1. I taught refrigeration for around 20 years. The compressors are spring mounted inside the steel enclosure and there is absolutely no reason that a moving vehicle should have any effect on it. They will work in a non A/C area in Texas during the summer. Some companies are just adverse to giving a real warranty on anything.

  2. We Dry Camp way too much in So Cal to use a Residential Refrigerator. RV Refrigerators have worked well for us the last 40 years.
    Also traveling anywhere in your RV you have to pay attention and definitely be “Street Wise”

  3. Wow! The Cowboy Dinner Tree here near our place is mentioned on today’s RV News!!! I love that place! Always have lots of left overs to take home and eat for several more meals! Neat to see it in the news today! And, i sure would like to travel to Buffalo, Wyoming to celebrate the Longmire days!

  4. I love your church bloopers from Church bulletins. As a retired pastor of many years and who did the bulletins for the church on Saturday, I appreciate, now, the fact that I never made a blooper.

  5. You show an adapter from Camco to allow a drill to ‘LEVEL’ the trailer using the scissor jacks. These jacks are not made to level the trailer, only to stabilize it. Using the jacks to level may cause damage to the frame and possible injury to the user. Using leveling blocks on the wheels and the tongue jack to level, then use the jacks to stabilize the trailer.


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