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RV Review: inTech Flyer Pursue small trailer

Today we’re looking at the inTech Flyer Pursue, a small “box drop” trailer that might initially come across as a very, very small cargo trailer. But it’s actually a lot more than that. 


inTech is an unusual company that makes unusual products like the inTech Terra Oasis, which I adore, but also the inTech Sol, which is a truly unusual trailer. In many ways this, too, is a truly unusual trailer and one that may be more than you suspect. Much more. 

One of the hallmark features of an inTech product is how they build everything using a lot of aluminum in a cage structure and then wrapping that with an aluminum skin. For us readers, inTech may be a familiar name. However, they also have a strong presence in the motorsports arena as well as in commercial trailer applications. Those include trailers designed for people who splice high-tech fiber optic cable. 

Find a niche and own it. 

What’s inside

There are actually a number of ways to configure this unit. But let’s start at the very back, where there are double “barn” doors that open to reveal a space that’s 59” wide and 97” long by 45” tall. Essentially, that’s the interior of the trailer. It features a marine-grade flooring material and marine-grade carpeting on the walls and ceiling. 

There is a netted pouch on the road side and one on the front if you order the optional sliding camp kitchen. More about that in a moment. 

There’s also a netted cubby at the top. The trailer features both USB and 120vac household outlets, as well as an AM/FM radio. 

In addition to those double rear doors, there’s a door on the camp side of this trailer. And now your tour is over. Oh, wait. There are also two mattress pads that come with this. As you can see, it’s not overly complicated in here. 

Kitchen option

On the camp side is a door that you would think would be a cargo compartment. If you don’t order the outside kitchen, that’s exactly what it is. But if you do, that kitchen glides out on some of the smoothest drawer glides I’ve felt. 

In that drawer mechanism is a metal cabinet atop which is a two-burner stove. You can feed that with those wasteful green one-pound propane bottles or by putting larger refillable bottles in a front storage compartment. 

There’s also a 12-volt cooler and provisions to charge that. Atop the cooler rests a metal table that has a place to mount it on the front of the trailer. Effectively, you address this kitchen from the front camp side of the trailer, rather than along the body, as it typical. 

You can also get either a straight awning or a bat wing awning as an option here. 


Cargo storage is done at the front with a triangular compartment on the tongue. 

Since there are barn doors at the back, that could also be the place to load other types of cargo. The interior is well-suited to handling even dirty cargo. 

There’s also a receiver hitch at the rear of the trailer for even more stuff. 

What’s not here

One of the things that may surprise people is that there is no water system whatsoever on this trailer. That also means no bathroom whatsoever. Essentially, this is a large metal tent of sorts. 


While it might seem like we stop here, that’s not the case. There is also a large optional tent room that ties in to the rear of the trailer. So if you do bring along a portable toilet (I don’t recommend the Go anywhere), you can plop that in this tent if you so choose and take care of business right there. 

You could also get any number of portable camp kitchens to finish out the meal prep station, if that’s your thing. 

Another option which is unusual in a trailer this small is an 11,500 BTU rooftop air conditioner with heat strip. I would imagine that that would turn the whole interior into somewhat of an ice box. 

In Summary

inTech products tend to be very well made and have unique features. The Pursue continues that tradition. One of the nice things about this is that it’s fully garageable. Further, it’s so light you might be able to just push it into the camp spot or even into your garage. 

Since this is so light and pushable, I would like to have seen inTech put a hand brake on the tongue of the trailer, as imported trailers have. That’s just in case you push it somewhere and, well, that hill was steeper than you thought. 

The inTech Flyer Pursue is towable by almost anything

Overall, a simple solution that’s towable by almost anything you can put a hitch on. It would likely sit below the top of whatever’s towing it, so it won’t have such a huge impact on fuel mileage. Nice. 

I would love to read your comments and suggestions over on our new forums, where you can weigh in and start or join a discussion about all things RV. Here’s a link to my RV Reviews Forum.

Tony comes to RVTravel having worked at an RV dealership and been a life long RV enthusiast. He also has written the syndicated Curbside column about cars. You can find his writing here and at StressLessCamping where he also has a podcast about the RV life with his wife. 

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Build quality
No water system


The inTech Flyer Pursue manages to bridge the gap between the company's commercial products and RV products in a very solidly made trailer that is really easy towing and has a clever kitchen option.


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6 months ago

these “towable by almost anything” statements on small campers must stop. Have you looked at the tongue weight of this camper? 300+lbs. My SUV tows 3500lbs and I would absolutely not want to tow the pursue. The small and much lighter Intech Chase is already quite front heavy and my vehicle squats so much I had to replace real springs.

6 months ago
Reply to  greg

I will just add that the Dometic AC unit that Intech install in this is a an absolute disgrace. It is so loud that a camper 1/4 mile away would not be able to sleep. Interestingly, it is nearly as loud when in the heating mode. Totally useless. I replaced it with a fan and this works much, much better.

Donald N Wright
6 months ago

That’s a lot of A/C, must be camping in Texas. Like most square Teardrops, it is built to sleep in, store stuff in and get out of the weather. I’ve seen 8 x 8 shelters set up over them and a second for sitting around.

Tommy Molnar
6 months ago

Of course it has off-road tires because we all know how important that is on a towed unit. This is a larger style of a trailer my son has called “The Bean” which is equally unusable,

6 months ago

Sorry, but this thing is WAY too Spartan to meet my definition of an RV. It’s a tricked-out cargo trailer, and not even much of one, with that ridiculous low profile. You’d have to crawl in and out of it…

6 months ago
Reply to  Don

looks like a coffin on wheels

6 months ago
Reply to  Scott

Good if you’re a vampire.

RV Review: inTech Flyer Pursue small trailerThe inTech Flyer Pursue manages to bridge the gap between the company's commercial products and RV products in a very solidly made trailer that is really easy towing and has a clever kitchen option.