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Saga of the Newbie: Why it’s so important to find a reputable, reliable RV repair ‘guy’

This is about finding a guy. No, I am not in search of true love. I've been searching for good, reasonable, timely RV repair....

RV service centers and getting repairs done: Tell us your experience

RV sales have risen and there is a glut of RVs crowding campgrounds, crowding highways and, most of all, crowding RV service centers with...

10-year policy stops RVer from getting RV serviced where he bought it

Steve Salzman wasn’t expecting a problem when he called the service department at the Wisconsin RV dealership where he had purchased his RV in...

Long RV servicing waits may be reduced by cultivating relationships with local shops

Over the past few years, the RV industry's tectonic shifts have spawned stories of delays in RV service and repair, parts shortages, and overall...

Finding a good service department is one of the most important parts of RVing

We all have our “must-have” lists when purchasing a big-ticket item. We use these lists because they help narrow down our choices when, say,...

RV service centers and stores are out of parts. Now what?

By Nanci Dixon A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article about RV dealers running out of RVs and service centers being jammed. There...

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