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3 years ago

Good morning Chuck,
Tried to use the Amazon link at the top of the page but Amazon didn’t have the power converter I needed. When I clicked on the “suggestion” link it sent me to another site that had the item. I’m in need of this item NOW so I ordered there. I’ll continue to try and use the Amazon link as long as the product I need is available thru Amazon.

William Gallups
3 years ago

Chuck if u really want to help the people who support u,write a article about the real pricing of a RV,this is straight from a financial Co.buying a used class A motorhome ,go to nadaguides look up make model year,click here values,actual value is 85% of low retail va!ue,then add 10% for options,that’s it,keep reading about real people loosing thousands of dollars,over paying for a RV.

3 years ago

Chuck, this News Letter has to be one of your ‘best’ I’ve read so far. Thanks for all your hard work and travels. I too did a lot of traveling in my music adventure tours of 22 years, but not in RV’s….mostly station wagons and volkswagons in the ’70’s. Look forward to donating something every month to your cause from now on. Keep up the good work, buddy! and Thanks to your B24 Liberator flying dad for ‘his’ service.

G George
3 years ago

Good bye Jimmy Thomas, have a good life.

Laice and John Payne
3 years ago

I, truly, feel you perform a service to each of us, who read your newsletter. I learn so much every single week. Trying to save a few bucks to send, along with my gratitude for all your hard work. I can only imagine how many lives you have saved or enriched with your wisdom. We are huge fans! Can you tell? Ha Thanks!

Richard Davis
3 years ago


Just Northwest of Little Rock on the Arkansas river is one of our favorite camping locations. It is a Corps of Engineers lock and dam site called Toadsuck Ferry. I cannot help but chuckle every time I make a reservation there.

3 years ago
Reply to  Richard Davis

I’ve been thru Toadsuck, AR many times heading up to Branson.

Kind of like Bucksnort, TN.

Makes you wonder who comes up with these names?

Steve Heye
3 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

Hey Chuck, a “Suck” was an old steamboat captain term for an eddy or backwater. You’d park the steamboat in one to let folks on and off. Toad was but one of a stretch of the Arkansas River named for animals.

Matt Colie
3 years ago

I want that T-shirt.
The one that says:
Where you from?
Cute dog.
Nice rig.
Where you headed?
Drive safe.
and then – Do you read RV Travel?

3 years ago
Reply to  Matt Colie

I want one, too! (I especially like “Do you read RV Travel?”)

Tom Moeller
3 years ago

I want to comment on the tire gauge that was featured on this site purchase thru amazon I bought two of them and While I like the compactness and digital features I cannot use it on my outside duel on my class a diesel.

Richard Davis
3 years ago
Reply to  Tom Moeller

I also have always been frustrated by the double-foot tire gauges required by dual rear tires. Because of that, the first time I replace tires on a new (to me) motorhome, I have the valve stems replaced with solid metal stems that all point outward. Since we do not commonly rotate tires on motorhomes (they age out before they wear out), this is a practical solution to the problem. Then, the small digital gauges work just fine.

I also am a fan of the stainless steel dust caps on valve stems that have the spring-loaded ball that allow you to check pressure without removing the dust cap.

William Johnson
3 years ago

I am not able to respond to the readers poll. I have not figured out how to respond and I fine it not user friendly>

Jack Duncan
3 years ago

I have had some sort of RV for the past 46 years and thought I had seen about everything you can imagine. My wife and I bought a used Class A and an extended warranty. After one year we took the motor home in for service with several warranty problems. They repaired (?) most of the problems but would not cover one of the outside cameras. I canceled the remainder of the policy and received a check for $600. The cost of this policy was $4,300 and change for four years. I could have had the three additional years coverage and would not have canceled had I known that they would only refund $600. What I am trying to say is BEWARE OF EXTENDED WARRANTIES.

3 years ago

Jimmy Thomas,
After reading your comments I went back and re-read the article. I don’t see a “sympathetic article” here. It’s an article that is just stating facts about this “monster” who obviously had some very serious mental issues and in this particular case we can blame the Air Force for NOT DOING THEIR JOB reporting that this person had some serious problems.
Chuck and staff, keep up the good work.
I love this country BUT fear my government!

john stahl
3 years ago

I live in the Houston, Texas area. I did not take offense about the article except I would not say too much about him or show the killers picture….or even his name. He was a monster that deserves no recognition for his horrible actions. So many precious lives ended, so many hurt, so many families devastated. The article should focus on the Texas community. Forget him, remember those hurt by this monster. Pray for their healing as a community. My heart hurts for all those in the community. May God bless them.

3 years ago

I would like to acknowledge all the Vietnam Era Vets that didn’t fight in the war but were in service during the war. I spent 2 years 9 months 15 1/2 days in service to my country. I was fortunate to not have to serve in Vietnam but I saw all the carnage that was sent to us to try to put back together both physically and mentally. I had duty in a Military Hospital that was at the epicenter of those that fought and were now in need of healthcare. There were hundreds of thousands of support personnel that never fired a shot. I’m proud to be a Vietnam Era Vet.

Mike Sherman
3 years ago
Reply to  Frank

Frank, you may not have experienced the jungles of Vietnam but your service was just as vital to the war effort. After-the-fact care (after getting injured) contributed towards saving lives, you too are honored for your service.

Art Darling
3 years ago

I particularly enjoyed this issue of your newsletter. I always smile when I drive by Bucksnort on Interstate 40.

Miles Johnson
3 years ago
Reply to  Art Darling

We are originally from South Florida and now live in Lebanon, TN. We are frequently tickled by the names of some of the communities and the unique way they have of pronouncing them here in Tennessee.

Chuck Woodbury (@chuck)
3 years ago

Jimmy Thomas,
We did not play up that story as we could have. But the fact is, he worked at an RV park and the photo may be of interest to anyone who stayed there, maybe even jog their memory about something they observed about him they may wish to share with authorities. Russ in way no way needs to apologize. If one thing we write, when we publish hundreds and of articles and news items a month, offends you, then you really should get your RV information elsewhere. This was a terrible, terrible incident and we only wrote about it because of the man’s employment at an RV park.

Sharon M.
3 years ago

Regarding returning water from the hot water heater to the fresh water tank: this is great as long as you do not drink from the fresh water tank. Our Alde recommends against consuming water that has been through the hot water tank presumably due to the potential for bacterial growth.

Jimmy Thomas
3 years ago

J am totally turning my back on this newsletter until russ demaris apoligizes for the article on the Texas church shoter. Surely you didn’t read the article before you published it. Such a monster does not deserve a name and picture. The sympathetic article makes me furious.

Tom Fitch
3 years ago
Reply to  Jimmy Thomas

I see the story as merely factual and to the point about an aspect of the man’s history. Nothing more, nothing less. Why does every article need to espouse outrage and disgust? Isn’t it clear to the reader already that this was a despicable act? Do we really need every writer on the planet who ever writes about a subject like this to convey their rage in their piece? Good story, Russ – no need to apologize for a thing!