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Top 10 amazing, impressive motorcycle camper trailers

Have you ever thought about trading in your diesel- or gas-guzzling RV or tow vehicle and downsizing to a camper? No, not a truck camper. Smaller. Think two wheels. Motorcycle campers are a thing and they’re better than you imagined.

OK. Of course, a motorcycle camper is not the same as a huge luxury motorhome. But, that being said, some of the motorcycle camper trailers in the video below have some surprising amenities such as stoves and cooking space, and entertainment centers. One even has a king-size bed!

The folks from Top Ten Zone are in the business of consumer reviews. To compile each list, their product researchers rate various products on price, features, quality, and user feedback.

In reality, this video is not so much a review as a video brochure for each of the entries. But it is handy to have them all compiled as it makes it easy to compare and contrast.

Each of the motorcycle camper trailers reviewed includes stats for length, body width, weight of the trailer as well as tongue weight, trailer body construction, sleeping capacity, and other amenities the trailer may have.

They also share the approximate price it will set you back to acquire any of the small campers, and even go over some of the optional features each model offers.

The list includes both hard-shelled motorcycle trailers as well as popup motorcycle trailers and bunkhouse motorcycle campers.

The video does a thorough job of checking out the motorcycle trailers. That includes how they are going to perform on the road, how much comfort and storage space each provides, and how easy and quick they are to set up. After all, nobody wants to ride all day and then fuss and fidget with setting up camp.

In order to help consumers hone in on more useful options and choices when buying a motorcycle camper, the team also talks about which type of camper or motorcyclist each model might be best suited for.

Covered in the top 10 motorcycle camper trailer list:

  • Moby 1 C2 Camper
  • Roll-A-Home Wide Bed
  • Solace Deluxe Motorcycle Camping Trailer
  • Time Out Easy Camper
  • Lees-ure Lite
  • Time Out Deluxe
  • Roadman Campers Queen Size
  • Kompact Kamp Mini Mate
  • My Pod Little Guy
  • Kwik Kamp II




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1 year ago

My wife and I have motorcycle camped for 41 years. We have always done it on a GoldWing. Their power and smoothness makes towing a trailer effortless. We have done over 400,000 miles in 48 countries with a trailer and tent or, more often, with a tent trailer. Our favorite is the Lees-ure Lite shown in the opening picture above.

1 year ago
Reply to  Bobkat3080

Our stories are at

RV Staff
1 year ago
Reply to  Bobkat3080

Yay, Lemonade!!! 😀 –Diane

1 year ago

I’ve had too many friends killed on motorcycles.

Donald N Wright
1 year ago

Many nights I have spent wishing I had taken a different path, Instead of the pickup and the Airstream, had gone with a Subaru and a motorcycle tent trailer. Maybe it’s not too late….

1 year ago

Never too late unless you are dead. I bet finding a Subaru and one of those little campers is very difficult right now. We are postponing my UTV dream until life feels a little less weird. Hope that happens before I’m dead.

1 year ago

This was a timely article for me. My newest dream (I always have one percolating) is to get a 4 seater UTV and travel in it. They are street legal in NC so we could camp with it if we had one of these little trailers. I’ve almost got my husband convinced that it’s a good idea and these motorcycle campers might be the thing that makes my hair brained dream come true.

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