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Wayne Dyer

The Mill Casino in Coos Bay is located on highway 101 .
Three Rivers is also located both in Florence and Coos Bay. The Coos Bay operation is the same governed group that operates Florence. Coos Bay’s Three Rivers is out Ocean Blvd towards Empire district. I don’t have exact address but it is open 24/7

Wayne Dyer

There are two Three Rivers Casinos. One in FLorence-the other is in Coos Bay. Both can use same card from either branch for your machine points.

Charles Maurice

The Camping World folks have bought up two Independents here in Virginia recently… The McGeorge’s Rolling Hills RV in Ashland and Stafford RV in Fredericksburg are now a part of this group. Good or bad you make the call…..

Ian S Anderson

Last time I checked Three Rivers Casino was located in Florence, Oregon, not Coos Bay!