Thursday, June 8, 2023


RV oxygenating shower head install and review

By Cheri Sicard
Whether or not you buy this particular brand of RV shower head or another, the video below from WeRmudfun will help you see that installing a new RV shower head is not a big deal. And whether you use this brand or another, I am here to say that oxygenating shower heads in RVs are major game changers!

My current RV shower, with its oxygenating shower head, even when running on the pump, is far better than in many of the sticks and bricks homes I have lived in.

Not only do these shower heads give much more water pressure, but they also use far less water to do it!

To prove the point, in the video they compare the old and new showers in the video with both a pressure test and a water consumption test. Spoiler alert. The Oxygenics shower head won!

The video also shows how easy the RV shower installation is. In most cases, it will be just unscrewing the old fixtures and screwing on the new ones.

I can say from personal experience, that changing the shower head to an oxygenating type, regardless of brand, will HUGELY upgrade the RV shower experience. Granted, RV shower experiences prior to oxygenating shower heads were severely lacking. But those days are long gone! Once you use one of these you’re never going back. Trust me (and them!).

This is the one they use.



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2 months ago

We have been using the same Oxygenics shower head for years (3 different RVs). To us it is the best shower head on the market.

2 months ago

I was very disappointed after I purcased my Oxygenator shower head. No where on the label did they warn you that you need nore than 40 lbs of pressue to make it work correctly. It is barely better thsn the original.

Jim Johnson
2 months ago

The second upgrade to every RV we’ve owned (right after replacing the useless bag called a mattress.

With ‘unlimited’ hot water (and gray tank space), you don’t need this shower head. Open up the valves. But with only 6 gallons of hot water we want to make it stretch and barely open the shower valves.That is where this shower head works wonders. You get an effective shower rather than a worthless dribble.

2 months ago

I think the only upside to my oxygenated shower head was the different setting as opposed to the one setting on the original shower head. As for pressure, the original felt much stronger than my Oxygenics.

Cheri Sicard
2 months ago
Reply to  L B

Wow that is strange. Mine was not even close, Oxygenics is FAR, FAR, FAAAAAAAAR better. I wonder if it is defective?

2 months ago
Reply to  Cheri Sicard

No! I called the factory annd they said you need more than 40 psi.

2 months ago
Reply to  Travelingjw

We have EcoCamel and boondock. Amazing difference!

Bob p
2 months ago

That’s usually the first modification I do to our RVs.

Gary Broughton
2 months ago

Good marketing issue. Like buying a wind powered fan.
But it makes them happy.

Cheri Sicard
2 months ago
Reply to  Gary Broughton

It’s not marketing, it works. I have had both types, the difference is night and day.

2 months ago
Reply to  Gary Broughton

Thanks for the laugh Gary, that’s hysterical. Wind powered fan, OMG. 🤣😆🤣

Jesse Crouse
2 months ago

From a Plumber- The new shower heads do not increase water pressure. You would have to increase the water pressure from the pump. They only modify the flow pattern coming out of the head. Feels like greater pressure and they use a flow restrictor to use less water.

2 months ago
Reply to  Jesse Crouse

Jesse you are exactly right on the money. I had the pump in the sticks and bricks crap the bed. I upgraded to get the pressure I wanted for the showers. Same holds true I’d you want higher pressure in the RV.

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