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Denney Jones

I would like to see this newsletter have a section where RVers are warned about bad experiences with merchants. We were recently ripped off by a merchant in New Brunswick, Canada for 700.00. They sell RV refrigerator cooling units. Any hope of having this?

Kevin Dean

On the video of the Idaho man with the 122 foot long RV towing a trailer and a boat, how is this legal ? From Woodall’s, “IDAHO: Maximum RV width 102 in.; maximum motorhome length 45 ft.; maximum trailer length 48 ft.; maximum RV height 14 ft.; maximum combined length for two- or three-vehicle combination 75 ft. Riding is allowed in truck campers. Overnight parking in rest areas is permitted where posted. RV Safety Requirements: Over 1,500 lbs.: trailer brakes, breakaway switch and safety chains……”

Fred Burns

I believe Mark Polk’s tech tips article today contains some miss-information. I think the typical 20lb tank holds about 4.7 lbs of propane at the 80% full level required by law. The 5 gal. (rounded up) is considered full at 80%.


Is there a chance that you could investigate the results of the Norcold law suit? That would be helpful.

Also, my microwave door keeps opening up during travel. I have already had much damage when the round plate fall out. Any suggestions on how to keep the door closed when traveling?

Jim Streeter

Thanks for the comments about going home to “Sacramento”. I grew up there and my daughter still lives there but for me the only thing left besides her is my buried parents and memories . Places change and you can never find the past . Enjoy the memories and live in the present wherever you now are.

Wallace Twigg

I still miss your survey questions. It might be interesting to repeat the questions to see how trends/opinions have changed over the years.