Saturday, June 3, 2023


3-wheel RV trike: Odd and innovative tiny camper

By Cheri Sicard
This video from George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces (available on the Dabl Network), shows one of the most unique RVs you’ll ever see—a 3-wheel RV.

While the RV trike might look like it came from the factory this way, the reality is its creator fashioned it by joining two separate vehicles. He did a great job, as the aesthetics make the transitions seamless.

The interior is small but stylish and open. In essentially the space of a double bed, there is room for a bed, a TV, and a number of storage cabinets. Windows surround the space, but are adorned with cute little curtains that can close for privacy.

A surprise awaits when you open up the back. A small kitchen slides out from the back bumper including a small stove and sink and food storage space.

For something that can be considered a novelty RV, the workmanship on this 3-wheel electric trike RV is impressive. Built on a scooter chassis, this may be a novelty, but it’s a haute novelty with solid craftsmanship and attention to detail.

According to the video, the Guinness Book of World Records is considering if this is the world’s smallest camper van. Judging from some of the odd RVs we have covered in this video column over the last year, I would have to say no it is not. However, it is definitely one of the most creative.

(Thanks to longtime reader and contributor Greg Illes for calling this to our attention.)



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1 month ago

Actually, its kinda like a revisit to southeast Asia in 1968-70 era…Lambrettas like this were all over the place. Still, ingenious conversion with tons of market potential

1 month ago

Post office used to deliver mail around town in a 3 wheel mail truck. Had motorcycle handlebars, 3 speed manual shift tranny and a small 4 cylinder engine. Single seater with 3 pedals on the floor. Had one when I was a kid. Needed a motorcycle license to operate on the highway. Fun little vehicle to poke around in.

The builder seems like the same bunch that builds golf carts to look like cars of days gone by – ’57 Chevs, etc. The difference between men and boys is the price of their ‘toys’…

Bob P
1 month ago

An exercise in futility, it’s not big enough to stretch out in without your feet dangling in mid air, it’s not going to be fast enough to travel on highways, it’s too big for sidewalks. Apparently it’s only usable on the golf course for a mid-round nap and hope it doesn’t get hit by a wayward golf ball. A perfect example of people have less sense than dollars, I could spend my time and money on something more productive.

1 month ago

They did say “3-wheel electric trike RV” funny thing is I did see a muffler underneath & when he drove off, it sounder like a 2 stroke gas engine! Actually would have liked to have seen some of the build, as it was a very interesting!

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