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RV Review: TAXA Outdoors Woolly Bear Tailgate Edition

Today’s RV review is of the TAXA Outdoors Woolly Bear Tailgate Edition. This might be one of the most unusual RVs we’ve looked at here that you can actually go out and buy right now. But first, let’s uncover what the Woolly Bear is. 

TAXA Outdoors Woolly Bear

The foundation on which the Tailgate Edition is built starts out as another example of the creative thinking behind all of TAXA Outdoors products. The Woolly Bear could almost be described as a camping blank canvas, sorta kinda. 

While it doesn’t come with a lot of things, it does facilitate camping. Or tailgating.

In its base form, it’s almost like one of those cargo pickup boxes, but in trailer form. There are cabinets and drawers on the sides and then a flat cargo rack on the top. 

Over on the camp side is a drop-down cabinet door that reveals a stainless steel surface. In addition, the cabinet itself has wooden shelving—quite nice. And then there are lots of slots behind that so that bungee cords can be used to keep things from getting loose during transit. 

The trailer itself sits on all-terrain tires mounted to 15” wheels and utilizes a torsion axle suspension. You hitch it to your vehicle with a Lock and Roll hitch, which offers a tremendous range of movement. So the basic idea is that this trailer isn’t hindering you from going places that are barely places from a mapping standpoint. 

Multipurpose fenders on the Woolly Bear

The fenders are made of a powder-coated steel and are at a height where they’re like tall chairs. But they can also be used as steps or tables. 

The main body of this rig is divided into two compartments, of sorts. Between those is an open space, but it’s been sized to accommodate five Jerry cans, so you could put your water here. This would absolutely be the perfect scenario for that Dometic portable powered water jug that now lives in the back seat of my truck. It’s been a great friend on road trips. 

By the way, until I saw the video of this trailer I had no idea those were called NATO cans (or NATO Jerry or fuel cans). See what you learn on the Interwebs? 

Back compartment for cooler

The back compartment is designed with a sliding drawer and goes most of the width of this trailer with the thought that you could put a cooler in there. There’s also a 12-volt plug so you could put one of those nifty 12-volt coolers in there and keep it juiced up. 

To accomplish that there is space for a battery on the tongue of this trailer. There’s also a spot to plug in solar panels such as those Go Power! DuraLite panels I have. 

It’s funny how much I like this kind of RV and how many of the accessories I’ve been fiddling with would combine to make this rig complete. 

Above the cabinets is a large metal shelf with 1,000 holes drilled in it to facilitate tying down whatever—bikes, kayaks, that sort of thing. This shelf is rated for 600 pounds of cargo. 

Second story on the Woolly Bear

There are also adjustable risers so you get a second story above this shelf. That’s where you might put something like a roof-top tent. TAXA sells these as an option, or many different ones you may already have would work here. 

If you are going to sleep up in a roof-top tent, one of the unusual things about this trailer is that there are four very solid stabilizer jacks, one at each corner. Typically smaller trailers might have two of these and those might be those flimsy ones. Not here. 

TAXA Outdoors Woolly Bear Tailgate Edition 

Now that you know what the Woolly Bear is, let’s talk tailgating! I would imagine that someone at TAXA Outdoors might be a fan of this because they’ve created this special version. 

Creating this unique version of this unique trailer starts with your choosing your team colors. That way your Woolly Bear fits right in with the tailgating crowd. 

Then there’s also a Thule Overcast awning added to the mix. TAXA includes their propane package so you can power something else included with this—the FIREDISC® Grill. 

There’s also an inverter fitted to this trailer so you can power a large flat-screen TV with a mount provided to support one up to 55 inches in size. 

Funny thing—I’ve been talking with electricity expert Mike Sokol about a portable demonstration idea trailer with a big TV on it to facilitate presentations at RV shows. This would actually be perfect for that. I wonder if they’d paint one in the color of his FunkWorks Lab? 

That big compartment at the rear of the Woolly Bear is outfitted with a Dometic Patrol 55 quart cooler, and you even get two cups. 

Imagination station

Let’s face it. I can’t imagine someone cross-shopping the Woolly Bear against a diesel pusher, for example. This is really meant for the adventurous and outdoorsy type. Notice I didn’t mention any restroom facilities at all. This would be another gadget we have looked at in the SylvanSport Privy Bivy and Camco portable toilet. 

I would love to have a third RV in something like this so I have a vintage trailer, a modern full-featured trailer and then something like this. Heck, I have all the goodies to make this work, but I don’t know if this would get past my adult supervisor (my wife). 

But if I suddenly took an interest in football or some other actual sport, perhaps that would be the excuse I could use to get one of these. I actually know some folks who might buy this for tailgating, and it would certainly be a good hub for that. 

I do not have a chart for this RV. However, pricing on these models are:

  • Woolly Bear [$12,500]
  • Tailgate Woolly Bear Base [$15,500]
  • Tailgate Woolly Bear Expert [$17,850]


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Tony Barthel has been a life-long RV enthusiast and travels part-time with his wife where they also produce a podcast, write about RVs and love the RV lifestyle.



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Steve H (@guest_201886)
1 year ago

My “adult supervisor” wouldn’t consider this TAXA even as a second or third RV. No private, fixed toilet or shower is too much like tent camping and she is decades past even considering tent camping!

Spike (@guest_201772)
1 year ago

That’s a mighty expensive party bar on wheels. IMO it isn’t an RV. I could put a tent on top of my jeep…doesn’t make it an RV.

Don H (@guest_201744)
1 year ago


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