Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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Don’t forget to take care of your RV’s frame

By Chris Dougherty CERTIFIED RV TECHNICIAN As advanced as today’s RVs are, one thing that seems to be overlooked by many manufacturers is the finish of...

RV winterizing quick tips

By Chris Dougherty Certified RV Technician In much of the country, once a year it becomes "RV winterizing time." Here are some tips if that applies...

A rundown of heated hoses for RVs

By Chris Dougherty Certified RV technician For 10 years I was a fulltimer, and spent most of each year, including most of the winter, in the...

Five ways to unintentionally ruin your RV

By Chris Dougherty Former technical editor of RVtravel.com Through the years I have seen people with RV damage that they could completely avoid simply by paying...

As an RVer do you have to practice for an emergency?

By Chris Dougherty Certified RV technician This is part four of a series of articles about Emergency Preparedness for RVers. So what can you do to practice...