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RV Review: Hiker Trailer makes some interesting ‘square drops’


Today’s review is of the Hiker Trailer Highway Deluxe. While I have looked at a lot of RVs, including the most affordable trailers, most are well over the mid $25,000 price just for the entry-level models. Hiker is different. 

In fact, Hiker Trailer models start at $5,995 for the Highway Deluxe. So what’s the deal? These are actually what are called square drop trailers. 

Square drop trailers

What in the Wide, Wide World of Sports is a square drop? It’s a growing category and it’s essentially a squared off version of a teardrop trailer. Like a teardrop, there’s a bedroom in the front and a space in the back for the kitchen. 

Square drops are popular for a variety of reasons, including the fact that they’re simple, economical and you can put them in a garage. A trailer this small can legitimately be towed by many crossovers and SUVs. 

Hiker Trailer

One of the really unusual things about Hiker Trailer is that each trailer is customized for the customer who special orders it. But the down side of this is that there aren’t a bunch of trailers sitting at a dealership ready to go. 

Hiker Trailer makes four different models ranging from simple, efficient and basic, to models designed to be towed into extreme off-road situations. Something else that’s unusual about the company is that it controls almost the entire process of the build from start to finish, including building the frames. 

Hiker Trailer also makes the bodies, of course, and offers a tremendous number of options and packages so you can build the trailer the way you want it to be. 

Something the company found is that many of its trailers are upgrades for customers from tents or other forms of rustic camping. As such, the customers may come to Hiker Trailer with a full set of camping gear. For those who do, Hiker Trailer can essentially build just an empty box for you to utilize all this gear. 

But there are also a lot of options available. 

Options and accessories

Even though these are, essentially, simple units, there are plenty of options the company makes available. 

You can get heaters, air conditioners, power systems, roof-top tents, cargo racks, cargo boxes, hot water systems and even a fresh water storage tank which has 21 gallons of water and, of course, a water pump. 

One of the most unusual things I heard from the company is that you can start today with a simpler model and then add features over time. This would be a really interesting way of financing your purchase if this fits what you’re looking to accomplish. 

Interestingly, you can get a build with just a single side door or doors on both sides, you can get leaf spring suspensions or torsion axles. There are electric brakes available even though they’re not required within this weight category in all states. 

You can have the battery on the tongue or in the back compartment. Or you can get something like a Jackery instead. 

Cargo boxes, lights, showers and so many other things are available and can be fitted depending on your own camping style and choices. 

In many cases, the basic build has the main living space extend from the very back of the trailer all the way to the front. 

Build quality

While various models have differing features, the Highway Deluxe has a steel frame and the basic body build is wood covered with aluminum.

But the interesting thing is that the aluminum isn’t glued to the body. That means it can accommodate the different expansion and contraction based on weather without causing glue to fail. This is pretty smart.

In summary

Another thing I really like is that, in working with Hiker Trailer, you can specify things like a pass-through storage bay so you can reach things in the rear “kitchen” compartment from within the bedroom compartment. In fact, this is standard, as is that large space from one end of the trailer to the other. 

But you can have them put in drawers, have the battery in the back of the trailer, add a water or power system, a heater and so much more. It’s almost difficult to pigeonhole specifically what these models offer. You can also start with a basic build and add features over time. 

Another thing that’s different about these is that there are several exterior colors to choose from, all of which are aluminum skin and feature no swishy swirl stickers. 

The company has started to do a series of videos which help with all the decision-making processes in building one of these trailers. The website is also really well done. You can build and compare the trailers, options and other information very easily. 

I can see why the company is growing so rapidly. 


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Donald N Wright
4 months ago

Headroom is a bit limited, I think I would install a Car top Tent on the roof.

3 months ago

That is an available option to add on their site.

4 months ago

What a hit! Possible/affordable addition for someone living out of their car. The mods are endless. Like the idea of start simple and then purchase your ad ons later as you figure out what you need. Awning, water container, luggable loo, shower ring, Bluetti, solar panel, front storage basket, etc. etc. prioritize and purchase them as funds become available. Nice job, thanks for sharing.

Ellen L
4 months ago

Talk about timing! We just saw one of these that pulled into the campground yesterday. It looks so cute!

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