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laurel jones

I just wanted to make sure that the other snowbirds are aware that if you require the use of funeral services in the US you must have not only your Social Insurance Number but they will want proof of same.
I recently lost my husband suddenly while we were vacationing in the US.
The funeral home would not proceed with the cremation until they had the above.
His passport and Driver licence were not acceptable.
I have spoke to many friends and like us they do not travel with their SIN cards


I was really late to read my newsletter this week, now I can’t even try to get my gaffer tape!! 🙁
I love this newsletter, though!!


RE. Gaffer Tape,
60,000 or more readers. Even if it only cost them $1.00 per roll, that’s $60,000.00. They didn’t think this one through.
As always, great job on the newsletter!

Ed Miller

I don’t understand! It said free tape but yet its sold out. How do you sell out of a product that listed as free. I must be missing something here as I know I’m late reading this issue and when I clicked on it it said sold out. Guess no tape for me then. Guess I need to start reading these sooner huh? Day late and a dollar short. Been there many times so what else is new?

Steve Van Sant

Seems many people are upset about the gaffer tape. I didn’t read my RV Travel News until later this morning. Since I am in Alaska, everyone one else was already eating dinner when I read about it. I think the gaffer tape sounds like something I want to carry in my 5th wheel but I am just going to head to Lowe’s and pick up a few rolls. I would like to know the name of the company so I won’t do business with them in the future though.. Love your newsletter!! Reading it usually takes up most the day for me, between plowing snow and keeping the fire stoked!!

The wife and I are headed on a 10,000 mile romp this summer to the lower 48 and back and your newsletter sure offers a lot of good insight for us!! Thanks for all the news, editorials, helpful hints and ads. And a big thanks to all the readers who supply their comments!!! Many are helpful, some are humorous and some are just plain enjoyable to read.

Steve V. Palmer, Alaska

A. W. Walker

Yeah, Gaffer tape sold out 7:30 am, CST.

Peggy Bassett

We live in Arizona and I ordered the tape last Saturday, 4 Feb, and got it in just a few days.

Brent Rufenacht

Sorry to hear of your choice of an rv park near cattle.
I must say though, since your rv has wheels, just move on.
Surely this is not the first time you have “lost” $125.00 and will not be the last. Life goes on – keep moving forward.
I have been a reader of your blog for many years and a contributor in appreciation of your continued operation..

Paul DeLaurentis

I was very upset with the false tape promotion. On the west coast gave us no chance at all. Think this could have been better handle.d.


I guess the tape got some good free publicity; this distributor got bad free publicity at your expense. Too bad if it was an honest mistake; they won’t survive if it wasn’t.


Before cooking in foil, suggest internet search on the hazards of using foil for cooking.


Can’t is fighting words to me. It should be you shouldn’t just retire. I have just retired. I go to bed at 3 am and get up afternoon. I love sleeping in. After over 40 years as a school custodian I don’t miss it for a second. You might be bored with my life but all I can say is ahhhh, it feels so good!


The Otis gun cleaning company offered a similar deal -on a free gun cleaning kit – several years back and then tried to back out. I don’t recall which Federal department it was, but they made Otis honor what was promised. I got my free kit many months later.

Russell Hutchison

Well, I must be one of lucky ones,because I got a e-mail from them that said my order was confirmed.We will see if i get it or not.Chuck, i liked your take on the feed lot,our daughter lives in La Junta,Co. where there are feed lots all around her,I tell her it stinks,she says it smell like MONEY !! hahaha… Keep up the good work…

Randy Keith

Gaffer tape sold out, I’ll never buy their produce. They have been proven liars, I could see a limit, but that should’ve been said, good marketing to have thousands visit the website. Just a suggestion when someone offers you a deal, get more details.


My tape order went through just fine!!!

Denise Wolff

I may pack up my old calculators and ship them to ga. The 81 sites producing a million and a half income, means they would cost roughly $51.00 a night, pricey! Not sure they will fill them at that price.

Diane McGovern

Glad you are enjoying your Fulltiming experience. We don’t fulltime, but have put 180K miles on our 2012 Newmar Dutchstar, then put a new engine in last year. From CA, currently in Florida for our winter trip. Instead of going to Keys for a month will be taking our coach to Newmar in Nappanee, In for some upgrades and new paint. We love the floor plan. Just couldn’t find a new coach we liked and didn’t want to spend a ton of money again. So much easier to manage our lives on the road than at home….lol! But fulltiming not for us. Wishing you continued enjoyment in wherever your travels take you.

Brian Mullins

Same here on the gaffer tape. Looks like there were SOME strings attached


My thoughts on the the fact that Wisconsin has cut tax support for State Parks: I believe (but I could be wrong) that the current Wisconsin governor and his part want the State Parks to fail, so they can be “privatized” — i.e., sold off to private corporations for purposes other than the public good.