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Gordon Gallacher
4 years ago

It says not to use a cell phone while driving, as this distracts the driver but it must be okay to look at a video camera and think of a question. Gordon

Mike Jackson
4 years ago

We spent a night at Lake Selmac Resort & RV Park last summer. Beautiful setting on the shore (at least across the road) from the lake, but a very rundown RV park. We were the only ones there (“pick any site you want”). Perhaps a bit of pot might help?

OJ Perala
4 years ago

Great stuff. We are no longer RV’ers but it’s still in our blood. This is our weekly shot of RVing. Thank you so much.

hank hoyt
4 years ago

Chuck, Howdy;
Took notice of the Worth Pondering quote in today’s newsletter.
I had always been of the Mark Twain school of thought for the origin
so I did a Google and found the following article from “Quote Investigator” Might be something that could be used in a future newsletter or whatever …

Stay warm, safe and dry.