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RV Review: Cruiser RV Hitch 16RD Travel Trailer

By Tony Barthel
It seems that more and more of us are going off the grid (or at least saying that we are) and RV companies are responding with some interesting options for doing so. We have already looked at a few of those, including the Winnebago Hike 210RB and the Geo Pro 16BH. Now, Cruiser RV has their brand-new Hitch series. 

Cruiser RV Hitch

The two trailers I mentioned above are probably the most logical direct competition for the Cruiser Hitch. There are definitely differences and similarities among the trio. The Hitch is just now hitting the market, so not all the details are completely sorted out. But we have enough to take a good look at this model. 

Like others in the category, the Hitch features a suspension designed to take more abuse. It is raised to accommodate rougher roads, or no roads, with tires that reinforce that stance. The exterior superstructure is an aluminum frame. The company uses Azdel substrates in the wall build. 

The company also is including a Xantrex 2,000-watt power inverter and 110-watt solar panel. 

The Cruiser RV Hitch “wins the race” for holding tanks

But the thing that really sets this line apart, to me, is the size of the holding tanks. If these are going to be used off the grid, as the design is for, then Hitch is the clear winner in this race. It has 47 gallons of fresh water and 30 gallons each of black and gray storage. 

With my own trailer, which I legitimately have taken off the grid quite frequently, the one thing that brings us back to “civilization” is when our fresh water supply runs out. A 47-gallon fresh water tank could easily mean two additional days off the grid. 

There are a few other things that I really liked about the Cruiser Hitch, and the cabinets are at the top of this list. The design and style of the cabinetry in this trailer are easy on my eyes. It’s very modern, but not bland, and they have hardware that reinforces the high-end feel to me. 

The tour of the Cruiser RV Hitch 16RD

I specifically chose the Cruiser RV Hitch 16RD, as I thought this might be the most flexible floor plan. Up front you’ll find an east-west bed that measures a full 60” X 80”  (a true queen-size mattress). As with all these types of beds, you might find life much easier if you get yourself an RVSuperbag. Under that bed are four drawers, two shallow and two deeper. Above is a shelf with bungee cords across the front for keeping things in place. 

Around the corner is a full dry bath. That’s saying a lot in a trailer of this size. There’s a nice countertop in the bathroom and you get a medicine cabinet as well. There’s even space under the counter for towels and such. In addition, there’s a shelf along the back wall. 

Just past the bathroom is a five-cubic-foot gas-electric refrigerator. Above this is the microwave oven. 

In back is a smaller dinette whose table is made of the same solid surface material as the kitchen countertops. This is becoming more common but, still, it’s a nice touch. There are windows that surround the dinette. They give the space a more open feeling. 

Proceeding to the meal prep area, there’s a sizable pantry that separates the dinette from the kitchen counter. That pantry is also outfitted so that if you prefer using the space for hanging clothes, you could do so. 

The kitchen counter features a recessed two-burner stovetop with a glass hinged lid. When it’s closed, it is flush with the countertop, offering more prep space. The same description applies to the large, round stainless steel sink. Its cover is made of the same material as the rest of the counter space. 

Things outside of the Cruiser RV Hitch worth noting

The Hitch has a few things outside that are worth noting. The first of these is a metal table that fits over the top of the steel wheel housing. When the table is in place here, it can also serve as a step to get to whatever you’ve placed on the roof. The wheel housing itself is also a step. Plus there’s a ladder at the back, so the message is clear: The roof is good for storage. 

When I was speaking with the folks at Cruiser RV, they hadn’t finalized any roof racks or other such things. But the way the conversation was going, I think that may be in the cards. 

In summary

I think Cruiser RV has really nailed it with this model. I like the features that should actually prove useful to RVers, especially that large fresh water tank and the included inverter and solar. 

One thing I saw in the review of the Venture Sonic Lite SL160VHB was that L-shaped couch at the front of the trailer that converts to a bed. I think the Sonic folks should talk to the Cruiser folks and they should put that nifty lounge in this trailer. That would be a big hit in my mind. 

Interiors are subjective, to be sure, but I think Cruiser RV has nailed it. Of the three trailers I’ve reviewed in this series, the interior on this is my favorite, but this is subjective. What’s not subjective is the fact that, if you’re buying one of these to get away from it all, you’ll be out there longer just based on tank sizes and such. 

I can see a lot of people wanting to hitch to the Hitch to scratch that outdoor itch. And my apologies to anyone who doesn’t appreciate my terrible rhymes. But, seriously, they’re going to have a hit on their hands with this. 

These RV reviews are written based on information provided by the manufacturers along with our writer’s own research. We receive no money or other financial benefits from these reviews. They are intended only as a brief overview of the vehicle, not a comprehensive critique, which would require a thorough inspection and/or test drive.

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No night stands for CPAP, bad location for watching TV, not much storage space.

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