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Have you ever seen a UFO while RVing?

As RVers, we are often treated to some unparalleled star-watching opportunities that the general public just doesn’t get. But have you ever seen a UFO or some other type of inexplicable phenomenon in the sky?

With well over 5 decades of on-the-road travel experience, I have seen things on several occasions that I can’t explain. Were these UFOs? I can’t say. But they weren’t ordinary airplanes, that I do know.

The latest happened while on a camping trip to the Los Padres National Forest last year. My family and I watched a parade of lights cross the early evening sky, in regular intervals, for nearly a half hour. None of us had ever seen anything like it before. Eventually, the intervals slowed down and then finally stopped.

Decades ago during my circus days, my ex-husband and I were driving at night. I believe it was in Idaho or Montana, but it definitely was a remote area. After driving along in silence for 20-30 minutes he asked, “Are you seeing that?”

I replied: “I was about to ask you the same thing. Yes, I see it but only out of the corner of my eye.”

We pulled over and got out of the truck. A semitransparent nebulous mass was moving in the night sky. However, when you tried to look directly at it, it disappeared. But if you looked out of the corner of your eye, there it was. We both experienced this and spent about a half-hour parked and marveling at it, before finally driving on. I have never been able to explain it.

Have you ever had a UFO experience?

Have you ever had a weird experience concerning something in the sky? Please share! We’ll do a follow-up article with a compilation of the most compelling answers.

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Tommy Molnar
26 days ago

Back in the early 80’s my treasure hunting buddy and I were camped at the “ghost town” of Rawhide, NV. He was sleeping in the bed of his p/u and I had set up my backpacking tent – in the middle of the two track dirt road. Sometime in the middle of the night I got up to take care of business (ahem), then crawled back into my tent. All of a sudden the valley lit up brighter than day and this unbelievably bright object floated across the valley, making NO sound whatsoever. It was SO bright I was unable to determine the shape. It all happened in about five seconds – and it was gone. I later saw an article in the local Reno paper about this sighting, and how reports came in from CA, AZ, and NM on that night.

Last edited 26 days ago by Tommy Molnar
Kris Campbell
26 days ago

I’ve never seen a UFO but I sure have hoped I would see one. I recall many instances of driving on down the road, hoping a UFO encounter would happen. I guess I’ve seen too many movies that capture my imagination like Close Encounter of a Third Kind. I love that movie. But alas, no UFO has ever hovered over our car and tent trailer.

26 days ago

I have seen MANY UFOs… flying at the windshield… just before they cost me $3500!

26 days ago

There are billions of lights in the sky . Any one of them could be like our Sol, with one or more worlds with inhabitants that could be capable of space travel and they could be capable of “checking” us out. With our history of war not wanting to get to close. Who knows?

26 days ago

I had the unique experience of working at the Nevada Test Sight and Area 51 about 25 years ago. What I can say with certainty is that unidentie

Diane McGovern
26 days ago
Reply to  Cancelproof

Did you get abducted before you could finish your sentence, Cancelproof? 😆 Have a great day. 😀 –Diane at

Sandi Pearson
26 days ago

Sounds like Marfa Lights…on vacation in Montana!

26 days ago

After attending Comicon in Las Vegas, my friend and I picked up a being who had just crashed his car after escaping a federal facility off the ET highway. He was nice, had great weed, and we didn’t get probed.

Gary W.
26 days ago

We looked at a 37′ Workhorse UFO a few years ago…

Diane McGovern
26 days ago
Reply to  Gary W.

Doesn’t count unless it was flying, Gary. Have a great day. 😀 –Diane at
26 days ago

In the first instance, I think what they may have been observing were aircraft taking off from a distant major airport. From my boyhood home I could watch landing lights appear at regular intervals from Lambert Field fifty miles away. Some would come toward me before blinking out but most would move along the horizon one way or the other. The frequency would drop off later in the evening as fewer flights are scheduled then.

In the second, I can’t say exactly what they may have been seeing, but if the sky were really dark and clear it could have been a nebula or possibly the Andromeda galaxy which can be a naked eye object. In any event they were using their averted vision which works on very dim objects due to the distribution of rods and cones (b&w and color vision) and the presence of a blind spot in the center of our vision where the optic nerve enters the eye. Third possibility is that they were seeing a comet. I did spy a very fast moving comet one night.

Cheri Sicard
26 days ago

No, the first were most definitely not airplanes, not even close. Also it was a remote mountain area with no air traffic. Small round lights in a parade about 30-60 seconds apart, very high in the sky. We thought maybe satellites?

Last edited 26 days ago by Cheri Sicard
25 days ago
Reply to  Cheri Sicard

Certainly could have been satellites. They can reflect the sun very brightly at the right angle, and they could have been in any orbit altitude, as evidenced by a sighting we had in 2015.

I was taking my wife to the Denver airport (DIA, not Stapleton). We saw a bright light coming towards us, seemingly low. I commented to my wife that it may be a helicopter, due the speed, and apparently low-altitude path. It took it about a minute to go from “way out in front of us”, to passing us (we were driving straight north for a few miles while this happened) in a path that seemed like it could have been over the western suburbs of Denver, maybe the foothills. It disappeared about 30 seconds after it passed us.

Turns out it was a Chinese satellite launch booster stage burning as it plummeted through the atmosphere, burning up around Salt Lake City, if I recall correctly.

So, it was nowhere near us, even though it sure appeared to be. I no longer try to surmise the location of odd lights I see at night.

Last edited 25 days ago by Duane
Uncle Swags
27 days ago

I had an F-15 paint a shadow over my RV while traveling in the desert around Death Valley. Probably out of Edwards AFB, the pilot obviously used me for practice. The pilot approached from behind and I saw the distinct outline of a fighter aircraft cover my RV and then the pilot sped off with a force I could feel on the ground. Since I never got the license plate, I consider this Unidentified.

Neal Davis
27 days ago

No, never seen anything inexplicable at night or in the day. Perhaps because we never travel at night.

Jim Johnson
27 days ago

“unidentified flying object” Sure, I’ve seen multiple objects moving in the sky that I cannot identify. Doesn’t mean they are vehicles for extraterrestrial beings or machines; it just means, “I don’t know”. And that somebody else might know what they are.
And I have to ask, when God created the universe, why would countless galaxies, stars, planets be created with sapient life on only one of them? Why wouldn’t there be many places with sapient life forms? I don’t know. But that won’t stop me from seeking answers.

Pamela Jobson
27 days ago

As an Air Traffic Controller many years ago we saw blips hopping across the radar screen faster than anything known could travel. Wasn’t a common event, but when it did, it flabbergasted us. This was 45 yrs ago

27 days ago

No, but sure hope to. But we were in a campground north of Knoxville TN, perfectly clear night and saw the ISS passing in the sky. With my good set of binoculars, I could could barely make out the shape of it. Great to be able to camp in an area with very little light pollution.

Bob M
27 days ago

With almost everyone having cell phones with cameras, you would think you would see millions of photos of UFO and big foot.

Cheri Sicard
26 days ago
Reply to  Bob M

And you do. I see UFO photos in message groups all the time. Several times a year lately there have been a rash of sightings and video over the ocean near Rosarito in Baja for instance. People do post when they see things now more than ever.

Bob p
27 days ago

One night after getting off the afternoon shift while driving the 22 mile trip home i sudden saw an object out of the corner of my right eye, it was flying right towards me. It turned out to be a deer jumping off the embankment, landed in the bed of my truck, I stopped and it jumped out of the truck bed and limped off in the darkness.

Cheri Sicard
26 days ago
Reply to  Bob p

Wow, well that is an indentified flying object.

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