Think rubber tires will protect your RV from lightning? Think again!


When lightning is striking all around, do you think your RV, riding atop rubber tires, will protect you from being struck? Well, hate to spoil your confidence, but they won’t. The fact is, in some RVs you will be heavily protected, but in others you might as well just stand outside. Learn more from RV electricity expert Mike Sokol in this segment of Ask the RV Expert. Be sure to get Mike’s e-book, RV Electrical Safety, available at 

Also, Mike’s series No Shock Zone should be essential reading for all RVers. What you learn could save your life.


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I have a B+ Forest River Lexington with fiberglass sides. I don’t pull a toad. How can I stay safe from lightening. No advice was given for safety.

Kurt Shoemaker

You left me hanging, I thought there would be some advice on what could be done to protect yourself and your RV during a lightning strike.