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2 years ago

Two KOA’s that we have found that were out of their way great—–Black Bear KOA in Florida, NY and St. Marys’ KOA of North Jacksonville, FL

2 years ago

Thank you for the news paragraph about WiFi Ranger releasing a patch to deal with the KRACK virus. I went right to the control panel and got the update.

Steven M Jenkins
2 years ago

Two other great K O A’ s are Carlsbad and Meteor Crater K O A ‘s

Jim K
2 years ago

I too have found a decline in the quality of KOA campgrounds, but the one I found to be the most amazing is Herkimer diamond mine KOA in Herkimer County, N.Y.
A must stop for everyone, Herkimer diamonds is known worldwide and you will find a few if you try

Matthew Colie
2 years ago

This is an honest question.

We have been Amazon prime members for a long time and use it frequently. I keep looking, but can’t find the place to make purchases credit to RV travel.

Can this be done or would I have to enter a new membership?

Lori Singels
2 years ago

I, too, received what I thought was a “free” Good Sam membership card two or three months ago. However, last week I looked at it (since I had signed up for GS Roadside Assistance and was organizing my RV cards), and it said on the back something about not being valid for membership. On the front it looks like the real McCoy. I put it in the round file cabinet and figured I didn’t have membership.

John Snell
2 years ago

Reading Mr Ashhurst’s comments on over crowding he contradicts himself. Saying current owners have a hard time turning down developer offers and in the same breath says it’s a good chance for investment. Land prices , zoning laws,financing and locations could be big factors in not making an investment where a return would not be profitable.
As far as QC is addressed, it’s what you can’t see that is a problem. Developing a leak in the front of our trailer I removed the metal strips on the front of the trailer to find the leak and reseal all. Most of the screws holding the strips in place we’re at screwed in at an angle, not straight on. You wouldn’t see that on the showroom floor .

Clyde Riddle
2 years ago

About the free Good Sam Free Membership, make sure you have not signed up for auto renew Check your credit card and debit card statements. It’s easy to do.

Diane M
2 years ago
Reply to  Clyde Riddle

Hmmm. We have a lifetime membership. Maybe that was a mistake.

Dean Fujii
2 years ago

RV Shipments vrs retail sales?

Record shipments in my areas looks like really full storage lots for unsold RVs – so I wonder if retail sales reflect shipments?

2 years ago

I am less concerned over the increasing numbers of RVs being sold. For many buyers, it is a long-delayed fantasy and, like most dreams, the reality does not measure up. Being on the road in an RV requires more effort, planning, tolerance for breakdowns, and special knowledge than car trips and many dreamers decide it’s not worth it. Add to that the annoyances of poor construction of RVs, and the numbers diminish even more.
Yes, they have just spent tens of thousands on a rig, but dealers will tell you that, after a year or two, 25% of RVs sit ignored in storage lots, driveways, behind houses. And trips by 40% of other RVs are brief as time and waning interest allows. Family get togethers have lessened because of so many demands for high-speed internet access, unavailable in campgrounds. We are a consumer culture that likes buying stuff. Things we often do not end up using.
No complaints over this harsh reality. It means more lightly-used RVs for resale. And more space at campgrounds.
The dedicated RVers who remain have shown they have the right combination of patience, technical smarts, optimism, willingness to keep learning (reading this newsletter), and resilience to enjoy this glorious lifestyle. Now…keep it a secret.

2 years ago

I get a kick out Mark Polk’s directive to have your propane system checked by a “qualified” RV technician once a year. It takes me at least 6 weeks to get into an RV service center and probably cost $300.00 to get my propane system checked. It would be more helpful to tell us how to do it ourselves, even if we have to buy some tools to do it.

Mel Goddard
2 years ago

Hey Chuck;

You have an ad up above from “Campana” about renting out our RV that sit idle.

Rent it out???
Nope! I’m too old to be that stupid!

Glenn Lygrisse
2 years ago

Really a question
I tow a 24 ft travel trailer with a Ford Expedition. It has 5.4 engine and I use an equal-I – zer hitch. I am really “tossed” when being passed by big rigs.
Is my problem the wheel base or is there something else I can do?

Lee Ensminger
2 years ago
Reply to  Glenn Lygrisse

Look into the Airtabs which are advertised in the newsletter. I have a diesel pusher 38′ and a 24′ Koala travel trailer. I decided to try Airtabs on the Koala and it has made a significant difference. I’ve gone from 11 mpg towing the trailer with my 2006 GMC Sierra 1500 to 12.5 mpg. More importantly, my Koala, which weighs 6,000 lbs., is much more stable when I am being passed by large vehicles like trucks. I painted them to match the light gray of my trailer and installed them myself. I have no connection to Airtabs. I’m just saying they worked for me in my application. I don’t know if I’ll try them on the DP, but I’m happy with the way my trailer handles now.

John Hiler
2 years ago

Spend more time advocating for more and better public facilities, Parks Service, Forest Service, BLM, Reclamation Bureau. U.S. Tax funds, contrary to what some advocate, Yes, U.S. Tax money can be spent for the benefit of Citizens of the Republic. Let’s not let Corporations own all of our public places – for profit…

Eric Eltinge
2 years ago

When will it be possible to RV down to the San Diego border to see the 8 prototype Wall sections?

2 years ago

A year ago I had also stayed at Walnut Hills and agree with your assessment. I was camped near the stream and took photos of the camp ducks. It prompted my sister to reply that RV camping is what it’s quacked out to be. Did you go into Staunton to see the 14 Tiffany windows in a local church? A 25 cent trolley ride informed us of 54 churches in town alone and that it is the birthplace/home of former president W. Wilson.Were you able to eat at the nearby German restaurant….oh my was it fine food. If you ever get near the SE CT coast I’ve found the best RV campground – Countryside in Griswold. Consider it better than Walnut Hills though it doesn’t have the history. ???? ~~

Richard Davidson
2 years ago

Hey Chuck, as far as Camping World swallowing up all competition, I thought we had laws against a monopoly?

2 years ago

A monopoly is when a company has exclusive control over a good or service in a particular market. Not all monopolies are illegal; for example, businesses that produce a superior product or are well managed may disadvantage their competitors while not violating antitrust law.

2 years ago

KOA resort Hidden Valley Resort is located in Milton, Wisconsin.

2 years ago

Your listed contest answer is not correct. You have Rocky Mountain NP listed twice. First park listed should be Great Smokey Mountains NP withthe 11 plus million visitors.

2 years ago
Reply to  CYoung

Yes, you are correct.

Ardis Haislet
2 years ago

I’m not sure where to leave this. I can’t find a ‘contact us’ link.
Many of us travel with our pets and everyone should be aware that they are prohibited on Tybee Island in Georgia. “The fine is $510. No questions asked, no mercy.

2 years ago
Reply to  Ardis Haislet

We take our pets to Tybee all the time. However they are not allowed on the beach.