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Jessie Terry

Problem: Debt cards!

We are fixing to hit the road and wonder around to all the places we have been wanting to see. Generally I just use my regular debt card, but with the ID thieft at pumps and stores, I am worried.
Is there a debt (gift type) card that I can put money on and be able to use it anywhere; i.e. gas pumps, Wal Mart, Cracker Barrel, etc?
This way I can keep a certain amount on the and if the card is stolen, they will only get what is on the card and not get into my bank account.
Thoughts and ideas are sure welcomed.

R. E.

Dear Chuck,
I have recently retired, my wife and I have been considering purchasing an rv. Having lived in Michigan most of our lives we want to escape the harsh winters. Further, the ability to move around and explore has a great deal of appeal to both of us. However, having read many of your articles regarding the difficulty in finding sites without reservations weeks or months in advance, we are questioning our decision. Can we still be spontaneous in our travels, or are we better off finding other snowbirds options. Thanks for your help.


In regard to all the new RV ‘s delivered to dealer lots, keep in mind over half of them remain on the dealer lot for a long time. Would be interesting to see how many of those new RV’s delivered to dealer lots end up being sold and registered. Also many of the younger buyers only use their new RV’s a few weeks out of the year.


Chuck – can you delete out all the political rant comments on here? We have plenty of hatred and division without spreading even more here.

Judy Wiemer

Regarding the Camping World video in Feb 3rd newsletter. At the beginning of video he shows his invoice. On top of invoice is the address of that terrible mess they made of his 5th wheel.

Joe Allen

Having just returned from the Tampa RV show, I am amazed and questioning just where all these people will camp in the future. With no new parks being constructed on a large scale basis, one has to wonder where this is going to end up.
Also, the fit and finish of RV’s at the show was horrendous. Poor workmanship and positioning of essentials in the RV. Take the toilet paper holder, one has to wonder if there are actually humans designing these things.


Why not a campground in Yellowstone sponsored by Bisquick? 😉 they would use the water from alum creek!


Florida is an issue. State parks are jammed, as are the ridiculously priced private spots, some charging $150 a night for a parking spot. CA National parks also are becoming an issue, not only crowded but in terrible condition due to decades of neglect. While the price rise was brutal, I hope that the proposed and in effect changes in the prices of not only entry but senior passes will help restore the parks. [Inflammatory portion of comment removed.]

Jeff Johnson

Chuck – you do a great job of identifying the problem of too many RV’s and too few RV camping spots. However, you have the resources (subscribers and other readers) to form a lobbying association to improve campgrounds (like the horrible RV park in Yellowstone), suggest creative zoning for new parks, join forces with RV Park Reviews and take advantage of your followers to make changes. “Problem identifiers are a dime a dozen, but problem solvers are priceless.” Keep up the good work.


Full Rv parks? What an understatement!! We usually spend three months in Florida. The park this year was packed full and has turned into a junk hole. Besides workers from the area, there are many people who are now full-timing in their RVs. Of course they want to bring everything from a home into the park, including dog runs and whatever else you can imagine. The park accommodates by not enforcing their own rules. Money is what seems to be important to the owners and managers. The park is no longer maintained correctly and if you complain they tell you maybe you should go somewhere else. They know they can fill your spot the next day. They really should change the name from an RV park to a mobile home park. We cut our vacation short and not sure we will return next year And already know that we probably could not get into a park in a different area.


Regarding dust in trailer on gravel roads. We have a 10 mile drive on gravel to get to our home.
I turn on high the bathroom fantastic fan on reverse so it is pumping air into the trailer. Pressuring it up and this seeme to help a lot.

Rich Thibodeau

Re: Mount-n-Lock trailer bumper “safety” struts: Why is anyone encouraging people to store “up to 400 lbs” (!?) on their trailer bumper? There is a video put out by U-Haul cautioning against placing too much weight behind the trailer’s wheels. You can see the result in this video: https://youtu.be/SbdF5AZmINc

Dorothy L Cameron

TWS Innovations Has no products found on the website. Their facebook page is gone. Nice idea but I think they are out of business

john & lana Stahl

I did not see this week in history info. in this newsletter

Dan Carioggia

Chuck, on reading your letter on RV parks here is our experience. We reserved a 3 month spot in Palm Harbor, FL. The park is under new management and is in the midst of expansion and updating. For the past 6 weeks they have opened new spots in two rows. As soon as a spot opens up, it gets filled with new guests. We have already reserved our spot for next year. We have looked at other sites while in the area and found that all of the parks are filled with no spaces available except some at high prices for daily fee.