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4 years ago

The floating blue bar :$(-@, like water being he’d back, annoying! It is not even enjoyable reading your weekly newsletter. If this blue bar keeps showing up over your next two issues I will just stop reading your articles for a few months. That also means NO Amazon links from your site for my purchases.

4 years ago

Please drop the bottom page ad banner it is extremely annoying when scrolling down,you can x it off but as soon as you scroll again it appears

4 years ago

The floating blue toolbar does not go away when you click on the “x” in the toolbar, it keeps popping back up. I counted the number of clicks on it to get rid of it. After ten clicks, I gave up. It is very annoying.

4 years ago

I figure if I purchase fuel at a truck stop then I’m entitled to park there. I’ve never had an issue but always try to park way off in the corner where I can put out my slides and run my generator. If you can park with your slides in, or you don’t have slides, who’s to know you’re not an RV transporter?

Lynn Hudgens
4 years ago

I agree with Don Magee about the floating bar advertisement. It has an X to close, but it just keeps coming back. It just is not good website etiquette or design.

Terry Thompson
4 years ago

Really enjoy the newsletter and look forward to it every Saturday but, the blue banner at the bottom of the page is very annoying. Why can’t I delete it and have it stay deleted.

Al Florida
4 years ago

Azalea Park, is a city park, not a campground, as far as I can find out online. I would think the “hosts” would be more like caretakers than campground hosts.

Don magel
4 years ago

The blue floating bar ad for rv and camper sales at the bottom of the page is very agitating. It will return every time the news page is moved and disrupts making s New of what I am reading.
I love your news and have for years but the blue bar’s non disappearing is a real disruptor.

Paul Terry
4 years ago

Your recent edition that had an article which could be downloaded was interesting. It covered both the state of the RV industry and campgrounds. One comment I would add is the increasing size of rvs has created problems for campground owners and those who use them. With the addtional length and multiple slides of rvs it has reduced the number of sites available. It also creates the need for site fees based on the size of the rv.

Susan Mitchell
4 years ago

Love this newsletter – look forward to it each week. In article today about RVs parking in truck areas, how about addressing the problem of trucks parking in RV spots? Often at Flying J’s, there is a sign saying only RVs, no trucks or bobcats! Guess what! Truck drivers ignore the sign! And in CT at their rest areas (esp. Danbury) trucks park in the RV only lot even though we can see many open spaces in the truck areas. This also happens at the Willington, CT rest area. Why don’t truckers practice what they preaach???