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You can do way more with leaf blowers than you think! Here are 6 other ways to use them

If you think leaf blowers are just for blowing leaves into piles to easily pick up, you’re wrong! We originally packed our leaf blower into our RV’s basement for a work-camping job. It didn’t take long to discover many other handy ways that the leaf blower helped us as we traveled in our RV.

Here are a few ideas for more ways to use leaf blowers:

  • The leaf blower easily gets rid of small sticks, leaves, and other debris on top of the slide-outs. We use the blower each time we retract our slides. The same goes for the awning. A quick blast of the leaf blower and dust, spider webs, and more are gone! Ditto for your outside patio mat and/or toy hauler deck. A leaf blower works much easier (and quicker) than a broom.
  • Use a leaf blower to clear dust, leaves, and more from the bed of your truck. (Be sure to remove loose items first!)
  • A light covering of snow is no match for a leaf blower. Use it to clear the windshield and get on the road sooner. A leaf blower will remove that green pollen haze on your windshield, too.
  • Use the leaf blower to dry your newly washed vehicle. Start at the top and blow downward, back and forth, for no spots or streaks.
  • Parked under a tree? Use the leaf blower to clear your roof of acorns, pine needles, and other debris.
  • Can’t figure out how to sweep out your basement storage area? Remove all of the basement items and then use the leaf blower to completely remove dirt, sawdust, sand, and any other detritus from the storage bay.


  • Always wear safety protection: earplugs, dust mask, goggles, and gloves.
  • Make sure no children or pets are nearby. The leaf blower can potentially hurt a passerby as it kicks up dust, rocks, and sticks.
  • Always let the leaf blower’s engine cool down before refueling. This will prevent gas vapors from igniting if they contact a hot engine.
  • If your leaf blower has several power settings, always choose the lowest setting possible. A powerful blower can easily damage frayed or degraded materials. Experiment first with a low-setting mode before proceeding.

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11 months ago

Oh and don’t forget your weed spray, insect killer, power washer, projection screen, tree trimmer, chain saw…..

11 months ago

8 years ago I bought a small “mighty” blower & added a removeable pvc pipe angled at the top that allows me to blow off the top of the slides or roof from the ground. It works great.

Sarah H
11 months ago

My husband uses ours to chase bears out of the yard. I swear, its true!

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
11 months ago
Reply to  Sarah H

Great idea, Sarah! Maybe I’ll get a noisy little leaf blower to scare away the black bears that I share mountain property with. 😆 (There are no people around, so it wouldn’t bother them.) If the bear gets too close, then I’ll use the bear spray. Have a good night. 🙂 –Diane aka Mountain Mama

11 months ago

Here’s yet another use… Detach the dryer hose (duct) from the back of your dryer and blow it out. The wind velocity will clear the duct of lint. Works every time. I do it twice a year.

11 months ago

Here is another use: throw it off a cliff and see it crash. It’s fun!

Barry S
11 months ago

The 7th use is to annoy the heck out of your neighbors when you use it to perform the other 6 uses in addition to leaf blowing.

11 months ago

If you took a leaf blower camping and didn’t use it to fan the campfire then you really missed out on it’s full potential!

11 months ago
Reply to  Joeya

And that’s why the fires are soooo many and wild!

John ferrara
11 months ago

I’ve used the leaf blower to propel me in the pool. Sitting on a raft, aimed it opposite of needed direction, away I went. Cool to do circles.

11 months ago

Use it to stoke a fire in your outdoor fire pit

11 months ago

Don’t use Calif there illegal. better idea don’t go to Calif. Fomally a Calif. not proud of it.

Dietrich Kanzler
11 months ago

A cordless leaf blower will take up less space, make less noise, be lighter in weight for easy handling, and not require an extra gas can.

11 months ago

Remember, everything you blow away goes somewhere else that others might not appreciate along with the noise it creates. When possible, use a brush or broom.

11 months ago

I have an 18 volt small Makita blower that makes quick work of cleaning the campsite if needed (I use it very sparingly). It comes in very handy on the lowest speed to stoke the campfire in place of a bellows. Just a bit of newspaper, some dry wood and a few seconds with the blower on low speed and the fire is roaring with very little smoke.

11 months ago

When I am relaxing at my campsite enjoying the sounds of nature, the last thing I want to hear is a leaf blower. Thank you, but no, please leave them at home.

11 months ago
Reply to  Mark

I’m with you on that, so annoying!

Dave Planitzer
11 months ago

I have a Works. 20v blower. I haven’t tried it on snow but it takes care of all of the chores you mentioned.
No gas or noise to deal with.

Gordy B
11 months ago

It seems almost everyone put on their thin skins when they got dressed this morning.

11 months ago

We have a little electric blower that we use to blow off our awning, outdoor rug and lawn furniture. It’s is especially good this time of year when leaves and acorns are falling. We try not to be annoying and only use it during those hours when everyone is already up and out and doing fun camping stuff. It is no louder than the people blowing up their air mattresses and it’s a whole lot quieter than the campground maintenance crews.

Brian Burry
11 months ago

Snowflakes (the whiners not the frozen kind) can’t take a few minutes of noise, but won’t go help their Gardner or neighbor to sweep up the debris! Figures!

11 months ago
Reply to  Brian Burry

Amen to that , agreed 100%

L Brtran
11 months ago

Here’s one more thing you can do with your leaf blower, drive many of your fellow campers crazy with the excessive noise. Please think of others who are there trying to enjoy the outdoors. Thanks.

11 months ago

NO! Just no! Loud, obnoxious, intrusive, rude…leave them home people!!!

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