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Cinderella Toilet Review—RV incinerating toilet for off-grid living

There’s a new kind of RV toilet in town and the team from ROA Off-Road reviews it in the video below. The Cinderella is an incinerating toilet for RVs that can help maximize off-grid boondocking time.

This toilet uses only 1.3 amps during incineration, along with 140 to 180 grams of propane. That means a 20-pound propane tank will give you between 50 to 60 uses of this incineration toilet. It handles up to 4 cycles (separate bathroom visits) per hour.

Cinderella’s “travel series” of incinerating toilets have been in production in Europe for about seven years, but are new to the U.S. The company has been making incineration toilets for about 25 years overall, but travel toilets are relatively new.

What is an incinerating toilet?

An incinerating toilet burns everything that goes into it and turns it into a small pile of 100% bacteria-free ash. The ash goes into a small tray that you simply pull out and dispose of in a trash can or by throwing it in the dirt.

Cleaning and dumping this toilet is undoubtedly easier and cleaner than any other RV toilet option.

While there are other brands of incinerating toilets on the market, Cinderella is the only one with a UL rating. That’s important for safety as there is a fire being lit in your toilet each time you use it.

It also comes with a 3-year warranty. Most of the competitors have a 1-year warranty, at best.

Overall, the team was extremely impressed with the Cinderella toilet, especially in comparison to other brands they have tried.

Advantages of an incineration RV toilet

  • No water waste as it does not use water.
  • Unlimited sewer capacity. There are no tanks to fill, so a full black water tank in your RV is never an issue.

Be sure to watch the video to see the installation and how the toilet works.

Using the toilet is easy. There is one button to push. You line the inside with a wax paper liner, do your business, close the lid, hit the button and everything will turn to ash.



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Tommy Molnar
23 days ago

I can see something like this extending a stay in Quartzsite from weeks to months. The issue I see is the ‘restriction’ to four flushes per hour. Ahem . . .
But I loved the videos of the guy sittiing on the pot overlooking that grand scenery!

Neal Davis
23 days ago

Very interesting. Thank you, Cheri! Unfortunately, our RV lacks propane. 🙁

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