Thursday, September 21, 2023


How to make Cowboy Coffee—The best campfire coffee

By Cheri Sicard
Our favorite campfire cooking expert, Cowboy Kent Rollins [2.6M subscribers, 244M views on YouTube], produced the video below to teach the world how to make cowboy coffee.

Besides simply showing us how to make cowboy coffee, Kent goes into all his tips and tricks to make what he says is “the smoothest cup of coffee around.”

Kent says this coffee has health benefits, especially for those who say coffee exacerbates their acid reflux disorder and causes stomach issues. Kent says if you cook this coffee right, it’s low acid and smoooooth!

He also busts some often-repeated myths about cowboy coffee, such as it’s too dark, too stout, or too burnt. Kent says cowboy coffee is NONE of those things, providing you make it correctly.

You will need a well-seasoned coffee pot and Kent has a separate video about how to season your coffee pot for great flavor.

More details Kent covers in the video:

  • Cooking times for different grinds
  • Cowboy coffee amounts and ratios
  • Tips for buying vintage coffee pots
  • How long to boil the coffee
  • How long to steep the coffee after boiling
  • How to strain and serve the coffee
  • How to keep your campfire coffee pot clean
  • What to do with leftover brewed coffee
  • Tips for making cowboy coffee at home

I have long lost count of the campers and RVers I have met who lovingly rhapsodize over their fond memories of cowboy coffee. I am not sure why these folks act like campfire coffee is a fond memory that has to stay lost to the mists of time. You can still make this great coffee today. Watch the video and Cowboy Kent will show you how.



  1. I watched this video over on YouTube. The comment said, “This guy isn’t even selling anything but I’m going to try this method of making coffee”.
    He showed that when you’re done boiling the coffee you pour in some cold water and that takes the grounds to the bottom of the pot. He poured several cups to show that no grounds made it into the cup. Only problem for me is, I’m not going to buy a pot just to try this method of coffee making. I’ll stick to my tried and true Mr. Coffee.

  2. So, here’s the old joke about making cowboy coffee. Get a gallon of water, a can of coffee, and a horseshoe. Dump the water and coffee in a pot, along with the horseshoe. Boil it until the horseshoe floats!

    • I think I’ll stick to my grounds free coffee pods, coffee grounds tend to stick between my teeth which when picking my teeth taste terrible. Lol


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