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3 years ago

What memories reading that article on the 1956 double decker RV.
My parents had a mobile home exactly like that back then. It was actually reversed. The hitch was at the end with one story and the “back” was at the end with the 1/2 story. It was only 36′ as it didn’t come with the additional 1/2 bath.

Tom Caro
3 years ago

I liked your photo of you sitting next to Mark Twain. My wife and I visited Highpoint Univeristy in North Carolina ( and all over the campus are park benches with the same type of statues on benches but there are many more including – Einstein, Madame Currie (not she doesn’t light up at night – sad).
Also the entire Campus is a Garden all kinds of plants, trees etc…done up really nice and a good destination – just be aware it is a cashless campus you can’t buy food there…very sad…just tell the campus security you were recommended to visit the gardens.

David McIntyre
3 years ago

As I read vlogs and view RV videos, I started seeing writers / cameramen asking for donations or for me to make my Amazon purchases through their link. At first it didn’t bother me much, but now it’s getting more and more prevalent. Online publications [including this one] continue to ask for donations and it’s getting downright annoying. Judging by the comments I’ve read, I’m not the only one put off by these intrusive posts.

You make those of us who choose not to send support feel “cheap”……like we’re freeloading. I would much rather see these publications require a subscription. That way, everybody who wants to view the posts will pay a fee for the privilege and the writers will enjoy a steady, reliable income.

Kerry Myers
3 years ago
Reply to  David McIntyre

That approach sounds great in theory, but just doesn’t work. Those subscriptions based blogs lose readers because there is so much free information out there. May I suggest just sending in what you think a subscription is worth, then you won’t feel cheap and you have your own subscription.

3 years ago

I retired last October and have been in La-la land (not the movie) ever since. The best part is not knowing what day it is or what the date is. Waiting for my bride to retire at the end of the year and then we’ll do some serious traveling. Love the newsletter, have been loyal for 5 years and running.

Art & Cathy Darling
3 years ago

Chuck, just remember, you are never going “home” because you have your “home” with you as a full-timer. We have to correct our family members on that matter regularly. I always look forward to Saturday morning and the latest views, news and tidbits of your newsletter.

Steven M Jenkins
3 years ago

FMCA quotes % of RV shipments that are motorhomes in 2017. Do they have these stats for ALL years over their history? We may be seeing something cyclical rather than a steady decline. The stampede of retiring baby boomers are buying motorhomes, not trailers. Maybe FMCA could focus on 5th wheels to add to the membership. They are similar in ownership.

Steven Barnaby
3 years ago

I love reading your weekly column. They make me feel good – to know that I’m not alone, that others like this life style as well and share the same feelings. Where did the week go? As usual, I look forward to your next issue.

Steven M Jenkins
3 years ago

Interesting editorial. Now that I am retired I no longer see 5 pm approaching and gladly think ” it’s nearly time to go home.” Now I AM home and do not wish away the time as I used to. This makes the passage of time the loss of something precious.