Saturday, January 29, 2022


One reader’s very unusual pet. No one else has one!

When asking you, our readers, to send in photos of your pets, we got an unusual submission from reader Dan Kooienga. Dan wrote, “This is our pet, COVID. He is a result of the lock-down. It all started when I broke my shovel…”

We wrote back to Dan and said we’d like to know more and see photos of COVID. This is his response:

“Our new pet came to us in the spring of 2020. I was tired of the lock-down and was doing some landscaping in our yard when the events unfolded. I broke my shovel and my mind started to spin. It could have been a virus but I doubt it. Viruses are rare and random.

Anyway, a vision came to me about a new companion. I wanted an unusual pet that no one else had. The quest began. A few days later I introduced him to the family. He was warmly welcomed! His personality fits perfectly with our lifestyle. He goes camping with us and keeps watch for intruders. At home, he keeps to himself and is super low maintenance. He is the easiest pet we ever had.”

Everyone, meet COVID…

Have an unusual pet? Send a description and photos to us here.



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Debra Rohm
11 months ago

VERY creative, Love it!!

Last edited 11 months ago by Debra Rohm
Will Darsey
1 year ago

Please please make and sell me one…seriously..

1 year ago

Love it!

Mary Martin
1 year ago

This one wins for sure! Love the collar and name tag🤣

1 year ago

Covid’s awesome! Very creative and great fun too!

Janet Herrell
1 year ago

Way too much time on your hands….lol