Prevent theft with heavy-duty battery lock



Prevent theft with heavy-duty battery lock
Battery Shackle battery lock

By Bob Difley

Prevent theft with a heavy-duty dual-or single-battery lock from Battery Shackle of Redding, CA. Perfect for anyone out hunting, camping, or fishing or leaving an RV in storage. It is the only dual/single battery lock of its type on the market.

Top-Quality Materials

The American-made locks are manufactured from the finest steel by certified welders. These dual-battery locks feature all-steel, welded construction and cannot be broken into by most common burglary tools. This is a potential thief’s nightmare.

How It Works

The Battery Shackle comes in three pieces:
One that goes underneath,
One that goes on top,
And a bar that goes through the middle of the battery boxes.

It is very user-friendly and easy to install. It typically takes under two minutes – no tools required.

You can find the Battery Shackle on Amazon.

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Tommy Molnar

Yup. Good point. Just like those “locking” things for power cords. Cut the cord off, put a new plug on the end, good to go.

Most of these ‘locking things’ keep the honest folks from just grabbing stuff. True crooks are prepared.

Edward hurl

Most crooks would plan before they go out shopping for free. Bolt cutters is the only key they need