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RV Review: KZ RV Connect SE C210MBKSE Travel Trailer

By Tony Barthel
I really hope that these reviews bring you value. I also feel I have a good eye for not only things that are going to be appreciated over the long term but also those that aren’t. And such is the lens through which we look at the 2021 KZ RV Connect SE C210MBKSE travel trailer. Whew. 

I was originally drawn to the KZ RV Connect through a reader who asked what I thought of it. They shared that they were looking at it and asked if I had an opinion. At first, I thought it was a pretty good floor plan at an affordable price with a decent feature set. Then I looked deeper. Uh oh. 

What’s not to like in the KZ RV Connect? 

I like Murphy beds. I also think bunk model trailers are logical for some folks even they don’t have smaller travelers along for the ride who might want to sleep in the bunks. I’ve written numerous times how logical it would be to pull the mattresses out of a bunk model and use the space for storage. 

This unit would take that thinking and move it forward several steps as there’s actually a half door at the rear of the trailer where you can get to a decent amount of storage space. That storage comes when you flip the platform for the bottom bunk over. That gives you a pretty sizable compartment in which to store things like bicycles and that sort of thing. 

And, if you bring a furry traveler with you (no, I’m not talking about your hairy uncle) and that pet is crate-trained, this could be a great place for it to sleep when the bunks are occupied. It’s a slick arrangement. So there are things to like about this right there. 

And there’s even more to like

There’s more to like, as well, including the fact that this unit employs Lippert’s One Control app for things like awnings, lights, slide rooms and that sort of thing. But it also has proper buttons. That way your kids or in-laws don’t have to have the app or even a phone to get things done. 

Smart things exist here, as well, like the use of a larger 21-inch oven. This is especially useful in a bunk model where, arguably, you’re likely to need a bigger oven than in a couples’ camper. On the opposite end of the temperature spectrum is a 12vdc compressor-based refrigerator standard. 

Maybe one of the best things about the KZ RV Connect is the two-year warranty. The company credits things like their use of an NXG steel frame and NXG slide mechanisms. They also use real wood cabinets with mortise and tenon joints. 

KZ RV’s products were the first I came across with the Keyed Alike feature. This is where all the exterior doors were keyed alike, including baggage and entry doors. This means you won’t have to walk around like the high school janitor just to get into your trailer. 

Some design things in the KZ RV Connect, though…

I had mentioned a Murphy bed and I also mentioned in previous articles that, while a company can advertise a Murphy bed, not all Murphy beds are created equally. This one is pretty well thought out and is the closest I’ve seen to the industry ideal. Those are the ones used in Rockwood and Flagstaff products. 

Essentially that bed is a single, flat bed like you’d see in an old apartment with a Murphy bed. However, it’s hinged about 1/3 of the way down from the head of the bed. Setup is really easy with a latch at the top of the bed. But first you fold the couch down, no problem. Then the bed comes down. Also no problem. 

The thing I saw here was that there’s a latch to keep the bed down on the cabinet on the camp side. I can’t see this not coming into contact with an individual getting out of the bed in the middle of the night and then saying all the things you’ve been telling your kids not to say all along. That’s going to leave one of those marks you see the whole time you’re on vacation. 

There could be a lot of swearing going on in the KZ RV Connect

But that’s nothing close to the swearing of the person getting out of the road side of the bed. That’s where there’s a cabinet right above the bed where you are supposed to put the TV. That cabinet holds the audio system and has a space to mount a TV – but no TV and no mount. 

However, it hangs right over the bed. I just cannot see how you’d miss this thing, which is darker than the rest of the cabinetry, in the middle of the night when you get up to pay off the rent due on those beers you drank. I honestly cannot see how any sighted person would put something like that here. 

There is a poorly placed heater vent

Furthermore, there is a heater vent right at the base of the couch in the KZ RV Connect. When you’re sitting on the couch the heat is blowing right on your legs. That might feel nice, but where are your feet going to go? On that hot metal vent. 

And if you’re eating on the couch and you spill, it’s going right down the heater vent. 

But when the Murphy bed is down it covers the heater vent. 

And when it’s up it intrudes into the pass-through storage at the front, although this is also true of the Rockwood-Flagstaff models. But they just cover it up so you can’t see it. I haven’t read the warnings but I suppose this Murphy bed implementation might give you more space to use when the bed’s down and you’re traveling. But I know Rockwood and Flagstaff ask you to travel with the bed up. 

In summary

There is a lot I really like about the KZ RV Connect trailer, including the framing and chassis, the overall layout, that slick door in the back giving you access to the storage, a decent outdoor kitchen with a flat-top griddle and so much more. 

Regarding the Murphy bed, KZ RV has done a good job with shelves behind the closet and having both 12-volt and 120-volt plugs back there. You could put whatever devices you’re not supposed to be looking at or medical sleep aids there as well. It’s a great use of a space that might otherwise not exist. Instead, it’s a little thing that’s going to make a big positive difference.

Foreseeable complaints in the KZ RV Connect

But I know when people trade their KZ RV Connect in, they’re going to be complaining about all the little things surrounding the Murphy bed and talking about the time they bonked their head on this or scraped their backside on that latch. That vent right at the foot of the couch is another thing that won’t seem to matter on your first camping trip but is going to prove to be annoying after a few journeys. 

I think the RV companies that strongly encourage their designers to use their products and provide products for them to use are the ones whose designs really stand out the most. 

You might find the Keystone Bullet 211BHSWE a good alternative to this trailer, but it doesn’t have a Murphy bed so there’s no couch. It also doesn’t have a door in the back, and both of these are key pluses for the KZ RV Connect.

These RV reviews are written based on information provided by the manufacturers along with our writer’s own research. We receive no money or other financial benefits from these reviews. They are intended only as a brief overview of the vehicle, not a comprehensive critique, which would require a thorough inspection and/or test drive.

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