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MENU editor video message for Jan. 14, 2017

(0) editor Chuck Woodbury has a short message for the readers of He spoke a little about why he wrote about traveling to Mars in his essay this week. Please leave a message below if you are so inclined.

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Mitzi Agnew Giles
5 years ago

Looks like not many sympathetic comments. I came of age in the 60s and the commune I lived in was very serious about being pioneers for space exploration – in fact, we had voted to join the L5 Society when funds allowed. (L5 is shortspeak for LaGrange Point 5- where the gravity of earth and moon completely cancel each other out and an object inserted in that space will theoretically orbit forever) There was quite a scientific feeling in that day and age that the space stations would be inserted into LaGrangian points and the first space pioneers outside the astronaut space crews would be multi talented people who could wear many hats- and that segued quite nicely into the survivalist type thinking I had done in the 50s and up on how to survive nuclear conflagration. So, it was like a point of honor with us to see how much additional information we could become conversant with- most of the girls involved were only going along with their asperger-type boyfriends, but I took it seriously.

In addition, I am a daydreamer- to the point where my daydreams totally removed me from reality. In fact, as a mother, my children would have food fights at the dinner table, waiting till I was engrossed in a book. Never failed that they could carry on without any interruption on my part. It’s part of the “distraction” technique I use in pain control for my chronic pain- my less than satisfactory medications are supplemented by my burying myself in a book and becoming liberated from the here and now. I imagine that is going to be good predicator of success for crew- the ability to remove yourself mentally from unpleasant situations when you can no longer do so physically.

Lastly, space is not empty, not a null set. True, the molecules of ambient space are much more thinly spaced than in an atmosphere, but I think that this knowledge, deeply felt, is one difference between a successful space candidate and an unsuccessful one.
I would love to see a human outpost permanently on the moon and or Mars- so keep on keeping on!

Mel Goddard
5 years ago

OK, Put me in the minority; but I fail to see WHY the US is spending Billions of dollars on a fantasy to go to Mars, or exploring outer space, when your deficit is so {bleeped} high.
I’m told that the US has a deficit in the Trillions, (Canada is in the Billions)
There are so much more important things on Earth that need this money;
Defence against the bad guys, the poor and disadvantaged, health care and so forth.
Tell your government to get real, and have more proper agendas.

Edie Watson
5 years ago

I like your creativity. Get the suit, get the helmet, drive to Death Valley, film a segment; and we’ll never be the wiser!

Tommy Molnar
5 years ago

I agree with Billy. NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) somehow got hijacked by a climate change agenda and lost its way.

Calvin Rittenhouse
5 years ago

Chuck, I respect and admire people who can occupy a small space without leaving it for days or longer. I’m not one of those. I can live in a small space such as a minivan, but the world has to be available. Doing that with another person trapped in the same space would be worse for both of us. I’m a nice person and so is, for example, my wife, but not that nice.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
5 years ago

😮 —Diane at

Billy Bob Thorton
5 years ago

All things considered, we, the USA cannot even travel to the ISS because our space program has lost its focus. NASA publishes more on climate change than getting back to its intended mission. I agree man has the ability, but at what cost. Make it a joint objective with private industry. But currently, we have to much debt @Kim Christiansen trillion to be spending too much on Mars in the short term.