Tuesday, May 17, 2022


Living full-time in a roomy motorcycle pop-up trailer

For anyone who thinks their rig is too small, check out the following video. Kevin has combined two of Greg Illes’ (veteran RVer and writer for RVtravel.com) deepest loves: RVing and motorcycling. In fact, he even rides the same model motorcycle as Greg. It’s not just an occasional weekend sojourn – he’s actually full-timing in this motorcycle pop-up trailer setup. Interesting rig to say the least. And it has a king-size bed?! The video is almost 20 minutes, but worth watching.

Want more? Check this motorcycle camper out.

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Joe Allen
1 month ago

We had a Combi Kamp we pulled with our Gold Wing. Loved it and the top of the Combi becomes the bottom and the bottom had a king bed. It was imported here from Sweden and not sure if any are still available. Heavy, but doable with a Gold Wing and experience! We called it our Hondabago!

1 year ago

My wife and I have motorcycle camped with a trailer for 41 years. We had one like his and then got a Lee-ure Lite. We don’t full-time but have been gone as long as 8 months and 24,000 miles on one trip.

1 year ago

PS: I sent in a picture of my “rig” a few months ago for the My RV contest. After that RV Travel done a reviews on this type of camping. Looks like I started somehing.

1 year ago

I have been camping like this for almost 30 years. graduated from a 2 person tent, to a motorcycle camper. Opened up it is 6 feet wide to almost 18 feet long including the awning.

1 year ago

I have been camping like this for almost 30 years. Started out with a 2 person tent and then graduated to a small motorcycle tent trailer. The one I have now opens up to 6X18 with the front awning. I have it wired for power with an actual 120 volt shore power plug.
A small tv and ceramic heater makes it almost like home.

2 years ago

That was fun. Thank you.