Tuesday, January 28, 2020
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How to shop online when on the road

Dear RV Shrink:We have started traveling part of the year and living in a fifth wheel. So far it is everything we thought it...

Get your Amazon deliveries on the road

Amazon.com doesn't miss an opportunity. One of its newest is called Amazon Locker. Basically, the company has added lockers around the USA and even in...

How a hospital stay can help you save water

As RVers, it's natural for us to be a bit on the "conservative" side. After all, fresh water comes dear, and places to put...

Good and bad news about prescription refills on the road

By Russ and Tiña De MarisNot long ago, we ran a video tip showing how easy it is to get drug prescription refills while...

Choose your camera(s) carefully and make great memories

By Greg Illes There are literally thousands of different kinds of cameras, any of which can make digital snapshots to last a lifetime. But, depending...

We know what the Lone Ranger did with his trash – How about yours?

By Russ and Tiña De Maris It's a problem that doesn't get much play —but what do you do with the trash? Many "boondocking" locations...

Don’t gamble with your restraurant budget: Try a casino buffet

By Bob Difley If you're not a gambler and you've never been to Las Vegas, Biloxi or Atlantic City, you may not realize the full-scale...

Use bicycle bottles for your handy drinking water suppliers

By Greg Illes After many years of anywhere from serious to casual cycling, bicycle water bottles had become a familiar accessory to us. So it...

Choose the right vacuum cleaner to keep your rig tidy

By Greg Illes Whether we live in stick-and-brick houses or in our cherished RVs, the grime of daily living always seems to intrude. Dust, dirt...

Displaying your travel collection — in a unique way

By Jim Twamley RVers love to collect things. The problem is that some collectables are too large or heavy to carry along with you in...

How to store a small vacuum in your RV

By Jim Twamley Vacuum cleaners come in various sizes and therefore the storage requirements differ. My wife and I use a DirtDevil hand-held vacuum because...

Caring for your RV after a rainy getaway

By Russ and Tiña De Maris   The universe is known to have a perverse sense of humor. For weekend RVers, it generally manifests itself in...