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RV Review: 2021 inTech Terra Oasis Travel Trailer

One of the things I enjoy about these RV reviews is finding unique takes on RVs from smaller manufacturers. One of those is the 2021 inTech RV Terra Oasis travel trailer. I’ve seen a similar floor plan to this one in the past in the AVIA by nuCamp RV, but inTech has a different take on the design.  

Unlike that trailer, the inTech design uses more common components in theirs. Those include traditional heat, AC, water heater, and other parts you’ll see in a wider number of RVs. That means that the Oasis has an MSRP that is more than $10,000 less. There also aren’t as many fancy electronic gizmos in this trailer, but the ones that are here definitely count. 

I like these floor plans where the front of the trailer has a U-shaped dinette, then there’s a kitchen, a bathroom that essentially bisects the trailer, and then a bedroom. It seems that higher-end trailers like this one, the AVIA, Airstream trailers, and others do not have slide rooms. 

The front living space on this trailer is made more livable with a huge front windshield. It essentially slopes downward and toward the back of the trailer. That windshield comes with a cover from the factory that I’ve been told is easy to install. The windshield itself is a three-ply laminated glass product similar to an automotive windshield. Still, that cover is a good idea.

Concealed propane tanks and batteries on the inTech Terra Oasis

While we’re up front, inTech has concealed both the two propane tanks and the battery(ies) under covers in the trailer. The tanks are under a cover/door arrangement. The battery compartment is under that U-shaped dinette with a vent to the outside. 

I like this arrangement since I know of people who have had both batteries and propane tanks stolen from the tongue of their trailers. Furthermore, having the battery compartment in the body of the trailer means that the battery is at the same temperature as the occupants. Should you upgrade to a lithium battery solution this means that the battery will charge as it’s not below freezing if you’re using the trailer. 

Also, that battery isn’t accessible to people who might want it more than you do. Also, it just makes the front of the trailer look nicer. 

inTech’s choices are intriguing

Designing an RV is always a balance of compromises no matter what, and the choices inTech made intrigue me. For example, they have a two-burner cooktop but put a convection microwave below that where you might expect to have a traditional oven. The microwave is pretty sizable based on what I was able to see. I didn’t get specs on the dimensions, but it does appear larger than some RV ovens. 

However, something I’ve been seeing with increased frequency is the use of a 12vdc compressor refrigerator. The advantage of this is that it can cool very quickly. These have been proven to be very efficient and they don’t require vent holes in the outside of the RV, meaning one less potential for leaks. Of course, the downside is they draw more power from the 12-volt system than a traditional gas-electric RV refrigerator. If you like boondocking you are probably already prepped for this with either a good solar charging system or a generator. 

Power awning with wind sensor

inTech has fitted this trailer with a power awning that has a wind sensor with a high/low sensitivity switch. If I had a dollar for the number of times customers asked about awning replacements due to wind damage I would have quite a pile of money. I like that the awning extends by just pressing the extend button twice. It’s sort of like the power windows in my truck. 

Cold weather operation of the inTech Terra Oasis

One of the real standout features of this trailer is how they’ve approached cold weather operation. There is a heated and enclosed underbelly that keeps your pipes and tanks above freezing when you’re using the trailer, but there are also 12-volt heating pads and even heated pipes so you can tow the trailer from wherever you’re freezing your buns off to that tropical destination without worrying about the water freezing and damaging the trailer in transit. 

Once you’re at your tropical place, perhaps a shower is in order. The shower in this trailer is its own “closet” of sorts where there’s nothing else in the room. There is a short seat/shelf and the showerhead is mounted on a bar to be adjustable for height. There is an LED light strip around the perimeter of the vent above the shower and the door itself is gasketed so, perhaps, it can keep the water out and potentially reduce how much of your singing others can hear as well. 

On the other side of the hallway is a toilet room. Inside, there is an indirect lighting “halo” around the mirror which is pretty cool along with another ring of LEDs around the vent in the ceiling. There is also a usable amount of knee space on “the throne,” which is a plus, and a sink in the bathroom along with a nice shelf. 

The bedroom in the inTech Terra Oasis

Back in the bedroom, you get a real queen-sized bed and windows on three sides. In some ways, it mirrors the front dining room but the windows aren’t quite as large as they are up there. Still, they are bigger than in most travel trailers. 

There are a lot of nice detail touches in this trailer, like those heated hoses. Another of these is exemplified by the light switch at the entrance to the bedroom space that has a redundant switch on the driver side bedside table. You can walk into the bedroom and turn on the lights and then turn them back off once you get into bed. Seems like a little thing but it’s this kind of attention to detail of which there are examples all over this trailer. 

