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RV Review: Outside the box and into adventure: SylvanSport Go Easy and Loft

Yep, I’m back again with something that may stretch the boundaries of what some consider an RV. But I participate in a lot of forums where people absolutely have a sense of adventure but life’s circumstances have made buying a more traditional RV something that’s just a dream. And so I present two SylvanSport products, the SylvanSport Go Easy trailer and their forthcoming Loft™ rooftop tent. 

But wait, we’re not putting anything on roofs just yet. 

In many forums where I spend time I see a lot of people wanting to enjoy the lifestyle that a lot of readers here do daily. Some of us have the very good fortune to be able to follow the road and set a course for adventure and live that out. 

But there are also a lot of people who, for a variety of reasons, aren’t able to do so. But their dream is to set a course for adventure. That’s where I think something like these two SylvanSport products can work for some readers. 

Go Easy

Starting where the rubber meets the road, the SylvanSport Go Easy trailer is a very small cargo trailer that I could see really working for a lot of people, especially anyone with a smaller car or other such vehicle. 

Think Subaru, for example. 

It used to be a common phrase that if you buy a pickup you’ll find more friends as everybody has something to haul. But not everybody has something to haul all the time, so a pickup isn’t for everybody. 

The Go Easy is an interesting trailer that’s sort of a very small towable pickup. It consists of a load floor with a perimeter frame around it. You can outfit it with gear racks and even a waterproof front storage compartment. 

If you’re into kayaking or bicycling or any of those sorts of adventure you could leave the Go Easy loaded with these things during the week and then hook up and haul off to places you want to take these adventure co-conspirators. 

Head down to the lake with your two kayaks and bicycles and easily back the trailer into the lake a bit and off load the kayaks. No worries, the little trailer is water proof. 

But I can also see the trailer serving that pickup truck purpose for all those people with cars. For example, if you happen to want to buy a bunch of stuff at the local hardware store, just hitch up and load ‘er up. No worries. You could put sheets of plywood on the optional racks— which you would want to haul those bikes anyway. 

Get a new washing machine? Cool. Again, the trailer is here to serve. 

While the Go Easy is a relatively simple affair, it’s still well-made with powder-coated steel framing and a torsion axle suspension. 

If you totally unload the trailer, you can literally tilt it up and sit it on its rear end in the garage. Which means you can likely still park your car in there, too. 

Let’s make an RV

Now that you’ve got this little trailer you can also make it into an RV. Well, there’s the forthcoming SylvanSport Loft rooftop tent that does that. 

Essentially this is a very lightweight rooftop tent that could actually be used on the roof of your tow vehicle, over the bed of a pickup, and also on the racks of the Go Easy. So you could put the Loft on the roof of that Subaru and still use the Go Easy for the bicycles or kayaks and that sort of thing. 

Or you could just turn this into an RV, of sorts, by putting the Loft onto the Go Easy and now it’s a travel trailer. Well, -ish. 

Essentially, the Loft has a top and a bottom hard shell piece. They are separated by a green tent material. The top pops up via hydraulic struts (like in a car hatchback). Inside there’s more than you expect with a fan/light combo device. The mattress sports an anti-condensation mat beneath it. 

The top and bottom pieces are made of ABS. There are two hanging organizer pockets as well as two bungee nets. 

Without you in it, it weighs just 116.8 pounds. So it’s well within the limits of the Go Easy trailer. The windows on each side feature fine mesh screens to keep even those annoying no-see-ums out. 

Other cool stuff

So I know some of you are thinking that this isn’t an RV as there’s no kitchen and no toilet. I got you covered. 

SylvanSport also makes two portable kitchens, the Dine O Max and the Dine O Mite, which are portable, folding kitchens. 

What I might do is add the Jackery 1500 that I reviewed a while back, the Alpicool 12-volt fridge, and potentially even the Induction Cooktop. 

Of course you’ll want the SylvanSport Privy Bivy and have that around the Camco Camp Toilet.

This might seem like a lot of stuff to bring but, honestly, even two campers in a Subaru wouldn’t overload that car with all this. However, you’d have everything you need for weekend adventures and still get 30-40 miles per gallon. 

While campers like me are doubling the value of their tow vehicle just by filling the fuel tank to get another 250 miles, these campers have all the camping gear they want plus a trailer they can use for stuff for the home remodel, too. 

In summary

There are a lot of different ways to enjoy this beautiful country and there’s no one right or only way. I love seeing the creativity of people who just want to share the experience of the road and may do so differently than what many of us are able to do. 

Further, having small, fuel-efficient ways to enjoy the great RV adventure isn’t a bad thing, either. 

I didn’t do a chart for this rig but know that the SylvanSport Go Easy has a base MSRP of $2,295 and the fully decked-out model with the cargo deck and waterproof storage and all of that is $3,295. 

The Loft is $2,795. So, all told, you’re in for $6,090—although the company has sales and package deals. 


I would love to read your comments and suggestions over on our new forums, where you can weigh in and start or join a discussion about all things RV. Here’s a link to my RV Reviews Forum.

If you’re RV shopping, here are some tips on RV shopping from a former RV salesperson—me!

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Donald N Wright
1 month ago

there has to be more to camping and RV’ing than just buying the biggest rig available. Lots of folks still use popup trailers for families. Do the two of you need a 45′ RV just for vacations?

Warren G
1 month ago

Very versatile and well made. Would fit the bill for some.

1 month ago

Interesting concept, and there is a market for something small and flexible like this, especially in rain country; a hard-top tent, a way to haul kayaks and gear, using a small car. Now if you can get the apartment complexes to allow parking space for these things…

Bob p
1 month ago

Seems like a trip to Harbor Freight to pick up a less than $400 trailer, a trip to Lowes for a sheet of plywood, a trip to Walmart for a tent, about 5-6 hrs of you time or if you’re not capable of following directions, find some who can and build a trailer and tent camper for many $$$ less than $6000+. Lol

Tommy Molnar
1 month ago
Reply to  Bob p

Well said Bob, and so was wanderer’s closing sentence.

Bob p
1 month ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

There must be some real dumb people who are incapable of doing anything but breathing to spend $6000 on this.

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