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RV Daily Tips Newsletter Issue 1112


June 3, 2019

Welcome to another edition of RV Travel’s Daily Tips newsletter. Here you’ll find helpful RV-related and small-space living tips from the pros, travel advice, a handy website of the day, our favorite RVing-related products and, of course, a good laugh. Thanks for joining us. We appreciate your readership.

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Shopping for a used RV? Keep repair costs in mind

Two things to keep in mind when allocating money for repairs. If the inside of an RV you’re looking at hasn’t been taken care of, it’s a good bet that the engine, brakes, belts, generator, etc., haven’t been taken care of or serviced regularly either. If the RV has been sitting for a while and has not been driven in a year or more, it will probably need some general (and maybe expensive) service. It could need belts, batteries, tires, brakes, etc. Of course, a camper that has been sitting unused will not need as much work as a motorhome, but more than likely it will still need some work to make it road-worthy. —From Secrets of RVing on Social Security: How to Enjoy the Motorhome and RV Lifestyle While Living on Your Social Security Income

RV Electricity – This week’s J.A.M. (Just Ask Mike) Session:

GFCIs are different in an RV than a house.

If you will be near Hagerstown, MD, on June 8 you might want to consider taking one or both of Mike Sokol’s classes on RV electricity. The details are here.

Should you plug into an RV park pedestal that was submerged during a flood? Mike has the answer in his RV Electricity Newsletter, published yesterday.

Ever thought about converting an old school bus into a beautiful tiny home on wheels? Jeremy and Mira Thompson did just that, and you won’t believe what a beautiful bus they created! Click here to see photos and watch a video tour of their cozy home.


Wooden cutting boards in the kitchen

Keeping a good-sized wooden cutting board on the counter can serve dual duty in your RV kitchen. Secured with non-slip shelf liner and eliminating the need for several different cutting mats and hot pads, the board is always at the ready for chopping and slicing but also provides a full-time drop spot for hot kettles and cookie sheets while protecting your counter top. Wood actually inhibits bacterial growth so with some reasonable cleaning habits it is safe for all cutting uses. Just wipe it down after each use with soap and water or occasionally with a bleach solution. As a safety precaution, it should be stowed along with other counter items when you are going to be under way. Thanks to Helen Kirkwood.

Battery longevity

The life expectancy of your RV batteries depends on you. How they are used, how well they are maintained, how they are discharged, how they are recharged, and how they are stored all contribute to a battery’s life span. A battery cycle is one complete discharge from 100 percent down to about 50 percent and then recharged back to 100 percent. One important factor to battery life is how deep the battery is cycled each time. If the battery is discharged to 50 percent every day it will last twice as long as it would if it’s cycled to 80 percent. The life expectancy of the battery depends on how soon a discharged battery is recharged. The sooner it is recharged the better. Tip from Mark Polk, RV Education 101. (We know you’ll be weighing in on this topic. Comments welcome.)

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America’s top road trips

The people have voted! These are the top 10 road trips in the U.S. according to, which has used review ratings and traffic data, and completed a country-wide survey to find the best trips. Happy travels!

Check out the long list of great RVing-related websites from


Click on the image to play an amazing (and hilarious) clip of a man and his talking dog, who auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent.

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Bill J
3 years ago

Re the Road Trips – am I missing something? Only the first 10 show details of the routes included in the evaluation. I would like to see at least a rudimentary map for all the others. Telling me that a trip up the California coast is nice, or Lake Michigan is a gem, is not particularly helpful for my planning. Are there more details somewhere?

David C
3 years ago
Reply to  Bill J

scoll down further in the website

3 years ago

The article that discussed keeping repair costs in mind when RV shopping is one to take heed. As one who spent a working life in automobile repairs I can tell you every word of that article is spot on. Bottom line, walk right on by any vehicle whether RV, car, truck or motorcycle, displaying any sign of neglect.
In most cases it doesn’t matter if the seller is willing to give it to you, the headaches, heartaches, and sleepless nights worrying about “what’s next” even after you’ve spent a fortune on the thing is NOT worth it.
If buying used the best deal is the purchase of a cream puff that has been supremely loved cared for & maintained to the max.

3 years ago
Reply to  Alvin

Especially if that clunker is on any Camping World lot.

3 years ago
Reply to  Alvin

And here we are, back to the old tale about the used car from the little old lady only drove it to church on Sundays… and that church was in her neighborhood.

Gary Broughton
3 years ago

On the road trips, we’ve been on all but 8. Took us about 40 years but really fun and educational. Why none to Alaska, been there 4 times, also.