. More info on that in tomorrow’s Sunday newsletter.)

# 4 Automatic levelers: Automatic levelers were at the top of many people’s RV gift wish lists (I was actually surprised at the number of requests RV Santa got for them). Bigfoot seems to be the brand of choice for most of our readers, in case you plan to shop for some.

#5 Inverter generators: The need for power continued with those asking for generators.  When they went into detail, most people wanted an inverter generator, which only makes sense, and preferably one with a dual fuel option. Honda was the most frequently mentioned brand.

#6 Fuel or money for fuel: While MANY people did ask for gasoline or diesel fuel, with current prices so high, I was surprised this item was this far down on the list.

#7 TPMS system: I was heartened by how many people wished for a Tire Pressure Monitoring System for their RVs. Smart, because when you are an RVer, everything is riding on your tires!

#8 Wi-Fi and cell signal boosters: A subset of people seeking connectivity thought smaller than those who asked for satellite internet. These folks just wanted boosters for their cell phone or Wi-Fi signals.

#9 SoftStart system: Santa could deliver SoftStart systems to a number of our readers and make them very happy. We have covered this unique product on RV Travel before. It allows you to use less energy while powering up appliances like the A/C, thereby allowing RVers to use smaller generators.

#10 New awnings and shades: A number of you are thinking ahead to next summer and asked RV Santa to bring your RV a new awning and/or window shades.

#11 Garmin RV GPS: Lastly, Garmin’s RV specific GPS system got a respectable number of votes in our poll. Especially the packages that come with a dash cam!

Need more gifting ideas?



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Craig Seitz
1 month ago

Prayers to George G. and his wife that they receive a Christmas miracle of restored health.

1 month ago
Reply to  Craig Seitz

Agreed- nothing is more important than your health.

Gary Bate
1 month ago
Reply to  Craig Seitz

Well said Craig. That’s the true Christmas spirit.

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