RVer takes pride in cheating campground reservation system


We found this on the Facebook group Florida RV Camping. It made us mad. Why do some people think they do not need to play by the rules?

Here’s the post from a member of the group:

“While at an RVers luncheon today, I asked the man seated next to me where he was going next. He said he and his wife would be at Johnathan Dickinson State Park for 6 weeks. I asked if they would be hosting. Nope.

“Then I asked how he finagled 6 weeks. “Creative registration ” was his answer. He reserves two weeks in his name, 2 weeks in his wife’s name, and I guess 2 weeks in the dog’s name. When I said that was just wrong, he justified it by saying they had paid for it, so they deserved it.

“Florida has the 2-week max rule, so it appears Reserve America isn’t enforcing it. And those of us who live here suffer the consequences.”

This makes those of us at RVtravel.com angry! Why do some people believe they are entitled to make their own rules, which in this case deny two or more other campers a campsite that should be available? Hopefully the rangers catch on in this case, but you wonder if they would legally have the power to do anything.

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We regularly book back to back reservations when we want to stay longer than two weeks at some state, federal or provincial parks. Simple to do, no gaming the system required.

Be informed, read the terms & conditions, book online and make it work for your situation.

Simply put, failing to plan is planning to fail!

Tommy Reeves

I’m not yet an RVer but have been anxious about making that purchase. We have a travel trailer that suits our lifestyle all picked out.

After reading all of the comments about the difficulty of getting reservations at some of the preferred locations, the comments are about to convince me that maybe I don’t really want to make that purchase. The difficulties and abuse of the system written about here remind me of when we were timeshare owners; one could never get a reservation simply because of overselling the properties. (Luckily we were able to legally get out from under that timeshare). We couldn’t get a reservation BUT we could go to their website and find a rental unit available.


Camp Rangers should spot the abuse and force them out.

Bruce silvers

At the Dec campgrounds in New York the tent campers reserve the large rv spots so they will have plenty of room but they take up the only large spots that are available. If you don’t have a 35 foot rv than you should not be able to reserve one of those spots. It’s not only cheating it’s just plain selfish!

Paul E

This is total BS. We live in Florida full time and pay state taxes that supports our State Parks. Maybe the state should make sure to do a better job enforcing their regulations. This is one of the reasons why Florida residence can’t get into our own parks.

Billy Bob Thorton

The Canadians are the worse offenders. Get this reserve America is based in Toronto, Canada. Just take note. Server speed on reservation day, puts them at an advantage for access to ” their” system. Ever wonder why when your in the state parks in the Keys, there is a way higher percentage of Canucks there.

Tom R

I’ve found some government campgrounds, in California, have a “secret” or “walk in” policy which is a certain number of sites not reservable, but only available first come first served basis. One gets there during the weekdays and can stay over the weekend and up to 14 days. One county campground on the beach had that and they allowed me to move from my reserved site to one of those sites which were much better than some of the reservable ones. I asked about this policy at another very popular So Cal State beach campground and the gatekeeper grudgingly admitted to the existence of these sites. This was during the lower demand non summer or non holiday periods, who knows what happens during the summer when the campgrounds get reserved in minutes after the reservation period opens.

Unfortunately, all these problems are due to TOO MANY PEOPLE. Campgrounds at our National parks were set up during the 30’s, and are overwhelmed, as are the parks, with the current population.

Beft Eykelbosh

Most campgrounds now have one or more hosts. They always check me when we use senior citizen discounts. Why can’t check items like this? Over two weeks, leave!
This should be a simple solution to bots stealing reservations -the camper must have the same name as the reservation.


IF they move to a new slot in the park I think that would be ok. If not, I hope one of the rangers sees thru the charade and boots them out.

Howard Malpass

people who abide by the rules are frowned on now! This is not correct! THAT is one reason people can not get a reservation, because of the people who cheat!


I’d like to address the issue of “no show” campers. In Indiana the Reserve America system doesn’t seem to allow for people who cancel reservations. The spaces don’t show up for use and therefore sit empty while people show up at the park and want a site. They are told the campground is full when it isn’t. This is not fair. The site is already paid for, so even if/when they get in they are also paying AGAIN for the same site. If you cancel and someone else comes, they should get the site and you should get a refund. Seriously, sometimes site reservations have been made many months in advance and things happen. But worse is the empty sites sitting there while a “campground full” sign is out in front.


It’s the same as the heater ads telling us to use electricity the somebody else has to pay for.


Darlene, we agree 100%. We are new RV’s who have been trying to get a couple of weeks in a Forida park or a park in the Southwest for two years. We have not been able to find a spot for a short stay even in October, November, or March or April. Not the entire season, just a week or two. We are told everything is booked the entire season and to a great extent by Canadians. Yes we have tried a year in advance and the story is the same. Your idea of parks reserving some of their sites for in state residends and U.S. residents is a great idea. Now before you Canadians start whining about making you feel unwelcome, let me say this. Of all the countries in the world that we have traveled to on business or pleasure, Canada has clearly made us feel unwelcome there. Doesn’t matter if it was driving in or flying in, your border control agents are downright rude and condescending. Also in your French part of the country shop keepers, hotels and restaurants did the same, although not to the same extent as border control. Americans should be able to stay in American parks during the Winter season. There must be a way to to give everyone an opportunity to escape the Winter even it is brief.

Clemson Engineer

It is infuriating when you see this type of abuse and those in our society who could care less about anyone other than themselves. Abuse of the hospitality at Wal Marts is another “it’s only about me” lifestyle. Dumping black water in the parking lot storm water systems; leaving your trash are just examples of why WalMart will stop overnight parking in the very near future…..you people make me sick and I only wish I could you you pulling this type of crap….


Reserve America has made RVing a nightmare, especially state parks. State appointed park executives with no outdoor experience, see outsourcing this responsibility as a way to cut costs. They do not care or even understand how their residents view the systems. Every Park Ranger we have discussed this with has agreed with us. They say when they conrolled this it was much more fair.

EG Willy

Don’t understand the brou ha ha about this…..I paid my money, I get to stay. Who cares?
Make your reservation early to avoid this if it bothers you. That’s what we do.


To fix the 2 week cheat in JD State Park, assign the limit to the vehicles registration number, not the name of the occupants.

Tommy Reeves

A way to prevent this would be for the management to enforce a policy preventing the same RV to be parked in the same space for over the 2 week limit. If the RVer has a reservation confirmation for another 2 weeks, he has to move to a different site (preferrable to a not-so-choice site).


There is a state park 2 hours away from our home that we like but we have not been there for 2 years because people from the city come out early in the week, set up their rigs and go back home till the weekend. No reservations taken. I suppose they have that “right” to do that, but it’s not fair to others that like the area and want to come and spend money.

R. Felix

Will always have inconsiderate people who only care about themselves, so not surprised RV’ers have them in our midst. Rangers patrolling the State campgrounds need to be more aware to take note of RV license tag no..