More features in the inTech Terra Oasis

Want more? How about a Maxxair fan both at the front and back of the trailer? There’s a plastic tube to store the stinky slinky instead of having it rusting the inside of your back bumper. inTech has fitted a receiver hitch to the frame of the trailer rated for up to 100 lbs. The thermostat is programmable, and the AC is ducted at the top but differently than I’ve seen in other RVs and almost like the vents on the dash of a car. There is 7 feet of headroom at the peak in this trailer. The touches go on and on. 

Under the walk-around bed is a significant storage area. There is storage above the bed in three cabinets and then a sort-of closet at the foot on the camp side of the bed, but not any real place to hang things like jackets and sweaters as you might find in some travel trailers. 

Large pass-through storage in the inTech Terra Oasis

Outside that bedroom, there is a large pass-through storage space that goes the width of the trailer. You can order this trailer with an outdoor kitchen on a drawer-type arrangement. That does consume the space in that pass-through on the camp side, but the driver side is still open. That optional kitchen consists of a gas cooktop and a 12-volt cooler.

One odd thing – there is a spray port on the driver side of the trailer which is opposite where the optional outdoor kitchen is.

InTech Terra Oasis specificationsLastly, this entire trailer’s frame is made of welded aluminum. Not just the ribs in the upper structure but the chassis and entire cage. The roof is one piece of fiberglass along with each side wall so it seems that water intrusion is something that is going to be of little concern to owners of this trailer. 

With very few exceptions, there is a lot to like about this new design. In fact, this might be one of the better new trailers I’ve seen on the market in a while… and I have seen a lot of trailers. While it’s certainly not inexpensive, it seems to be a decent value for all the thought and components that have gone into its design. 


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These RV reviews are written based on information provided by the manufacturers along with our writer’s own research. We receive no money or other financial benefits from these reviews. They are intended only as a brief overview of the vehicle, not a comprehensive critique, which would require a thorough inspection and/or test drive.


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Bob M
6 months ago

I’d prefer the floor plan to be reversed. Since you have to back RV’s into the campsite. I’d like to be able to sit at the dinette in the rear and look out at the water front whether it be a lake or river. Like it, but have to see in person

2 months ago
Reply to  Bob M

I thought the same thing. Who wants to look at the back of the TV.

Donald N Wright
6 months ago

very interesting, Tony. Does the rounded front help with aerodynamics to reduce wind drag?

Steve H
6 months ago

The perfect couple’s trailer–two separated “rooms”; a split bath, so both can be using it at the same time (very unusual in a small TT); a rear bedroom (much quieter in a campground); an optional, not standard, outdoor kitchen (kudos to In-Tech); fully four-season (lithium ready); REAL queen bed and vent fans; fiberglass roof; 12v fridge; etc., etc.

The only negatives are a window above the head of the bed (can you say “cold draft”? And I don’t mean beer, Tony!) and a front windshield with a great view of . . . . your tow vehicle. Only when boondocking can the TT dinette be oriented to face that beautiful view of the lake with the mountain backdrop. I’d buy this in a minute if I hadn’t already left TTs behind for a motorhome!

Steve H
6 months ago
Reply to  Steve H

PS: No slide, but a 100″ “wide-body” design. Unique in a TT that is not a toy hauler!

Don H
6 months ago

I love it! This is a trailer that I might actually buy when I retire my Coach. But it’s surely another proof that you do get what you pay for…

Warren G
6 months ago

Well thought out design and seems to be a very open feeling for a trailer with no slide, which I like. In the year since the original review they’ve really gone up, which I guess is normal. Doing a quick search I didn’t see one below $65,000, with most in the $70,000+ range.

6 months ago
Reply to  Warren G

I didn’t see any for under $76,000. Several over $80,000. They look wonderful except for the price 🙂 Something I’ve never seen before and love is the window in the bathroom area. We love our camper but it has way too few windows.

Last edited 6 months ago by Barnjai
Karen pose
2 years ago

Are there any good used like the avia 24 ft. Around tulsa?

Roger Spalding
2 years ago

Great review, Tony. Got a good feel for the InTech. This is real competition for the Lance 2075 which is brand new in the past year. As with the Avia, the InTech is also about $10,000 cheaper than the Lance. As you probably already know, the 2075 has InCommand, and the Avia a similar two touch panel computer system. You didn’t mention if the Terra Oasis has a touch panel system, too, or, if solar power is available as an option.

2 years ago

$55,000.00, that’s a lot, and why i decided to look high and low, purchasing low, used, excellent condition with all the bugs worked out.

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