Video: Terrifying collision between snowplow and truck


This is frightening. It shows just how fast conditions can change on the road. One second, everything is fine, the next it is horrifying. This video only lasts a few seconds, but it’s well worth watching — a reminder to always drive defensively, always wear your seat belt, and always be thinking about how you might react if something were to go wrong, as in this case.

The truck was destroyed, but the driver was able to walk away. But, boy, what a fright for the motorist involved who barely dodged more severe injury or death. (See more below the video.)

See photos and read the very lucky truck driver’s harrowing account of the crash here.


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4 months ago

The second I saw the plow blade kick down I knew the plow driver was only along for the ride. When I drove one I always worried about this.

tim palmer
4 months ago
Reply to  Bd2

For sure. I had that happen when plowing aircraft parking ramps and hit a manhole that was not set below the surrounding concrete. Except I was operating a rollover plow. Spun the truck around, put a huge dent in the funnel, crumpled the cage mount, and shattered the blade. Had I been on a road with traffic those pieces of the steel blade would have flown through any oncoming vehicle’s windshield and the result would have been horrific.

Scott R. Ellis
4 months ago

Defensive driving is good. An escape plan is good. And unless you have the nerves and reflexes of an Air Force test pilot, a disaster this sudden and random is going to get you anyway. Good thing such incidences are exceedingly rare.