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Retro style ‘glamping’ in the 2023 nuCamp Barefoot travel trailer

Looking for retro style without the expense and hassle of restoring a vintage RV? nuCamp’s Barefoot travel trailer might just fit the bill.

This cute little egg-shaped fiberglass travel trailer has been making waves in the U.K. for some time. But recently, designer Cathy Chamberlain licensed her design to nuCamp for production in the U.S. However, it did have to be redesigned and recreated in a mirror image because they drive on the opposite side of the road in the U.K. The process took more than three years before this trailer was ready for United States production.

This little trailer is far more than the cuteness that will steal the show at your next glamping gathering. It’s extremely practical, as well.

nuCamp’s Barefoot travel trailer has lots of style and flair, and at 2100 pounds most any vehicle can tow the aerodynamic RV. There are even handles on the outside. That’s because the trailer is so light, you can manipulate it by hand to move it around in your driveway or your camping spot.

Because it is made of molded fiberglass, it’s also strong and weather resistant.

The video stresses that the trailer in the tour is one of the first ones to market, so features and options are subject to change going forward.

A lot of thought was put into its design to make the most of the small space, without adding extra weight.

The interior space is every bit as stylish as the exterior.

I especially love the HUGE front picture window. The light and airy beach color palette combined with the big front and side windows really opens up what could otherwise be a claustrophobically small space.

The kitchen is small, but flush covers for the sink and two-burner stove create extra counter space. Butcher-block counters add both function and style.

Lightweight dual-paned acrylic windows are outfitted with both a screen shade and a privacy shade. You can even clip these together for privacy, which still allows some air circulation. Brilliant!

The Barefoot travel trailer has some features that I was surprised to see in a trailer this small and lightweight.

When I first glanced at this trailer, both from the exterior and interior, I did not think there was a bathroom. I was wrong, and the fact that there is a wet bath with shower and toilet made the Barefoot travel trailer instantly more appealing to me.

To be sure, if you are extra tall or extra wide, it may take a little bit of contorting to use the bathroom. It definitely is cramped. But having bathroom capabilities in an RV is priceless. At least it is to me.

Even more surprising, a tall hanging closet is tucked in next to the door. This closet conveniently also has a place to store the dinette table when not in use—especially handy as the table is not involved in the dinette bed conversion.

Instead, bed base panels simply slide out from under the seats on the large U-shaped dinette that takes up the front of the trailer. The cushions shift over and you have a large 69” x 71” bed.

The only negative I saw was the limited propane capacity of just four pounds (the bottles appear larger in the video, but they say they are just two pounds each).

Other interior features of the Barefoot travel trailer by nuCamp include:

  • Lots of overhead backlit cabinets to make the most of storage
  • 12-volt Isotherm refrigerator
  • 23-gallon fresh water
  • 17 gallons gray water
  • Cassette toilet with 5-gallon capacity
  • Air conditioner (located under the interior seating)
  • Alde hot water and furnace system
  • Over-hitch storage box for hoses
  • Fiberglass-covered front case holds propane bottles and a spare tire
  • Exterior solar panel plug

MSRP: $54,204

There are many other stylish and functional design features. Watch the video to appreciate all that this tiny trailer has to offer.


Cheri Sicard
Cheri Sicard
Cheri Sicard is the author 8 published books on topics as diverse as US Citizenship to Cannabis Cooking. Cheri grew up in a circus family and has been RVing on and off her entire life.


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16 days ago

I’ve been looking forward to these coming to the US for years now. I loved the idea of customizing it. But when I finally found one available it was a demo model that had countless people walk thru it and was being sold at top price, despite not being able to customize any part of it. For an already expensive rv I’m not willing to deal with bad customer service as well.

Tommy Molnar
16 days ago

I was unable to get through the entire video. The lady doing the ‘tour’ does a great job at pointing out what are supposed to be the plusses of this tiny overpriced trailer. Storage is minimal, the fridge (what there is of it) is awkward to access, the ‘storage’ by the door is almost impossible to access from the inside due to the doors opening the wrong way, On and on. I don’t think even a single person could find this comfortable.

Bob P
16 days ago

Maybe for one person but no more, and about $30K to high priced. At $25.81 per pound quite pricey.

16 days ago
Reply to  Bob P

This little trailer is cute as ladybug, according to the wife and as always, I agree.

54 stacks is a lot of iron though for a “sleeps 1 comfortably” trailer but I’m pretty sure the original market across the pond without our open spaces could make it work.

Your right, $25.81/lb. Thats the same price per pound as Prime Ribeye. I’m going to need a larger freezer. Maybe add a refe/chiller to the trailer and call it a tow behind freezer.

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