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RV Review: 2023 Keystone Montana High Country 385BR fifth wheel


Today’s RV review is of the Keystone Montana High Country 385BR, a large, mid-bunk fifth wheel that could be a great choice even if you don’t have littles that travel with you. In fact, if I were looking for a larger fifth wheel to fit my own lifestyle, I would not be able to rule this one out. Not that I’m shopping for a fifth wheel, mind you. 

Stuck in the middle with you

Keystone’s Montana division sells a lot of fifth wheels. There are a lot of things I really liked about them already, and the revisions to their mid-bunk offering make a lot of sense to me. 

What the company has done is taken the loft bed above the middle of the trailer and, sort of, cut it in half. That leaves a smaller loft but makes the ceiling in the middle bedroom much taller. 

In that middle bedroom they have significantly increased the height of the slide box. Now there’s a trifold couch in there, as there was before, but then a fold-up bunk above that. This room feels dramatically less claustrophobic with that high ceiling.

On the camp side of this room there’s now a desk and a rather comfortable chair. This makes this whole space make more sense, as you can just use it as an office or craft room without making any changes. Or, it could be a she shed or man cave as there are TV hookups by the bed. Or a craft room. This space can be a lot of things. And you don’t have to use the loft for people to sleep—that could be where things relative to the use of this room are kept. 

Like quilting supplies if you’re a quilter, for example. I like the changes they’ve made in here.

More changes in the Montana High Country 385BR

There are changes to the main living space as well, including ones that will absolutely make a difference to your camping experience. 

But for look’s sake, let’s examine the new island. It is a nice-looking piece with curved features and such. It’s pretty. Functionally, all the drawers and cabinets in the entire rig all feature soft close mechanisms. I always thought these were frills until I found them in my new house. 

There’s also a 4K smart TV in here, as there probably are in many households. Nice to see the RV industry moving into today’s electronics. 

You’ll find the power recliners opposite that TV are really a place to be. Not only do they recline, as you might expect, but there are a number of adjustments you can make to the backrest and such to make them even more comfortable. Spiffy. 

New for 2023 is a new oven from Furrion that’s actually larger than the 21” model I’m always crowing about. While there are three burners on top, there is now a 24” oven which sports three racks inside. It’s a really good design. I love this. 

There are two refrigerator choices right now—either a GE residential model or a traditional propane-electric model. 

Keystone features

If you haven’t read any of these reviews in the past, I should point out that Keystone has been working on truly differentiating their products even from other Thor products. Keystone has a team they call their Innovation Labs, and they truly have been doing things to make a difference. Like what? 

There is their Blade Pure™ air conditioning system. It uses a more efficient air handling system to deliver more chilled air throughout the RV. Further, there’s a high-efficiency filtration system that can filter out a lot of air particles to the MERV-9 (minimum efficiency reporting value) standard, but which uses easily found filters. 

Keystone also has flooring called Dyna Span®, which is a wood product that comes in such large sheets that it only takes a single sheet to cover the floor of this large fifth wheel. It’s also guaranteed for a quarter of a century. 

I also really like the suspension on this rig, which is a Road Armor™ system with wet bolts. Another nice feature is the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), which includes the spare tire. 

The company also uses wiring systems that are consistent from model to model. This might sound like a no-brainer, but remember it’s the RV industry. So this is a very unique feature to Keystone and means that more intentional wiring is more likely to function properly. But if it doesn’t, it’s also easier to diagnose and repair. 


But the biggest thing on Keystone products is their standard solar package. The base solar on all Keystone RVs is 220 watts, up 20 watts from previous years. You can then get a package with double the number of panels or even the big daddy rabbit, the 1200i. There are also optional battery packages.

I think, more than any other RV company, Keystone has really democratized solar.

Outdoor kitchen on the Montana High Country 385BR

I think one of the biggest jokes in the RV industry is the outdoor kitchen. While this is theoretically a good thing to have because we all want to spend more time outdoors, the way they’ve played out is usually kind of terrible.

With that being written, I will say this is one of the best outdoor kitchens I’ve seen. Period.

First of all, it incorporates a two-burner flat-top griddle on a pivoting mount. That griddle comes out from the space and hangs outside the body of the trailer on an arm. It’s also height adjustable. It’s brilliant.

There’s also a (you’re about to hear angels singing) 12-volt drawer-style cooler instead of the stupid 120-volt bar-sized fridge. Lastly, there’s a large drawer that incorporates a huge cutting board. The whole kitchen assembly is metal and there’s even hot and cold running water.

If I were giving awards for outdoor kitchens, this one would absolutely get one.

Tony’s thoughts on the Montana High Country 385BR

There’s a lot I really liked about the predecessor to this, and it’s now even more up my alley. 

What’s more, there have been other changes to this rig—including an upgrade to a 16-gallon water heater. 

Honestly, this rig is so well thought through that I couldn’t find any nits to pick. I’m sure there are subjective issues, as I read in some comments on the video I’ve attached, but this is, again, a really well thought through fifth wheel. 

Yep. I like it. 

More from Tony

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1 month ago

I’ve always liked Keystone floor plans, too bad they build junk. I know, I bought one. 🙁
Sold it pretty quick.

Scott R. Ellis
1 month ago

The kitchen is completely unusable when the slides fail, and you couldn’t find a single nit to pick? Hmmm.

1 month ago

I find it funny how people give glowing reviews on many RV’s, and then in another article, it’s about what a dumpster fire these RV’s are based in insider info from those who build them. Humans are an interesting species.