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RV Review: Cherokee Wolf Pack 315PACK12

Today’s RV review is of the Cherokee Wolf Pack 315PACK12, a larger fifth wheel toy hauler that sports a 12-foot garage. From past reviews, I know a lot of readers have mentioned that toy haulers are nice and all, but they tend to feel more industrial than other forms of RVs. While I try to avoid bringing up colors and style in these reviews, as I feel we each have our own perception and taste, I will say that complaint wouldn’t work here. The interior of this rig really has a nice warm, comfortable feel. That’s saying a lot, because Cherokee had switched to black cabinetry with gold handles last year. 

Now, I don’t mean to be unkind, but somehow those color combinations seemed like a really bad idea in a small space like an RV. The new color palette in the 2023 Wolf Pack is a delightfully refreshing change back to what more people may really like. 


Cherokee is one of those brands that tends to focus on the more affordable range of the RV lineup with the areas that they serve. But one of the things that is unusual about the brand is that they tend to have a lot of features that make their offerings really useful, and they are a surprise at this price point. 

For example, this fifth wheel features a tankless water heater, which is something you might expect in a high-end RV but not in a more affordable one. They also put a high-performance vent fan in the bathroom of this model rather than the worthless four-inch fart fan that is also common. 

Even when I was selling RVs it was tough to compete with the value that Cherokee brought to the table. Their trailers also typically had ice makers included—and fireplaces, as well. 

This also is prepped for a Furrion camera system that has four cameras. There’s one at the rear to see who’s back there honking, one on either side to monitor lane changes and corners, and the fourth one is in the cargo area. You could literally keep an eye on whatever you’ve loaded in the cargo area with this. That’s smart. 

Further, when you’re camping, you could use the cargo area camera to keep an eye on those darned kids to see what in the wide, wide world of sports they’re up to. 

Big feels

This is no small fifth wheel but, somehow, Cherokee has made it feel extraordinarily spacious inside, to me. Maybe it’s the way the steps are arranged going up to the second floor, maybe it’s the new lighter colors. But whatever the case, this feels really spacious to me. 

The floor plan is sort of divided into three spaces. There’s the obvious upstairs bedroom, the main living space and the garage. 

The garage sports a HappiJac bed mechanism, so a proper bed can be lowered down if you have kids or company. Or you said something super stupid to your wife and now you need an alternative to sleeping outside and getting eaten by a bear. 

Heck, or a wolf pack, since they might have read the name on the outside of this trailer. 

As you would expect in a toy hauler, there are also couches on either side of the garage that can fold down to become a bed. The load door in the back can also be hung into place to form a patio. There’s a fence that comes with this that surrounds the patio deck.

There is also a side entry door into the garage area. It has traditional folding trailer entry steps but equipped with a Lippert Solid Stance Step Stabilizer. I want to bake some sort of cake and send it to the folks at Cherokee for having both the solid steps and these more traditional ones, so you have options. 

However, I’m going to eat the cake instead of sending it to them because there are almost no windows on the camp side of this RV. Bleh. I might even send them a photo of the cake just to rub it in. What, do they not like looking outside? 

Hang out space

There is a door between the garage and the main living space of this RV. This really would be great for traveling families or even people who travel for some sort of work where the back could be an office. 

Being able to close off the office space or wherever the younger travelers spend their time is a good idea. This also makes the main living space feel like a very separate place to be. There’s nothing earth-shattering about the main living space, although it is nicely designed, as mentioned. 


The upstairs is where Wolf Pack 315PACK12 also shines, to me. The bathroom is on the road side and is quite spacious. However, this features a corner radius shower instead of what some might expect in a larger fifth wheel. This is more like what you see in many travel trailers.

The bedroom features what the company calls a Wolf Pack King Bed. It measures 67″ X 74″, so kind of a king, but not of a really huge kingdom. There are the usual closets on either side of the bed. You’ll also find what I think of as a cigarette lighter port up here.

The point of this is that you can bring the Furrion camera monitor to bed with you and see what’s happening around the rig, but also what’s happening in the back storage area or kids’ bedroom or whatever you purpose that space for.

Boondocking and travel access

One of the things I don’t like about fifth wheels where the bathroom is on the camp side is that the slide room blocks access to the bathroom. That’s a bummer. In fact, despite there being two entrances in the Wolf Pack 315PACK12, you can forget about the kitchen, as well, when the slide is in.

Naturally, also being a toy hauler, you have the option of an on-board generator. This is a Yamaha-based model instead of the Onan. The optional generator features a remote start but also has a pull start in case things get really bad.

My thoughts

I must not have been the only one who really didn’t like the black cabinets with gold handles as they are loooooooooooong gone for 2023. Hooray. 

The color palette chosen is very, very pleasing to me. I also think that a lot of the standard features in this trailer along with the way the floor plan is designed really makes this an inviting place to be. In addition there’s that back room and big patio, to boot. 

The changes I see to this point to the fact that Cherokee is listening carefully to their customer base. Cherokee is continuing to add value while also keeping the key pluses that have been part of the brand for a while now. 


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Steve H
1 month ago

A 40′ toy hauler that can sleep 8, but none of them can access the bathroom without putting out a slide? Bleh, none of Cherokee’s designers must have ever taken a pre-schooler camping.

And what RV manufacturer thinks you can buy 67″ x 74″ sheets at Walmart? If they can’t put residential-sized beds in their RVs, they shouldn’t be in the RV business. RVs may be smaller than sticks-and-bricks houses, but the people who sleep in them are exactly the same size!

Primo Rudy's Roadhouse
1 month ago

Wow a toy hauler that switches sides for the bathroom. In one paragraph you state the bathroom is on the road side and in another paragraph you state the bathroom is on the campside. I wonder what else got confused.

Tommy Molnar
1 month ago

How come if there are two doors, one has the tried and true traditional stairs and the other is the fold-up and spread gunk into the interior type?

We ordered the Lippert Solid Stance Step Stabilizers for our trailer (two of them!) and found that they would not fit on our stairs. Wifey had a heck of a time getting them to take them back even after pointing out that Lippert even says in their ads that their stairs do not fit all brands of steps – and do not list which ones do and do not fit.

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