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Leaving home — a checklist for successful domicile abandonment

By Greg Illes Every RVer's dream is to wander off, leaving home and hearth behind, on a weeks- or months-long meander through far unknown lands....

Dish time? Save time, water and soap

By Bob Difley Here's a method for washing dishes if you're trying to save water, soap, hot water usage and time. •  Fill a small bowl...

Getting along — Pointers for a great RV partnership

By Greg Illes It is said that wherever your relationship is going, traveling together in an RV will take it there sooner. Here are some...

Make your mornings peaceful with generator work-arounds

By Greg Illes One of our recent campsites had a campground "quiet time" ending at 8:00 a.m. We could hear folks moving about the camp...

RVers: Slow down and enjoy life

By Jim Twamley We enjoy the RV lifestyle for many reasons. Travel and experiencing new adventures is at the top of the list. Seeing old...

Use creative exercises to tune up your life

By Greg Illes Exercise shouldn’t mean that you have to curl a telephone pole with your fellow Navy Seals (photo). In fact, it can be...

Secure hiding places in your RV

By Peggi McDonald There are many places to create "out of sight" hiding places in your RV. It's difficult to steal something quickly when you...

Receiver hitch recycling

By Jim Twamley Recycling is good for the planet and for the pocketbook. The price of aluminum keeps going up ($1 a pound in Phoenix...

A hot tip for a cold RV night

By Jim Twamley Everyone has a different RV sleeping profile. Some folks like to sleep with the windows open even during winter. Others prefer the...

Kneeling gets a helping hand

By Jim Twamley   We RVers spend a lot of time on our knees. Sometimes in prayer (depending on what brand of RV we have), but...

Get a serious grip on RV condensation

by Jim Twamley Dealing with condensation is a fact of RV life. Moisture is the RV’s worst enemy so you need to be aggressive in...

How to safely hide valuables in your RV

By Peggi McDonald and Chuck Woodbury There are many places to create ‘out of sight’ hiding places in your RV. It's difficult to steal something...