Sunday, October 2, 2022


He turned an old Air Force jet engine into an RV!

This is right up there with the coolest RVs we’ve ever seen…

Steve Jones, a former technician for the Royal Air Force, spent 1,000 hours transforming an old RAF jet engine into a four-bed RV for his family in Lancashire, England.

Jones got the idea back in 2013 when a friend showed him a decommissioned Royal Air Force jet plane. Jones saw the engines and thought they’d make a great camper, but just had to get his hands on one for sale… This past September, he did.

He first had to “gut” the engine, which required taking out all the wires, clips and piping. He then had to flatten it, so he could attach it to a chassis. He then cut out the doors and windows, and lined the inside with plywood (which he says was the hardest part).

He added a small kitchen, complete with a sink, a stovetop, and cabinets for storage. He built a large display shelf across from the kitchen, and in the back, a dinette that doubles as a bed. Above the dinette, two twin bunks fold down.

Photo by Steve Jones

COVID-19 shuttered Jones’ plans to travel with his family in his new RV this year, but he’s still working on the final touches anyway. He’ll paint the outside to resemble the original jet colors: white on the top, gray on the bottom, and a blue line through the center.

How much did it cost him to build? $5,025.

Click below to watch a video on this totally cool RV.



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Roger V
1 year ago

I love this! Talk about thinking outside the box. 5 grand and he’s got a totally functional, one of a kind camper that will last forever! Good for him.

Glen Cowgill
1 year ago

That is cool but, what could he have done with an engine off a Boeing 777?

2 years ago

I would have turned the thing around so the narrow part was toward the front. Of course, I wouldn’t have seen the “camper” in the jet engine in the first place so it’s a moot point!

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